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  • Installing a Septic Tank Cost

    This guide covers everything you need to know about the cost of installing a septic tank..

    Average Cost of Installing a Septic Tank

    Depending on the complexity of the job and size of the tank, it usually takes 2-7 days


    The average material cost for installing a medium septic tank would typically cost around £800, whereas a large tank could cost anywhere up to £1,200. A septic tank specialist will usually charge anywhere between £150 and £250 per day for installing your septic tank.

    Installing a septic tank is popular in rural areas as often they don’t have a mains sewage where water waste can go. Not only are septic tanks extremely useful for people in rural areas, but by installing a septic tank it will remove “grey water” from your sink, shower, dishwasher etc.

    You will need to make sure you get planning permission as well as building regulations approval for installing your septic tank. You should apply for this and make sure you have approval before getting quotes from professionals for the job.

    You should hire a professional septic tank specialist to install your septic tank as they will do the job efficiently without making mistakes. It is recommended to compare a few quotes from builders so you will get the best price for installing a septic tank.

    My Job quote have a network of highly skilled and qualified builders who have a wealth of knowledge on installing septic tanks. By comparing up to 3 reliable quotes you can make sure you’re getting a good deal on your septic tank.

    Cost of Hiring a Septic Tank Specialist

    Job DescriptionDurationMaterial CostLabour Cost
    Installing a small septic tank2-4 days£800£150-£250 per day
    Installing a medium septic tank3-5 days£1,000£150-£250 per day
    Installing a large septic tank5-7 days£1,200£150-£250 per day

    Things to Consider When Installing a Septic Tank

    You will first need to consider what size septic tank you need. It will obviously be a cheaper cost if you install a smaller tank, but you need to keep in mind that you will have to empty out the tank more often if you choose a small tank over a larger one.

    You will have to factor in not only the cost of the septic tank, which will vary depending on the size you choose, but you will have to factor in any work you’ll have to pay for to fit the tank. The labourer will need to dig underground if your septic tank is going underground. You will also need a drainage system if the septic tank is to be installed below ground.

    If you’re looking for a cheap price for installing a septic tank, you should consider having your septic tank fitted above ground instead of below ground as there are much fewer labour costs as they won’t need to carry out excavation for the tank.

    It should be noted that septic tanks will have to be emptied at least once a year, so if you install a septic tank that is too small, you will have to factor in the effort it will take to empty the septic tank more often. It could be worth paying a bit more for a large septic tank to avoid having to frequently empty your septic tank.

    You should also consider that any septic tank that has been installed since 2015 will need to have planning permission and building regulations approval.

    You will also have to factor in the cost of the labourer’s daily rate for installing a septic tank. A septic tank specialist will usually charge between £150 and £250 per day to install your septic tank.

    Doing it Yourself

    Many people think they can install their septic tank themselves to bring down the cost of installing a septic tank, but it should only be attempted if you have carried out work of this nature before. You will need to get approval and planning permission before you can even attempt to install your septic tank.

    You will also have to think about digging into the ground if your septic tank is going to be fitted underground. You would have to hire a digger to do this yourself which would cost money and take up a lot of time if you’re unsure what you’re doing.

    You will need to consider that an underground septic tank will need drainage works carried out which will require planning permission. It’s advised to leave all the tricky jobs to the professional. To get the best price for installing your septic tank, you should compare up to 3 quotes from septic tank specialists.

    You should hire a septic tank specialist to install your septic tank as they will have the essential skills and experience to do the job to a high standard. If you’re not experienced in installing septic tanks or carrying out the digging work to fit the tank, you could run the risk of making a mistake.

    A professional builder will save you time and money on installing your septic tank in an efficient and swift manner. My Job Quote will put you in touch with reliable and trusted septic tank specialists.

    Last updated by MyJobQuote on 4th July 2019.

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