Cost of House Survey

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Last updated 15th May 2024 - Reading time: 5 mins
At a glance
  • The average cost of surveying a building is around £500
  • The job will take approximately 2 - 6 hours to complete
In this article, you'll discover the following:
  • A complete pricing breakdown which includes factors to consider, along with what such a task usually involves
  • How long the job should approximately take and a general overview of what kind of jobs can be performed
  • How to find and hire a surveyor

How much does a house survey cost?

Property and building surveys are the starting point of learning about structural and other property issues.

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The average cost of a house survey is around £500.

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The typical cost of surveying a building and property is:

Property surveys can run from 2-hours up to 5/6 hours, depending on property size.


How Much Does a House Survey Cost?

Property and building surveys are extremely informative. If there are issue with structure or foundation, the surveyor will include this in their notes. If there are areas which need repair, you will receive a detailed inspection report. Basically, any and all property or structural issues, will be dictated in the surveyor's report you receive.

Property surveys can be requested, in the event of a property sale. If you are selling a building (commercial or residential) the buyer may request a home buyers survey prior to agreeing and signing the purchase agreement. You can also be required to do a survey by local municipality or code enforcement, if local rules have changed after the building was constructed.

Whether it is requested/required, or if you simply want to learn of defects in the property, a building survey is the starting point to learn what is wrong. And, a surveyor is going to visit the building and property, to give you a full detailed report, of issues, changes, or other code regulations you need to comply with, in the event you are not in compliance.

Let's see what goes into the survey, and just how much it is going to cost, if you are required, or simply want to do a survey, to modify or update a dated building.

House Survey Prices

Job DescriptionDurationMaterial CostLabour Cost
Building and land survey.1-6 hours£100-250 survey equipment.£400-750, flat rate for surveyor to inspect the property.
Commercial evaluations.1-8 hours.£100-250 equipment cost.£250-400 per surveyor, to find issues with the land and property.
Residential evaluation of property and land.1-4 hours.£100-250 equipment cost.£400-500 is the average cost for a residential property in need of survey.
Reports/data.1-4 hours to write up/assess land and building.Including in labour costs for surveyor doing survey of your land.
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What to Consider when Having Property Surveyed

A building and land survey are the ideal way to find out what is wrong with your property; what should you consider when hiring a surveyor?How long they’ve been surveyors – Find out if they do residential or commercial surveys, and what you can expect in their reports upon completion.

What they include – Are you simply paying for the survey, or do you get a full report and included repair/upgrades

.Learn about coding enforcement – When hiring a surveyor, make sure they are familiar with code and municipal land ordinances, to ensure they check property for compliance

There are many questions you can ask when having a building surveyed; and, each company will take on a different approach when doing the survey.

So, when the time comes to hire a surveyor, make sure you are aware of these factors, as well as any additional questions you may have, as it relates to what they do, what their report indicates, and what you are going to pay for their surveys.

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Doing it Yourself

Can you do surveys yourself? No. As a matter of fact, surveyors should be fully licensed, insured, and bonded. And, in many cases, there is stipulation in a contract, as to which surveyor or company you can hire, to do the land and building surveyor.

So, even if you know how to do a survey, if you are not licensed,  you are not able to do it, prior to the sale of a building or property. You have to comply with the coding and local regulations in place, when hiring a surveyor.

What to Consider when Choosing a Surveyor

  • Find out the type of property surveys they do.
  • Learn how they do surveys and what the report indicates.
  • Learn about how long it takes, and what they will do to the building and land.
  • Learn about costs associated with different types of surveys.
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Do I have to hire a surveyor?

Yes; it is often something you have to do in a sale transaction, or for regulation or ordinance issues. If there are property issues, or regulations your property isn't in compliance with, a surveyor will learn of them, and let you know what has to be done to remedy the issues.

How often do I have to survey the building?

It really depends. Usually, only if there is a sale agreement; however, there are instances when a local municipality may require it as well, so you have to comply with these regulations also.

How much are surveys?

Again, it depends on type, scope, and company hired. Expect to pay anywhere from £400-1000, for commercial or larger jobs.
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