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    All that you need to know about finding job leads for electrician work.

    Everyone has needed a professional electrician at some point, whether for fixing some faulty wiring or to install a new security system – there is always a requirement for professional electrical work.

    Advertising nowadays using local newspapers and business directories is less useful due to their declining readership. More customers will seek local tradespeople online first – which means the need is greater than ever for an electrician to have an online presence to reach more job leads.

    List of common jobs

    • Electrical Safety Certification
    • Boilers, Showers & Radiators
    • House Rewiring
    • Fires & Cookers
    • Fuse Box Replacement
    • CCTV / Alarm Installation
    • Lights, Sockets & Switches
    • Thermostat Installation
    • Underfloor Heating

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    Latest electrician Leads

    Below is a list of recent job leads submitted by homeowners who're looking to hire a Electrician.

    Lighting & Power - Internal

    Downlights and hardwire heated towel rail in bathroom (socket access).

    Under £500 London Submitted 16:56 on 21st September 2019
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    Lighting & Power - External

    To run a power cable house mains to out building.

    Under £500 Brampton Submitted 16:06 on 21st September 2019
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    Electrical Inspecting / Testing

    There is a nocking noise coming from the front compartment behind dial gauge speedometer etc,. Its not there always so hard to diagnoise. The rev counter has been not stable for a year. I dont now if its got anything do do with that.

    Don't Know Birmingham Submitted 15:45 on 21st September 2019
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    Lighting & Power - Internal

    Run a new pendant light in kitchen. Also, test to see if new hob has electrical fault due to overloaded point.

    Don't Know London Submitted 14:22 on 21st September 2019
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    Electrical Inspecting / Testing

    Need a certificate or something similar as selling my property.

    Under £100 Birmingham Submitted 14:13 on 21st September 2019
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