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    All that you need to know about finding job leads for plumbing work.

    Everyone has needed a plumber at one stage or another, whether to fix a leaky tap or investigate a boiler that’s broken down mysteriously. There will always be a need for professional plumbing work in any area – where expertise is required.

    However, finding these jobs may not be as straightforward as advertising in the local newspaper and directories any more. Nowadays more customers will seek their local plumbers online first, so it is increasingly important for any plumber to have an online presence to find job leads and vacancies.

    List of common jobs

    • Radiators & Boilers
    • Outdoor Tap Installation
    • Dishwashers
    • Toilets, Taps & Sinks
    • Washing Machines
    • Showers & Bathtubs
    • Bathroom Renovation
    • Drain Unclogging

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    Latest plumbing Leads

    Below is a list of recent job leads submitted by homeowners who're looking to hire a Plumber.

    Bathroom Installation

    Move bath and toilet. Install shower incl waste and tray.

    Under £2,000 London Submitted 16:52 on 21st September 2019
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    Bathroom, Kitchen and WC Plumbing

    Conversation of bathroom to wet room. We will but all material. Bathroom size : 2.4 meters x1.84 meters x 2.4 meters.

    Under £4,000 Barnsley Submitted 15:31 on 21st September 2019
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    Bathroom, Kitchen and WC Plumbing

    I need my bath tap replacing - i have got the new tap that i want installing. The old tap was a victorian style tap. The new one is also a mixed water tap but is not victorian style.

    Don't Know Stoke-on-Trent Submitted 15:25 on 21st September 2019
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    Gas Boiler

    I need to change my existing Thermostat to a Smart Thermostat which operates via an App on my IPad. Supply instal and instruct me in its operation.

    Under £250 Bognor Regis Submitted 14:24 on 21st September 2019
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    Bathroom, Kitchen and WC Plumbing

    Replacement of wall mounted sink. Thanks.

    Under £100 Bradford Submitted 13:36 on 21st September 2019
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