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Foundation Raising

Foundation Raising

If the foundation below your home is not properly leveled, this can lead to several issues with your property. In addition to the home possibly sinking, issues with foundation can cause problems with interior flooring. It can lead to complications in the basement, such as flooding, or improper airflow in the space. And, it can even lead to issues with the crawlspace, or a loft-space you’ve converted in the upper area of the home. For such reasons, if the home is not level, and foundation raising has to be completed, this is a project which has to be done by a trained professional.

What the job entails

Foundation raising is not as simple as laying down a few blocks of cement, or mortar and brick, below your home. Excavating the area might be required. If foundation work is not properly done, and your home isn’t on level ground, this can lead to other issues down the road. With leveling or raising work, the foundation is going to be leveled, and will be properly affixed below the home. Reinforcement mesh might also be laid down; this not only helps maintain the shape/form, it also helps keep the new cement/foundation from seeping into areas where it doesn’t have to be raised or leveled.

Factors affecting price

When it comes to foundation raising, costs from home to home, have a great disparity. You can estimate a project cost ranging from £15,000 - £75,000 (plus). Again, the range is wide, but there are several factors which will affect the final price. The size of your home being one. If you have a single-storey, 2-bedroom home, it is much cheaper than a 3-storey mansion, with 10-bedrooms. Location will also affect pricing. If your home is on a slope or uphill, foundation leveling and raising is more difficult, and may require use of additional equipment (rentals) which will affect costs.

The current status of the foundation (if there is chipping, cracking, etc.), the home’s age/condition, labour, permits, and landscaping on the land, will all play a role in the final cost you will pay for raising the home’s foundation. For such reasons, homeowners should compare several quotes, in order to find the most reasonably priced service professional, and to ensure they know exactly what is going to be completed when having the foundation raised below their home.

Sure, you received a £20,000 quote, and found the price to be extremely fair. You should go ahead and hire the contractor, right? Not so fast. It is important that you compare a minimum of 3-5 professionals for this job. Not only so you can gauge the pricing (if one is too low, or extremely high in comparison to other quotes), you might want to stay away from that company. But, you will also find that when you compare contractors before hiring them, you hire the most qualified.

You will learn plenty about contractors by simply comparing quotes. From the services they provide, guarantees they offer, and their credentials, to learning about what other customers have to say about the quality of their work, you will find it much easier to hire the best service professionals, by simply taking the time to compare quotes, and what they are including, in the quoted price offered to you for foundation raising services.

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If you are ready to have your home leveled, simply click on the link below. From there, service contractors will have your information, and will contact you with a service quote. Our site makes it extremely easy for you to find the best people, and the most affordable prices. We only list licensed specialists, who are qualified for the foundation raising services you would like them to complete below your home. Visit our site today to have the top local trades-professionals and contractors in your local market, contact you. You will receive a written price quote within a few days, detailing all services to be performed, and costs. From there, you can compare the costs, and quality of services you desire, allowing you to hire the best service professionals locally, for less.

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