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  • Average Cost of Floor Screeding

    This guide covers everything you need to know about the cost of floor screeding.

    Average Cost of Floor Screeding

    This type of job normally takes around 6-7 hours, depending on the size of the room and complexity of the job.


    As usual, when selecting a profess we recommend filling in My Job Quote’s easy form and getting at least three estimates for the job you want done. This will ensure you can compare the costs and select the company that can bring your job in at a cost that suits you.

    When laying a new floor in your home, screeding is one of the most important stages as it helps to create a smooth and even finish upon which your choice of floor covering will be laid. Screed is a mixture of sand, water, cement and other aggregates that create a smooth base for your final flooring layer. It’s really important to get the floor screeding right as any mistakes will possibly be visible after you have laid your flooring-this could end up being a very expensive mistake!

    It is very difficult to accurately predict the cost of screeding a particular area in your home as there are many variables to take into account. The type of screed used will affect the cost, as obviously will the size of the area to be worked on. A sand and cement screed will set you back roughly £15-£16 per square metre. Flowing screed, which is a new trend in the screeding world comes in at approximately £17-£18 per m2. Labour alone will cost you around £10-£12 per square metre of flooring to be screeded. Bear in mind that liquid or flowing screed is only a cost-effective alternative to sand and cement on floor sizes of more than 40 metres square.

    Cost of Hiring a Floor Screeding Specialist

    Job DescriptionDurationMaterial CostLabour Cost
    Screed floor of average sized room6-7 hours per average sized roomApprox. £180-£210 per average sized room (12 m2)Approx. £120-£170 per day depending on experience of labourer and area

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    Things to Consider When Screeding Floor

    Remember to always get more than one quote from a trusted professional. This is where My Job Quote can provide invaluable assistance-fill in our easy form today! We have done the hard work for you and scouted out trusted professionals in this area who can be contacted for quotes. It is only by shopping around that you will get a price that suits your budget!

    Mixing cement can be a difficult task to get right. The professional you hire will have experience and training and will be able to leave you with a smooth final layer that’s ready for your flooring to go onto. They will offer you a variety of screeds and talk you through your options so you select the one best suited to your property’s needs. They will remove skirting boards and seal the floors where and when necessary.

    There is a move towards a liquid screed as this has several advantages. They are self-levelling and less prone to shrinkage than cement. Liquid screed is very suitable for underfloor heating as it enables the heat transfer between pipes and the screed, resulting in a more efficient heating system.

    With liquid screeds the preparation is essential and has to be done by a professional. The floor needs to be tanked and insulation boards have to be laid over a damp proof membrane. This base layer then has to be lined with polythene sheeting to stop any leakage and to protect from any potential chemical reaction occurring with the insulation underneath.

    Doing it Yourself

    It’s really not recommended that you attempt to do this job yourself. Floor screeding is a tricky job to get right and it involves mixing cement as well as laying it to get a smooth, even surface. If you get this wrong, then the whole room can be ruined and it will cost you a lot of money to put right.

    There is a new trend towards a liquid screed and this just has to be done by the professionals as there is a lot of preparation to do to ensure a safe and smooth screed.

    Always contact at least three companies to get quotes-let My Job Quote help you out with our network of trusted professionals.  With floor screeding, it really isn’t recommended that you tackle this job yourself as mistakes made will be very costly to rectify. The trend for liquid screed that is very compatible with underfloor heating means that screeding really is a job for the professionals.

    We ALWAYS recommend taking advice from a trusted professional! Let My Job Quote do the hard work for you!

    Get up to 3 Quotes from Local Tradesmen Submit a Job

    Get up to 3 Quotes from Local Tradesmen
    Submit a Job

    Hiring a Tradesman Checklist

    • Always get at least 2 quotes before hiring.
    • Never pay the full amount upfront.
    • Get the quote in writing.
    • For any payment you make, always get a receipt.
    • On more expensive jobs, ask for references.
    • Check if the tradesman is a member of any trades associations.
    • Make sure the tradesman has public liability insurance.

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