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Pest Control Specialists

Pest Control specialists deal with all pest control problems concerning rats, mice, insects, ants, cockroaches, moles, flies, pigeons and wasp nest removal, for both residential and business customers. Reputable pest control companies are normally members of the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA) and have many years experience in the pest control industry. Professional pest control specialists have the technical expertise to identify solutions based on their extensive knowledge of pest behavioural patterns, infestation rates and likely recurrence levels. They can recommend and install pest control treatments and pest prevention programmes that effectively deal with the problems while complying with current health and safety legislation.

The British Pest Control Association

The BPCA is the leading UK trade association representing those organisations with a professional interest in the eradication of public health pests. They are a not-for-profit organisation which acts on behalf of the pest management industry and the interests of their members and in the UK. The British Pest Control Association places great importance on promoting the highest standards of professionalism within the pest control industry. All pest control companies wishing to join the BPCA have to prove their competence and professionalism before their membership is accepted. The British Pest Control Association highlights the risks of inadequate control, while offering guidance in what to look for when searching for a reputable pest control contractor.

Commercial and Residential Pest Services

Commercial pest control experts will provide a wide range of services for commercial buildings including hotels, restaurants, offices, warehouses and entire blocks of flats. While domestic pest control contractors will specialise in services for single houses or flats. The actual treatments and techniques used for both commercial and residential properties are the same in terms of eliminating threats to public health caused by rats and mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, ants, wasps and other infestations. Many pest control companies will be able to tailor a pest control programme to suit individual needs, whether you have a six-bedroom house with grounds, a one-bedroom studio apartment, or a country hotel. In addition, many commercial companies will use unmarked vehicles for complete discretion to avoid any local gossip which could impact your business.

Choosing a Pest Control Contractor

Good pest control contractors will provide all the pest control services you need to protect your homes, businesses, buildings, gardens, land and farms from pest infestations. Normally the first step will be for the contractor to visit you for a free survey, then provide you with a written quotation to deal with pests such as; rats, mice, moles, ants, bees, wasps, flies, rabbits, birds, bedbugs, cockroaches, beetles, squirrels, insects, fleas, moths, mites, spiders and other problem pests. When it comes to pest control and pesticides, you need to be sure you're dealing with professionals who know what they're doing, as pesticides used incorrectly can be harmful to people, property, pets and the environment. When choosing a pest control contractor always ensure they offer, as a minimum, free surveys, no-obligation quotations, BPCA accreditation and fully liability insurance. if possible choose by personal recommendations or check out independent company reviews online. Always get at least 3 quotes and ensure each contractor is quoting on a like for like basis for a fair comparison.

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