End of Tenancy Cleaning Cost

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Last updated 31st May 2024 - Reading time: 10 mins
At a glance
  • The average cost of an end of tenancy cleaning service is around £170
  • The job will usually take about 6 - 8 hours or a full day
In this article, you'll find out the following:
  • A breakdown of pricing information including things you need to consider and what's typically involved in such a job
  • How long the job will take and a general overview of what jobs can be performed
  • How to find and hire a professional cleaner

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To give you an idea of end of tenancy cleaning prices, hiring professional end of tenancy cleaners will on average (depending on size of property and number of rooms) cost you around £170.

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Average cost of hiring end of tenancy cleaners for a 2 bedroom home:

End of tenancy cleaning usually takes 6-8 hours or a full day if it includes carpet cleaning.


How Much is an End of Tenancy Clean?

So you are coming to the end of your tenancy, and to secure 100% refund of your security deposit, the property needs to be at the same standard it was when you moved in. Hiring a specialist or team of specialists will be far more beneficial to you securing your deposit than not.

We all like to think we could do it ourselves, and save on the costs of hiring a specialist cleaner, however this is not always the case. Your property will need to be cleaned to the standard of the moving in inventory, otherwise your landlord will raise a dispute.

Meaning you could lose out on your deposit and be charged with any extra cleaning costs or bills. Always remember that cleaning and hygiene are the responsibility of the tenant.

End of tenancy cleaning is something you could do by yourself if you want to keep costs down. However, this runs the risk of you not cleaning to the standard a professional team could achieve.

It is also a time consuming and often arduous job if the property is large and has a number of rooms. So, setting aside enough time to clean the property could be too much to ask for some people.

Therefore, we recommend hiring a specialist to carry out your end of tenancy cleaning. It will save you time and effort in the long run, especially if it means securing the 100% refund of your security deposit.

Is booking a one-off clean or deep clean better for cleaning my flat at the end of the tenancy?

"A Deep Clean as will include all inside the kitchen cupboards, inside wardrobes if they are staying and all white goods and oven."

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

Property Type Duration Cost
Studio/Flat 4 Hours £80-£100
1 Bedroom Bungalow 4 Hours £80-£100
2 Bedroom House 4-6 Hours £120-£140
2 Bedroom House and Carpet Clean 6-8 Hours £160-£180
3 Bedroom House and Carpet Clean 8 Hours £220-£240
4 Bedroom House and Carpet Clean 8-10 Hours £350
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Things to Consider When Hiring End of Tenancy Cleaners

When looking to hire an end of tenancy cleaner there are many aspects to consider. Often enough we would probably only consider there ability to do a standard clean, however the difference between this and end of tenancy cleaning is quite different.

An end of tenancy clean is more of a deep clean, as it will cover every room in the house and every standard appliance. However, some specialists or companies often leave out some appliances as extra charges.

If you are thinking of hiring a cleaning professional, then be aware of the costs and what they offer. As mentioned, some companies will only offer to clean the rooms of the property but not appliances, such as cookers, fridges and dishwashers.

When looking to hire an end of tenancy cleaner, we would recommend making sure they at least offer oven cleaning, as this is often the most difficult to clean and can be the reason you won’t secure your deposit.

Most professional cleaning companies also tend to leave out carpet cleaning, and will charge extra for the service. So it may be worth your while to hire a carpet cleaning machine yourself and carry out this task in your own time.

Make sure to assess the costs of both options before doing this, as it may turn out less expensive for the cleaners to clean the carpet.

Most cleaning companies tend to charge a fixed rate depending on the size of your property and the number of rooms in the property.

Which is good a thing, as you won’t have to worry about hourly rates, allowing you to relax if the job has not been done by the end of the day, saves piling on any more costs. A lot of end of tenancy cleaners will also offer a key pickup service, which means you can leave the key to your property with them.

Other extras you need look out for when hiring a specialist clean would be a re-clean if you or your landlord aren’t satisfied with the clean. Some cleaning specialists do offer this service, with some compensation due in some cases.

Also the type of detergents and cleaning products they use. Most cleaning services will use high quality products that you can’t get over the counter, but it is always worth asking the questions before hiring a specialist cleaner.

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Doing it Yourself

Hiring an end of tenancy cleaner can be quite costly, depending on the size of the property and the number of rooms, plus any extra services on top of that. End of tenancy cleaning can be a time and energy consuming task, as it requires a deep clean of the entire property to ensure the standards of your landlord and the move in checklist are met.

This is why most people tend to opt for hiring a service so they are assured to get the job done properly. However, if you have the time, energy and confidence in your ability to clean, then it may be worth saving on costs and doing the end of tenancy clean yourself.

Before you start your tenancy clean, make sure to contact your landlord or tenancy agent for a copy of the inspection checklist. Be sure to also have a copy of your move in report. These are important, as it will help you tick off all the required checks in order to secure your deposit upon leaving the tenancy.

Once you have your checklist, you can then start to clean and tick off the requirements. The bare minimum is to at least clean every room of the property, such as the living room, bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and hallway if any of these apply to you.

Make sure storage, shelving and any furniture or upholstery is sufficiently cleaned and free of any dust, scratches or marks. In the kitchen, make sure food in cabinets and the fridge or freezer is removed, and any spillage or crumbs are tidied up.

Clean appliances and features in all rooms, especially the kitchen and bathroom. As these are areas that tend to gather the most grime and become the most unclean. Do checks on walls in every room, behind furniture and upholstery, especially if you have children, as they will no doubt have left some piece of crayon artwork for your landlord to discover.

You will also have to clean the carpets in your home if you have any. The best way of doing this is by hiring a a carpet cleaning machine, as the detergent you can use will be much more effective than any carpet cleaning product you can buy off the shelf.

Your garden and outside areas are also your responsibility, so be sure to have a clean around these areas. Sweep up any leaves, tidy up any flowers or potted plants fit for presentation, and give the lawn a mow.

If there is an outbuilding such as a shed or green house, make sure the inside and outside are tidy, and that all tools or appliance not belonging to you are kept away.

As mentioned, if the task is too strenuous and time consuming for yourself, then it would be wise to hire an end of tenancy cleaning specialist to do this job.

Hiring an End of Tenancy Cleaner Checklist

  • Make sure the cleaning company or specialist has a detailed list of what they offer in a tenancy clean.
  • Ensure that the specialist cleaner includes appliances and oven cleaning.
  • Ask the cleaning company if they offer a re-clean or compensation if you are not satisfied.
  • Ensure you pick a cleaning company or specialist with good reviews, and a trustworthy reputation.
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Do I need to do an end of tenancy clean?
The simple answer is yes, if you can't do the cleaning. Unless you don't want your security deposit back. It is important to do a clean at the end of a tenancy that reaches the standards of the property when you first moved in. Landlords will provide you with a move in report as well as a check list.
Can I do the end of tenancy clean myself or do I need to hire someone?
To save a bit on moving out costs, you can do the clean yourself. However, the task is quite strenuous and will take up a lot of your time, especially if you are not used to this level of cleaning. It is best in most cases, to hire a professional cleaner or service.
Do tenants have to pay for carpet cleaning?
In most cases, yes. Unfortunately, a lot of end of tenancy cleaning services don't include carpet cleaning as part of the service. They will often offer carpet cleaning as an add for extra charge, or as a separate service.

It may be in your best interest to seek out hiring a carpet cleaner and doing it yourself, as the machines are not too expensive to hire - of course depending on where you hire it from.
What will happen if my property isn't up to the landlord's standards?
If your property isn't up to standard, then the landlord has the right to dispute the refund of your deposit. They will also seek to hire a professional cleaning company to carry out an end of tenancy clean, taking the bill out of your deposit. This is not cost effective, as they will likely not shop around, and possibly settle on a high charging company.
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