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  • The Average Cost of Installing a Bathroom TV

    Everything you need to know about purchasing and installing a bathroom television. A detailed summary of what you should consider before hiring a professional electrician..

    Average cost of installing a bathroom TV

    The process should take less than one day to complete. Remember that many professionals will charge a standard daily rate.


    Bathroom TV's are a luxury trend that's becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners. Those who never want to miss a moment of their favourite shows can catch up while soaking in a relaxing bubble bath, perhaps even with a glass of wine in hand. Purchasing a bathroom TV is a stunning way to modernise your home, but you may be asking yourself how much it would cost to install one. The average cost of installing a bathroom TV is anywhere between £500-£6000, depending on the size of your device. This useful article will help you understand everything you need to know before purchasing a bathroom television. We will help you get the best deal when choosing tradespeople and suppliers, as well as knowing what to expect before having your TV installed.

    There are many reasons why homeowners are choosing to purchase a bathroom television. With our day to day lives becoming evermore busy, a bathroom TV can enable you to relax and catch up on relevant news, shows and movies all at the same time. There are many different ways that televisions can be installed in your bathroom. Bathroom TV's can be fitted either built into the wall's recess or secured to the wall itself. The first method of installation involves cutting a space in the wall where the TV will sit. This type of installation means that the station will not be protruding outwards and leaves you with a neat, even finish.

    Building a recess for your television to fit inside gives the device an extra layer of protection, without invading your bathing space. The in-wall installation method is an excellent solution for small bathrooms, where space is an issue. Your bathroom TV can be disguised as a mirror or another architectural element, making it appear less obtrusive with the design of your home. Many suppliers now offer bathroom TV's that are completely embedded within a mirror, so that they disappear as soon as they are switched off. Another method of installation involves mounting the television to a frame or bracket. There are many varieties of brackets available to choose from including brackets that allow the TV to swivel or move. So, whether you're lulling around in a tub full of bubbles, or getting ready for the day ahead, a bathroom TV could be a fantastic feature to incorporate into your home.

    Typical prices

    Job Description Duration Material Cost Labour Cost
    Installing a 19" Bathroom TV 1 Day £550 £150
    Installing a 32" Bathroom TV 1 Day £1500 £175
    Installing a 42"+ Bathroom TV 1 Day £2000+ £200+

    Things to consider before installing a bathroom TV

    Consider how the TV will look in your Bathroom

    You may prefer to choose a device which disappears completely when not in use. This can be achieved by opting for a bathroom cabinet to hide the TV, purchasing one of the mirror-faced screens, or incorporating the TV into a built-in design that blends seamlessly with the rest of your room.

    Choosing the perfect placement

    Another thing to think about when purchasing a bathroom TV is deciding where to put it. How will you watch TV? Do you want it to be visible from both the bathtub and the shower? Perhaps you would instead create a separate vanity area where the TV is mounted beneath a mirror. There are many options to consider, along with which size and viewing angle would work best within your home. A great benefit of a flatscreen bathroom TV is that these delicate designs can be fitted in most spaces, so you get to choose which area is best for you.

    Make sure that the TV is suitable for bathroom use

    The product you choose must be designed for bathroom use to ensure that it is safe to install. Never purchase a device that is not safe for bathroom installations. Even if you don't physically splash water on the TV, bathroom environments are incredibly humid, and the amount of steam alone is enough to cause severe concern and damage. Choosing a waterproof TV will reduce the risks of danger and allow you to make the most out of your new bathroom accessory.

    Choosing an experienced technician

    As with any electrical work, it is always best to hire an experienced electrician to carry out the installation. Choosing a tradesperson who has fitted bathroom TV's in the past is a bonus, as you will have the opportunity to ask any questions and advice from a professional. Your electrician will advise you on the best make and model devices available on the market and also help you decide on the perfect placement. Don't be afraid to do your research before hiring someone. Ask friends and family members if they know a reliable electrician who is capable of carrying out the installation for you.

    Ready to get a price for your job?

    Installing a Bathroom TV Yourself

    While you can install a bathroom TV yourself, we always recommend seeking the assistance of a licenced professional. If you are planning on fitting the TV, there are a few things you should consider before doing so. Ensure that you are confident in your own ability before attempting the installation yourself. Incorrect electrical installations can be extremely dangerous, especially when they are so close to water.

    Step 1 - Properly measure the space and decide on the placement for your bathroom TV. Be sure to use the correct equipment to check for any plumbing or existing electricals in the area before drilling. Mark, the area where the fixtures will be located and drill the holes accordingly.

    Step 2- Fit the wall plugs into the holes and attach any cables or antenna to the back of the device. You may find it easier to connect an existing antenna from another television if you have one in the adjoining room.

    Step 3 - Connect all wires to the television and test the device to ensure it is working correctly. You must check everything is working before proceeding to fit the TV to the wall with silicone.

    Step 4 - Apply a thin layer of silicone to the back of the device and fit the TV into the desired space, applying gentle pressure. Screw the TV into place with the correct fixings, making sure all points are secure.

    Step 5 - Cover any visible screws if necessary with attractive screw hole covers. These can be purchased through your supplier and can give your TV a stylish, seamless look.

    Installing a Bathroom TV Checklist

    • Only purchase a TV that is suitable for bathroom use
    • Make sure your television is waterproof
    • Seek the assistance and advice of a licenced electrician for the installation of your TV
    • Always read the manufacturers guidelines
    • Measure your space to make sure you have enough room before installing a bathroom TV
    • Purchase a quality device from a reliable supplier
    • Think about where you would like to position the television for best viewing


    Can I watch movies on my bathroom TV?
    Absolutely. Many bathroom TV's are smart devices, which means that there are additional features such as WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Generally, most devices will allow you to install streaming apps such as Netflix, Spotify and YouTube.
    What are the different mounting options of a bathroom TV?
    Depending on the manufacturer, there are a few different ways you can mount your bathroom television. Some options include surface mounted, swivel brackets or installation with an advanced lift system. Your supplier and tradesperson will advise you on which method will work best for you.
    Why would someone install a bathroom TV?
    Many people choose to have a bathroom television installed, to create a unique and impressive focal point. Not only do they look super attractive, but for tech and movie lovers, they make a luxurious addition to a relaxing space. In order to decide whether the purchase is necessary for you, you must determine how you and your family would benefit from having one.
    Which bathroom TV's come with a remote control?
    This all depends on the make and model of your device. Some televisions will come with a compatible waterproof remote control, while others are available with intelligent voice assist and touch-screen features so that remote controls are not necessary.
    Are bathroom TV's safe?
    Any electronic that has been specifically designed for use in humid and wet conditions must pass an extensive series of checks and regulations before they can legally be sold. As long as you purchase from a reputable supplier and the product is specifically designed for bathroom use, there is no reason why the result would be unsafe. Like any other electrical, always ensure the installation is properly carried out and approved by a licenced professional.
    Who can install my bathroom TV?
    We always recommend hiring a professional and licenced electrician to install your bathroom TV. While you can install the device yourself if you feel comfortable enough, the safest way is to leave it to an experienced tradesperson. This reduces the danger to yourself and your family, while also eliminating the likelihood of damaging your brand new bathroom TV.
    Last updated by MyJobQuote on 16th December 2019.

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