Cost of Installing Outdoor Lighting

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So, how much does outdoor lighting cost?

Installing outdoor lighting can help improve the security of your home, make it safer, and improve the overall look of your home.

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Average Cost of Outdoor Lighting Installation:

Depending on the complexity of the job, it usually takes: 1-3 hours


How Much Does It Cost to Install Outdoor Lighting?

The average cost for installing outdoor lighting can vary depending on the type of lighting you opt for. For example, you can get floodlights installed for around £80-£180, or you can get motion lights installed for around £90-£500. Some more expensive options, such as landscape lights, could cost £1000+.

Several factors can affect the overall cost, including the type of lights that are being installed, the number of lights required, the location of your property, and the labour cost of installing outdoor lights.

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Outdoor Lighting Installation Prices

Below is a list of the estimated costs involved with installing different types of outdoor lighting. This includes all of the costs involved, such as the supply costs and the material costs.

Type of Lighting Average Cost
Low-voltage outdoor lighting £120-£200
1 outdoor 30-watt security light £150-£200
Floodlights £80-£180
Landscape lights £80-£1100
Spotlights £80-£500
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Supply Only Costs

If you are planning on installing the lights as a DIY project without the help of a professional, then you may be able to save quite a bit of money. However, you will need to consider the material costs. Below is a list of the average costs for materials when it comes to installing outdoor lighting.

Type of Supplies Average Cost
Motion sensor £10-£50
Floodlights £4-£80
Landscape lights £2-£1000
Spotlights £8-£400
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Additional Costs

There are several additional costs that you may also need to consider when installing outdoor lighting. Below is a list of the extra costs you may need to think about with this type of work.

Home Security

When you're getting new outdoor lighting installed, you may also want to think about installing a new home security system to improve the overall security of your home. The cost of installing home security can vary greatly depending on the type of security system that you opt for. However, the overall average cost for home security installation is around £200-£700.


If you want to enhance the security of your home further, then you may want to consider installing CCTV. The cost of installing CCTV will vary depending on the size of the system that you're looking for. For example, the average cost to install a 4-camera system is around £1500-£2000, whereas the cost to install an 8-camera system is around £1800-£2500.


Labour Costs and Timescales

In most cases, you will only require one electrician to carry out the work as they can usually install outdoor lights on their own. Most outdoor light installation jobs can be completed within one to two hours. So, what is the labour cost to fit an outdoor light?

The average cost to hire an electrician is around £150-£200 per day for labour. Most electricians will charge half a day's work at a minimum, so you can expect the labour costs to be around £75-£100 for installing outdoor lights.

The labour costs will depend mostly upon the level of work that needs to be done and your location in the UK. Those based in and around London can expect to pay more for labour than tradespeople in other parts of the UK.

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Cost Factors of Installing Outdoor Lights

There are several things that can affect the overall cost of having outdoor lights installed. One of the main things that will affect the cost is the type of light you choose and the number of lights you would like to have installed.

For example, if you are working with a low budget, you may want to opt for landscape lights as these can cost as little as £2 each for the light alone. However, some more luxurious options could cost over £1000 just for the supplies.

Another example of very affordable lights is floodlights. These tend to cost around £4-£80 each. Spotlights can also be quite affordable. These tend to cost around £8-£400 each.

The positioning of your lights may affect the overall cost as well as the ease of access. Depending on where you would like the lights to go, the job may take longer or shorter. This can affect the cost of labour as you will pay the contractor depending on the time it takes to complete the installation.

The location of your property can also affect the overall cost of the job. Those based in London can expect to pay more for the labour part of the job as contractors in that area tend to charge higher prices.

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What's Involved in Fitting Outdoor Lighting?

If you're new to fitting outdoor lighting, you may be curious about what the job entails. Below is a list of the steps that will need to be taken when installing outdoor lights.

  1. Switch off the power – The first step involves switching the electrical power off to ensure the work can be completed safely.
  2. Preparing the work area – Once the electrics have been switched off, the contractor will drill a hole where the lights are being installed. They will then line that hole with plastic conduit and feed the required cables through the hole.
  3. Connecting the wires – Once the wires have been fed through, the electrician will then connect the cables up to the correct terminals. They will then secure them with PVC electrical tape.
  4. Fitting the light – When the cables are secure, the contractor will fix the light in place. They will have to make sure it is level and flush to the surface before applying a sealant to ensure it is secure and safe in its rightful place.
  5. Installing a light switch – Once the light is in position, the supply cable will be fed into the home and connected to a four-terminal junction box. A switch will then be installed with core-and-earth cables that feed through to the junction box.
  6. Testing the light – Once everything is complete, the electrician will isolate the circuit and connect all of the right parts to the junction box before switching the power back on and testing that the light works properly.

In most cases, it's best to leave this type of work up to professionals unless you have extensive knowledge about electrical work.

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Can I Install Outdoor Lights Myself?

If you want to save some money, you can install outdoor lights yourself as a DIY project. However, you should avoid doing so unless you have experience working with electrics, as electrical work can be dangerous if it isn't completed correctly.

Incorrect installation could lead to injuries through electrocution, or you could put your property at risk of fires.

If you are an experienced DIY enthusiast, you could complete the work yourself. This could save you around £75-£100 in labour costs.

If you are not confident in completing the electrical work yourself but want to save on some costs, you could complete some of the work, such as drilling the holes where you want the lights to be fitted. This may reduce the amount of time the contractor spends at your property and help you save some money in labour costs.

If you decide to install the lighting yourself, you must ensure that it complies with the current building regulations. For reassurance, it may be a good idea to ask a professional to check over the work when you've completed it to ensure everything is safe and that it complies with building regulations.

Building Regulations & Planning Permission for Outdoor Lighting

If you plan on getting lights fitted to the outside of your home, you won't need to worry about planning permission. However, you will need to follow the new building regulations rules.

You should either choose an electrician who is registered with the competent person scheme or make an application to your local authority's building control department or approved inspectors.

You are required to install energy-efficient lighting outside your house in most circumstances as the general aim is to make buildings as energy-efficient as possible. You should either install lamps where the capacity does not exceed 150 watts per light fitting, and the lighting should automatically switch off when there is enough daylight. The light fittings should also have sockets that can only be used with lamps that have an energy efficiency level greater than 40 lumens per circuit watt.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

There are several different types of outdoor lights that you can choose from. To help you decide which outdoor lights are right for you, we have created the following list with information about each type and the pros and cons of each:

Motion Sensor Security Lights

Most properties in the UK opt for motion sensor security lights as these lights only operate when there is movement around the vicinity of your home. The average cost for motion sensor lights is around £10-£50 each, although this can vary depending on the style.

Motion sensor lights are great for reducing your energy bills as they only come on when they need to. However, the only problem with motion sensor lights is that they are hard to control as they can sometimes come on when it's not needed. For example, if a neighbour walks by your home or if leaves are blowing around.

motion sensor light


✔ Low price

✔ Energy efficient

✔ Provide adequate lighting

✔ Come on automatically


✖ Hard to control

✖ Not great for if you need lighting for long periods


Floodlights are another very popular type of outdoor lighting. These lights provide a high-intensity broad-beam pathway. The average cost for floodlights is around £4-£80 per light. However, this will depend on the size and style of the light.

Floodlights are great because they are very long-lasting, especially when they have LED bulbs. They are also extremely safe due to their weatherproofing qualities. This can help to reduce any risks of fire or electrical incidents. Floodlights are not the best for properties with large external areas as most of them do not exceed 200 watts.



✔ Low priced

✔ High intensity

✔ Long-lasting

✔ Weatherproof

✔ Reduced risks of fire or electrical incidents


✖ Not great for covering large areas

✖ Multiple lights can cost a lot

Landscape Security Lights

Landscape security lights come in different styles, such as pathway lights, LED ground lights, and decking lights. The price you pay for these lights will depend on the style you choose, and they can range from £2-£1000+. A benefit of these lights is that they really light up the outside of your property, making it much more secure and safe.

The downside of these lights is that they can be difficult to install and may increase your electrical bills by quite a lot as there tend to be many lights installed, and they are usually on for long periods.


✔ Many styles available

✔ Provide a lot of lighting

✔ Increase security and safety of your home

✔ Many styles are aesthetically pleasing


✖ They can be difficult to install

✖ They can be expensive to buy

✖ They can be expensive to run


Security spotlights are narrow beams of intense lights that are usually installed along walkways or exterior walls. These lights tend to cost around £8-£400 for the materials.

The main advantage of these lights is that they are very long-lasting and durable. The only problem with these is that many of them use regular bulbs, which can be prone to blowing, so you may want to pay extra for LED bulbs.

spotlights in dark


✔ Provide a lot of light

✔ Very long-lasting

✔ Durable

✔ Waterproof


✖ Bulbs can be prone to blowing

✖ May have to pay extra for LED bulbs

Solar-Powered Security Lights

Solar-powered lights are a great option for outdoor lighting as they use power from the sun and don't require any electrical wiring. These lights tend to be very affordable and cost around £1-£20 per light.

The main advantages of these lights are the fact that they are free to run and very easy to install. Most people can install these lights as an easy DIY job. On the downside, they have a much lower output, so they don't provide much light.


✔ Low prices

✔ Easy to install

✔ Free to run


✖ Don't provide much light

✖ Must be placed in direct sunlight to work

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

There are many benefits to installing outdoor lighting. Below is a list of the main benefits of installing these types of lights at your property:

Increased Safety

Security lights are great for deterring potential intruders. Security lights that are motion sensor can work by alerting residents that there is something going on outside the property. This means that outdoor lights can increase the safety and security of your home for you and your family.

Increased Property Value

Installing outdoor lighting can actually increase the value of your home, especially if you opt for a high-tech security light installation. This is due to the fact that potential house buyers are attracted by homes that are safe and secure. The outdoor lighting can make potential buyers more inclined to spend more money on the property.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Many outdoor lights offer an aesthetically pleasing look to the outside of your property. The lights can work to light up your garden and enhance the best features of your property, even when it's dark.

Lower Home Insurance

Security lights can reduce your home insurance premiums, especially if you spend a lot on a fancy lighting system. This is because properties with outdoor lights are less likely to be broken into or vandalised.

Hiring Contractors to Install Outdoor Lighting Checklist

You will need to consider a few things before hiring contractors to install outdoor lights for you. Below is a list of some of the main things that you should consider when looking for the right contractors for the job:

  • Does the contractor offer any guarantees with their work?
  • How much is the work to complete? – Ask for a breakdown of costs so you can ensure you are paying a good price for each element of the job.
  • Is the contractor experienced in installing the type of outdoor lights that you are looking for?
  • How many years' worth of experience does the contractor have in installing outdoor lights?
  • How many contractors will carry out the job?
  • Will the contractor fix any issues that may arise?
  • Will the contractor take care of any relevant waste removal?
  • Do you need to hire any additional contractors for different parts of the work?
  • Will the contractor follow all of the relevant building regulation guidelines?
contractor installing lights


How do you set an outdoor light timer?

To set an outdoor light timer, you will need to replace the normal switch with a timer switch. Follow the steps below to complete this:
  1. Turn off the power
  2. Remove the faceplate of your outdoor light switch
  3. Remove the wires
  4. Cut the exposed wires and make a fresh strip of bare wire
  5. Connect the black wire and the white wire to the corresponding wires on the timer switch
  6. Wrap electrical tape around the wires
  7. Insert the timer switch into the wall and secure it in place
  8. Turn the power back on and set your timer to the appropriate times as needed by turning the dial

What is the best outdoor motion sensor light?

The best type of motion sensor light for outdoors is one that is both powerful and durable. One of the best models of outdoor light with sensors is the MustWin security lights outdoor motion sensor light.

Can security lights deter burglars?

Yes, it is known that fitting security lights deter burglars. Even just one security light can provide much more security than a home without any lights at all.

Why is my outdoor light flickering?

If it is just one light flickering, you should check the bulb as it may have come loose. In this case, you should try replacing the outdoor light bulbs that are flickering. If the whole system is flickering or if replacing the bulb doesn't help, you should hire a professional electrician to come and determine the issue.

How long do motion sensor lights stay on for?

The majority of motion sensor security lights usually stay on for around 20-30 seconds after the motion has been detected.


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