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    Are you looking to have your guttering cleaned and would like to know the price and timelines involved? In this guide, we will explore topics such as the various types of guttering cleaning jobs, additional costs and the cost of removing guttering.

    The average cost to have your guttering fully cleaned is:

    Depending on the complexity of the job, it could take anywhere from 2 - 10 hours.


    How Much Does Cleaning Guttering Cost?

    The average cost will land anywhere from £100 to £425 to have your guttering fully cleaned. The price variation is based on the size of your property and therefore, the length of the guttering. Depending on the complexity of the job, it could take anywhere from two to ten hours.

    To have the guttering cleaned on a 2-storey semi-detached house will set you back about £100. The size and type of guttering can affect the total cost of the job too.

    The total bill will primarily be influenced by the type and size of the house and therefore, the length of the guttering. Another factor to consider is whereabouts in the UK you are situated. The gutter cleaning cost can fluctuate based on where you live since contractors charge different rates for different markets across the nation.

    Cleaning Guttering Prices

    Prices without Scaffolding:

    Property Type Avg. Cost Duration
    Terraced £75 3-6 hours
    Semi-detached £100 4-7 hours
    Detached £150 4-7 hours

    Prices with Scaffolding:

    Property Type Avg. Cost Duration
    Terraced £375 5-8 hours
    Semi-detached £400 5-9 hours
    Detached £425 5-9 hours

    Additional Costs

    Upon having new guttering installed, there are various additional jobs you may wish to pay for. These extra jobs and costs could include window cleaning, having the exterior of your house painted and getting your current gutters replaced.

    Window Cleaning Costs

    A great way to provide your home with a fresh, vibrant look is by having your windows cleaned. This is not only true for the outside of the house, but it will give a better feel to the interior of your home too. A professional window washer can clean your windows, giving them the spotless, streak-free finish, you’d like.

    Every property is different. To have this job performed for a single bedroom home may cost around £50 to £150, while it could set you back £500 to have all the windows cleaned for a large commercial business.

    Rendering House Costs

    If you’d like to have your home fully rendered, it could cost anywhere from a little over £2000 to as much as £8000. House render is an exterior wall covering that, when applied to a surface, provides protection from the elements.

    House render is finished with a top paint coat. The purpose of this is to reduce the risk that the render will crack or/and suffer from water damage.

    The associated price tag varies depending on the difficulty of the job, size of property and methods used. For instance, it will cost significantly more to have a large detached property rendered than it would, a small bungalow.

    Painting Exterior of House Costs

    Exterior painters tend to cost £100 to £200 per day. As a result, the total cost can vary depending on the property’s size & design, the contractor’s hourly or daily rates and the exterior condition used. It costs approximately £850 to have a two-storey, three-bedroom house painted.

    Costs can vary from £400 to have a terraced house painted with a smooth finish to over £1000 if you’d like to have a detached house painted with a textured condition.

    In most cases, you will be covering the cost of all supplies, materials and the labour when hiring a painter & decorator to perform this job.

    Generally, it will prove necessary to erect scaffolding before having the exterior of your home painted, which will add to your total costs if performed by a professional or if undertaken as a DIY job. As part of this work, a professional will lay at least two coats of paint.

    A factor in the cost that is often overlooked is where you live. Painters & decorators charge different rates depending on location. For instance, in expensive cities like London, contractors will charge higher rates than most of the UK.

    Guttering Replacement Cost

    If your guttering is suffering from a wide range of issues, you may wish to simply have it replaced. In terms of property maintenance, maintaining and cleaning guttering is often overlooked.

    However, it’s one of the most cost-effective approaches when it comes to the upkeep of your home, its efficiency and protecting it from moisture damage.

    To have your guttering replaced, there are several materials you can choose from. Plastic guttering such as uPVC is the most common options. Metallic guttering materials include aluminium, steel and cast iron. These are the most durable types available.

    The material chosen will significantly affect the cost. The price of guttering is determined by the metre. For an ordinary plastic (uPVC) gutter, it will cost around £2 per metre.

    The price can rise to £25 per linear metre in the case of copper guttering. On top of the cost of gutters, you may also need to have a new downpipe fitted which will cost anywhere from £3 per metre for plastic to around £38 per metre for copper.

    Capping Fascias and Soffits Costs

    Fascia boards are fitted onto the rafter’s edges while soffits are fixed to bridge the gap between the edge of the roofline and the wall. Soffit boards aren’t as vulnerable to weather damage since they are less exposed.

    On the other hand, over time, timber soffits will nonetheless absorb moisture and begin to warp and rot. Fascia boards are, however, far more exposed. Even if well maintained, they won’t last too long. As a result, it’s not an uncommon job for roofers to replace wooden fascias & soffits with uPVC. It can prove a bit expensive since removing old-timber takes time and will probably require scaffolding.

    A cheap and more straightforward approach to protecting fascias & soffits is to cap them using uPVC boards. This can also enhance the appearance of the edges of your house’s roof. Once fitted properly, capping can last for several decades!

    Prices for this work will vary depending on the size of your home, where in the UK you live and the type of roof you have. For instance, to have fascias & soffits capped on a single 15 metre wall will set you back about £290.

    If you’d like to have fascias & soffits capped to a front and gable end wall with a length of 24 metres, it will cost approximately £545.

    Labour Costs and Timescales

    Let’s now look at how much a contractor would charge to clean guttering. The labour gutter cleaning cost is a part of the total bill you’ll face to have this job undertaken. Unlike many other contractor jobs, there will be no materials cost involved since it is not a replacement or installation job.

    Guttering cleaners cost about £18 to £25 per hour and charge a daily rate of around £150 to £300. If scaffolding is needed, this phase of the job will take 2-4 hours while the clean itself will likely take between two and five hours, depending on the size of the property.

    The length of the job will vary based on factors like the size of the property, design of the roof and the extent of the clean that is needed. The labour gutter cleaning cost estimate will also vary depending on where you are located.

    Job Type Duration Cost of Materials Cost of Labour
    Semi-detached property with 15 metres of gutters 2 hours £0 £100
    Detached property with 20 metres of gutters 3 hours £0 £150
    Townhouse with 15 metres of gutters 5 hours £0 £250
    Scaffold bridge needed over a conservatory 8 hours £0 £425

    Cost Factors of Cleaning Guttering

    In this section, we’ll take a look at the factors that determine the total cost of the job in more detail. These factors include the type of guttering, length of guttering, property location, type of roof and house type.

    Type of Guttering

    The cost of having guttering cleaned does not usually vary based on the type used. After all, it is the length of the guttering and extent of the clean required that will matter most for the cost.

    However, seamless gutters, those which make a continuous length of guttering that is not broken up into sections tend to accumulate less debris. This fact means that seamless gutters regardless of the material may prove easier to clean, thus saving you money overall.

    Size of Guttering

    Guttering clean prices are, of course, also impacted by the full length that the guttering will be.

    Location of Property

    As mentioned, where you are based in the UK shapes the cost that a contractor charges. In the south east of England and London, especially, the costs tend to be significantly higher than the national average.


    Scotland and the north of England, on the other hand, generally have lower tradesperson rates than the UK as a whole.

    Ease of Access

    How easily can your garden be reached? If the roof of your house is more difficult to access such as because of the nature of your garden, accessing the garden itself or a lack of a garden, then the job will take longer, and the more the labour cost of guttering cleaning will be.

    In some cases, scaffolding may be necessary. If this is so, the cost of the job will be higher.

    Roof Type

    What roof type your property has is also important. The price will vary whether you have a hip roof or gable end roof.

    House Type

    The timeframe of guttering cleaning is also determined by the type of house in question. As we showed in the ‘How much does cleaning guttering cost?’ section, on average, it is cheapest to have guttering cleaned for a terraced house and most expensive for a detached house. For a semi-detached house, the cost lands in between the prices of these two.

    What's Involved in Cleaning Guttering?

    Let’s now explore the steps involved in having your guttering cleaned. The methods required can vary depending on the type of roof and house that you have.

    1. Accessing the Guttering

    The first stage is reaching the guttering. In most cases, a ladder can be used, but in some scenarios, scaffolding may be needed. Generally, any work that involves a height of three metres or more will require that scaffolding be erected. To install scaffolding, a contractor will first need to find the right spot that is both stable and level.

    Next, the scaffold frame will be assembled before wooden planks are added. After that, the contractor will need to install scaffold access to the emerging structure. They can then fix the guardrails to complete the temporary installation.

    1. Cleaning the Gutters

    There are various ways a professional could approach cleaning your home’s guttering. Using a garden hose is perhaps the most popular approach to cleaning guttering. Water should be applied such that the contractor is working with the slope of each gutter. The water should then be able to run with a reasonable flow along the guttering.

    This is to wash away debris that has clustered in the gutters. Another method involves using a bucket and gloves to clear dirt, leaves, etc. by hand. On the topic of buckets, it’s also possible to pour water into the gutter directly from a bucket. Some professionals may employ a specialist gutter cleaner. This is a long pole with a hose attached to one end, and a hose spray connected to the other with positioning of about a 180° bend.

    1. Cleaning the Downpipe

    A guttering cleaner may also remove debris from the downpipe. Usually, a single downpipe can be found along a wall in the centre of the guttering or at the endpoint of a run. The tradesperson you’ve hired may use a screwdriver to tap up and down along the downpipe, listening for a low thud which would suggest that there is a blockage in that area of the downpipe.

    In most cases, they will be able to simply remove the downpipe temporarily and use a stick or another long device to remove the debris before reattaching the downpipe. If this is not possible, they may need to cut it off before re-fixing it, preferably with a socket or adaptor.

    1. Repairs & Treatments

    A hired professional may also perform a couple of repairs where they see necessary such as by filling holes and cracks in the gutters with a repair solution of some kind. It may also be determined that a preservative paint should be added to gutters to protect them from future damage.

    1. Tidying Up

    Lastly, the debris and any other waste will be removed, probably by just being placed in a bin liner. Alternatively, a skip or another waste removal service may be needed. The guttering cleaner will also take the ladder down or disassemble the scaffolding. That is unless another professional is being hired to deal with the scaffold assembly and disassembly.

    Can I Clean Guttering Myself?

    It is certainly possible to clean the gutters as a DIY project. However, there are certain points you’ll need to consider first. The primary concern with any DIY work should be health & safety. How confident are you in your ability to perform this work?

    If you have any doubts, you should hire a professional and not take any chances! If you’ve done your research and feel comfortable with the tasks at hand, you should also consider whether or not scaffolding will be needed.


    Even if you use a ladder, you should think about purchasing or hiring a harness just to be on the safe side. There’s also the risk that if you go about the job incorrectly, that damage could be caused to the gutters.

    For instance, it’s important that a pressure hose, if used, is not applying water at too high a pressure for your gutters to handle. Plastic gutters can be particularly vulnerable in such cases. Once you are not altering your property in any way, then planning permission won’t be necessary.

    Cost of Removing Guttering

    You may wish to have your guttering removed because you want to have it replaced or you’d like an alternative to guttering to be installed (e.g. rain chains, rain dispersal systems or built-in gutters).

    In terms of the labour cost, with about an hour or two of work, you’re looking at spending somewhere in the range of £18 to £50 on average. Guttering can be removed DIY, but once more, you should take similar safety considerations into account, as mentioned in the previous section.


    To simply remove guttering, this can be performed DIY without the need for planning permission. However, this may not be the case if you intend to alter your property. For example, under Permitted Development Rights, you must use materials that match the current look of your roof if anything new is being added, such as fresh guttering or an alternative system to guttering.

    Waste can be disposed of with a skip or through an alternative service such as a man and van service. Waste disposal will likely cost between £50 and £150 depending on the approach/service used.

    Hiring Someone to Clean Guttering Checklist

    So, what should you look for in a professional before hiring them:

    • Are they a well-experienced contractor?
    • What sort of work have they performed previously?
    • How well have their previous clients rated them?
    • Other considerations which are less essential include any qualifications they might have as well accreditation. Many professional contractors learn on the job, thus not having a qualification is far from a drawback as most will have gained plenty of experience through practical work.
    • What you ultimately want is an experienced, competent labourer who knows what they’re doing. If hired, they can provide you with refreshed and unclogged gutters!


    How often should guttering be cleaned?
    Approximately once a year.
    How long do gutters last for?
    In general, around 20-30 years.
    What is the best specialist, gutter cleaner?
    The Be Pressure 24 Telescopic Wand and Powerfit PF31052B Gutter Cleaner are among the best specialist gutter cleaner products on the market.
    Do I need scaffolding to clean my guttering?
    If the guttering is 3 metres or more from the ground or is otherwise challenging to access, you should hire scaffolding for safety purposes.
    Do gutters that are unclean become damaged?
    Yes, gutters that are not cleaned often enough will suffer more damage such as from the weight of debris causing stress on the gutters as well as overflowing water harming the guttering.


    Last updated by MyJobQuote on 22nd October 2020.

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