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    All that you need to know about finding job leads for electrician work.

    Everyone has needed a professional electrician at some point, whether for fixing some faulty wiring or to install a new security system – there is always a requirement for professional electrical work.

    Advertising nowadays using local newspapers and business directories is less useful due to their declining readership. More customers will seek local tradespeople online first – which means the need is greater than ever for an electrician to have an online presence to reach more job leads.

    About our jobs

    Below we have shown some of the jobs taken on by our electricians but we often get requests from homeowners seeking skilled electricians for further specialist work. Electrical work requires a high level of skill and competency and homeowners want to ensure that they are hiring a specialist, ideally one with relevant electrician qualifications.

    Who we need

    Electricians work on their own typically but for house rewiring jobs, underfloor heating installations and other large scale work a team is required. Whether you are a firm able to cater for multiple large-scale jobs or just a qualified electrician with an electrician’s mate, we have a variety of jobs covering everything from replacing light switches in a home to large commercial electrical installation.

    What we do for you

    We understand that there is a huge variety of jobs that are taken on by electricians and to be sure that they suit your business and skill set you need as much information as possible. With this in mind, we ensure that we are as transparent as possible about our leads. This helps to make sure it is clear what our homeowners require. With a clearer understanding of the job at hand, our electricians can get the work that fits their business.

    List of common jobs

    • Electrical Safety Certification
    • Boilers, Showers & Radiators
    • House Rewiring
    • Fires & Cookers
    • Fuse Box Replacement
    • CCTV / Alarm Installation
    • Lights, Sockets & Switches
    • Thermostat Installation
    • Underfloor Heating

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    Latest electrician Leads

    Below is a list of recent job leads submitted by homeowners who're looking to hire a Electrician.

    Lighting & Power - Internal

    Install a new light fitting where old has been entirely removed with only wires. Also, ideally hang a coat rack under at the same time. The job would need to take place: Today between 12-230pm Wednesday between 2-330pm Friday between 930 - 12...

    Under £100 Cobham Submitted 08:22 on 19th November 2019
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    Electrical Inspecting / Testing

    Electric safety certificate needed.

    Under £100 Great Yarmouth Submitted 07:25 on 19th November 2019
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    House Rewire

    I would like to get the following issues fixed: -The main switch has not been properly mounted and is loose. -Circuit details and protective devices are not identified correctly. -The main earthing conductor is incorrectly sized. -There is n...

    Under £500 London Submitted 05:10 on 19th November 2019
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    Electrical Inspecting / Testing

    I need an electric safety certificate.

    Under £100 Oxford Submitted 01:55 on 19th November 2019
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    House Rewire

    How much does it cost to change fuse box?

    Under £500 Birmingham Submitted 00:40 on 19th November 2019
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    • Skillset – by setting preferences for the type of work wanted, you will only see matching jobs

    Job listings will be best matched to your criteria provided.

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    After the purchasing, you receive the customer contact details, to discuss the work with the homeowner.