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Last updated 3rd May 2024 - Reading time: 6 mins

Portable Appliance Testing or PAT testing is important to ensure electrical safety in homes and workplaces alike. This involves an electrician performing a range of electrical tests while checking your home’s electrics visually for any issues or potential issues.

PAT testing sticker on plug

It’s important that you find a reliable and qualified electrician to conduct these tests to ensure the safety and compliance of electrical appliances based on current regulations. PAT test can reduce the risk of hazards like electrocution and electrical fires.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can use MyJobQuote to find an electrician near you to perform a PAT test.

Understanding PAT Testing Requirements

First and foremost, it’s important that you understand what you need from PAT testing. This means considering the many appliances that need testing, the sort of environment these appliances are used in and how often these appliances should be tested.

It’s important for households to hire a qualified electrician and that PAT testing helps them adhere to legal requirements and safety standards for electrical safety.

While PAT testing is not generally legally required (although since it may be in some cases, you should verify with your local council), there are a range of legal requirements in place for regular homeowners and landlords alike to ensure that electrical safety is maintained in their home and PAT testing is a great way of having your home’s electrics evaluated.

This way you can have an expert check that your electrics are working properly and are safe. If not, it gives you the knowledge needed to have an electrician fix any hazards by repairing or replacing electrical installations, wiring or/and fixtures in your home among any other electrics.

Once again, if in doubt regarding your PAT testing requirements or/and other types of electrical requirements in general, contact your local council for clarity.

Utilising MyJobQuote Online Directories

You’ll be glad to know that MyJobQuote provides two distinct approaches to find qualified PAT testing contractors near you.

Person PAT testing

One method is to utilise our online electrician directory. Here, by entering your postcode, you can find electricians in your area to reach out to for work.

What’s more, the directory offers access to key details about different electricians via their MyJobQuote profiles, such as ratings, reviews and services provided. By comparing key details of different electricians, you can make an informed choice as to who you should hire, not to mention the benefits of using our online electrician directory to evaluate local tradespeople for convenience and reliability.

Verifying Service Provider Qualifications

In general, it’s important to ensure you hire the right person for the job with the experience and qualifications needed to perform PAT testing.

Of course, you can be sure that any electricians with a profile on MyJobQuote are experienced and qualified as we have a thorough vetting process to ensure verified and suitable professionals utilise our services.

However, in general, you can always ask electricians for references or evidence of previous work. Moreover, making these requests (including for electricians with MyJobQuote profiles) can help you gauge their expertise and reliability either way.

Engagement and Communication

It’s important that you clearly communicate with the electrician(s) you’re thinking of hiring. This way, you can ensure you get what is expected, know how much you’ll need to pay and be confident that the PAT tester understands what to expect when performing these tests in your property.

PAT testing fridge

Of course, and expanding on the latter point, you’ll want to raise any concerns or special requirements you might have. Be sure to raise any key points early on so the electrician knows what to expect and remind them on the day of the work if needed.

Remaining engaged through the entire process can help ensure that all of your appliances are tested thoroughly and any issues that are spotted can be addressed fast

Utilising MyJobQuote’s Quote Form

As an alternative to our online directory, you might want to utilise the MyJobQuote quote form. Our quote form allows users to submit the details of the job required before subsequently receiving several quotes from local electricians.

By receiving target quotes from a range of professional, the MyJobQuote quote form can simply the process of comparing and choosing the right service provider. From there, you can consider the quote they offer as well as other details such as their qualifications and reviews.

Seeking Recommendations

Along with using one of our online tools you’ll want to consider seeking recommendations such as from friends, family members, neighbours or work colleagues who have previously used PAT testing services.

PAT testing washing machine

By asking people you know for their recommendations, this should lead you to trusted and reliable tradespeople, adding to your options. That said, it’s still important to clearly communicate your expectations and realise any concerns or questions you haven hiring an electrician for PAT testing.

Service Terms and Agreements

When looking to hire a PAT tester near you, once you’ve decided which professional you’d like to work with, it’s important to obtain a written service agreement or quote that specifies key details related to the work (e.g. scope of work, pricing and any applicable guarantees/warranties).

Having an agreement or quote with clear terms can help prevent misunderstandings and ensure both parties are aware of their responsibilities.

When looking to find and select a PAT testing service, it’s important, in general, to take due diligence and undertake plenty of research.

Of course, MyJobQuote can help make this process run smoothly, allowing you to take an informed approach by utilising our services to find a qualified and reliable electrician to ensure your electrical appliances are safely and effectively tested.

You can do so with our online electrician directory or by utilising the MyJobQuote quote form. Whatever the case, you can start your search today for qualified and professional PAT testing companies near you!

Last updated by MyJobQuote on 3rd May 2024.
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