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By Melissa
Last updated 13th February 2024 - Reading time: 5 mins

Having a decking added to your property can offer a whole host of benefits, such as providing the perfect functional location for spending time with friends and family, aesthetic appeal, and versatility in terms of design/style and colour options.

Ultimately, in order to get the most out of a decking installation, it’s best to find the right installer for the job to ensure a quality finish. In this guide, we’ll explain how you can find reliable decking installers near you before hiring your preferred contractor!

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Understanding Decking Requirements

Before beginning your search for deck fitters near you, it’s best to carefully consider what you want from a decking installation.

For example, what material would you like to go with? Popular garden decking options include softwood, hardwood, composite, PVC, Trex, and IPE decking. Naturally, each material comes with its own pros and cons, so you’ll want to consider which one is right for your home and your needs.

Other criteria to keep in mind when determining your decking requirements are the size of the area to be decked, design preferences and any additional specific requirements you may have (e.g. steps or a railing).

Knowing as much as you can in advance about what you want can help make the process run more smoothly. That said, if unsure of what you want, you can always discuss this with the installer to figure out together what is right for your home.

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Utilising Online Directories

There are a couple of ways to find local decking installers via MyJobQuote’s services. One such way is with our online decking fitter directory.

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Through this directory, you can explore the profiles of various decking installation contractors/companies in your area. By considering details such as their reviews, ratings and even project photos (to assess the quality of their work), our directory can enable you to make an informed choice.

Verifying Installer Credentials

When considering a range of decking contractors, it’s important to verify their credentials. Along with checking their experience and past projects, you may also want to request references, allowing you a better chance to gauge how reliable they are and their level of craftsmanship.

Decking installers do not require qualifications to fit decks, although any certifications or qualifications are certainly a bonus. All in all, though, decking installers are best evaluated based on their experience, past work and suitability to the specific deck installation at hand.

Communication and Engagements

Maintaining good communication from start to finish is important to ensure the best possible outcome.

From the get-go, you’ll want to discuss design preferences, timelines and any installation concerns in particular that you might have.


Having these discussions along with other key considerations (such as those mentioned earlier, like their online reviews and previous work) can allow you to get a sense of who offers solid value for money and, ultimately, who is the best fit for the job.

When it comes to timelines, you’ll want to ensure they are available at a suitable time and offer a satisfactory project timeline. You may find that you need to opt for your second or third preference decking installer if your number one preference cannot offer an availability or/and timeline that works for you.

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Using MyJobQuote’s Quote Form

While you may wish to use our online decking installer directory, another option is to utilise MyJobQuote’s quote form for decking installation.

Our quote form can allow you to specify the job details needed so that you can then receive tailored quotes from a range of decking specialists. This way, you can compare these quotes in one place for your convenience.

In order to use our quote form to receive quotes from deck installers near you, take the following steps:

  • Select ‘I need a job doing’
  • Click on ‘Sheds, Decking & Fencing’
  • Then choose ‘Decking’
  • Fill out the ‘Tell us about your job section’ and hit continue
  • Complete the final steps and submit your application

After doing so, you’ll soon receive quotes from several local decking installers. Compare these quotes and consider how suitable they are for your decking needs before deciding who to hire!

Seeking Personal Recommendations

Along with using one of our services to find decking installers in your area, you may also want to seek personal recommendations.

decking being installed

You could ask friends, family members, neighbours and work colleagues for personal referrals of decking installers they have previously used.

One of the key benefits of personal referrals is that people you know can vouch for deck installers for their quality and reliability (i.e. you’re likely to get good recommendations this way).

Understanding Service Terms

Before officially hiring your preferred decking contractor, it’s important to have a clear written service agreement with them.

This contract should outline key details, including the pricing, payment terms, scope of the work and any guarantees or warranties to ensure accountability and transparency.

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By undertaking plenty of research and carefully considering who to hire based on pricing, quality, suitability and other key criteria, you can ultimately hire a reliable and efficient contractor who can revitalise your property’s outdoor space with a decking instalment.

So, get started on your search today either by utilising our online decking fitters directory or through using MyJobQuote’s quote form.

Last updated by MyJobQuote on 13th February 2024.
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