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By Melissa
Last updated 3rd May 2024 - Reading time: 6 mins

Thinking of having underfloor heating added to your home? This type of heating system can enhance home comfort with a range of benefits including a warmer underfoot and increased energy efficiency, which in turn can lower your heating bills and carbon footprint.

underfloor heating being installed

It’s important to hire a specialist whether it be to install, maintain or repair an underfloor heating system to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Today we'll explore how you can find underfloor heating professionals near you.

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Understanding Your Underfloor Heating Needs

To begin with, you’ll want to get a sense of what your underfloor heating needs are. You don’t need to know the exact model or type, however, having a sense of what you require from an underfloor heating installation can help you discuss your options with the professional you decide to hire. That way, things will likely run more smoothly.

On the one hand, if having an underfloor heating system installed, you’d want to consider whether to go with an electric or water-based system, the scope of the project (e.g. do you want underfloor heating just downstairs or both downstairs and upstairs?), and your heating needs, which will in turn determine how powerful the system must be.

When it comes to maintenance or repair work, you’ll want to consider the type and extent of the maintenance/repair work needed along with other specific requirements tailored to your home and the issues at hand. Whatever the case, you’ll want to discuss what sort of underfloor heating system is a good match for you and your home from the get go once you’ve decided which professional to work with.

Utilising MyJobQuote’s Online Directory

You’ll be glad to know that there are several ways to use MyJobQuote to find electricians near you who can install an underfloor heating system. One approach is by using our online electrician directory.

underfloor heating being installed

By utilising the MyJobQuote electrician directory, you can compare details such as their ratings, reviews and in some cases even photos of their prior projects. This way, along with the quotes you could receive later, you can use key details such as those mentioned above to make an informed choice when deciding which underfloor heating professional to hire.

Verifying Specialist Qualifications

In general, it’s important to verify the qualifications of an underfloor heating specialist (i.e. electrician) before working with them. An electrician must be qualified to perform the work they do, due to safety hazards associated with electric works and the complexity involved.

Along with qualifications, you’ll want to consider key details such as the experience and positive feedback of prior clients for electricians you’re thinking of hiring. When it comes to the latter, reaching out for references can allow you to gauge the reliability of different electricians and the quality of their work.

The good news is that by using MyJobQuote you can be confident that any electricians you reach out to work with who have a profile on our site have verified qualifications. This is because we rigorously evaluate any contractors looking to establish a profile on our site so that customers will find electricians with the right qualifications only.

Engagement and Communication

You’ll want to actively engage with the specialist you decide to work with from start to finish to ensure you get the chance to discuss your needs and any specific requests, while also having your concerns addressed along the way.

underfloor heating being installed

By clearly communicating your needs, expectations and worries, you can limit the risk of unexpected issues arising down the line. It’s important to discuss what you expect from the project.

You’ll also want to chat about any unique aspects of your installation or repair/maintenance needs and it’s best to query about potential challenges that may arise early on so you know what to expect. Thoroughly discussing a range of considerations can help prevent headaches later on and lead to a successful underfloor heating project to your standards and expectations.

Utilising MyJobQuote’s Quote Form

An alternative to our online electrician directory is the MyJobQuote quote form. Here you can find underfloor heating specialists who will provide you with tailored quotes based on the job required.

By filling out the details of the work you need, you can submit an application via this quote form before receiving several quotes. This acts as a convenient way of comparing options from a single, digital platform. You’ll want to compare details such as the pricing along with the quality, experience and prior work of the professionals in question.

To use our online quote form to secure quotes from underfloor heating professionals you’ll need to take the following steps:

  • Click on ‘I need a job doing’
  • Select ‘Heating/ Gas Work’
  • Next, choose ‘Underfloor heating’
  • Fill out the ‘Tell us about your job section’ before selecting continue
  • Complete and submit your application

After submitting an application with the job details, you’ll subsequently receive quotes from several electricians near you. You can then compare each contractor based on their pricing and key details before deciding who is the best fit for the job and even who offers the best value for money.

Seeking Recommendations

Along with using MyJobQuote (whether it be our online electrician directory or online quote form) to find electricians near you, you may also decide to seek recommendations from friends, family members or/and work colleagues.

underfloor heating being installed

If people in your like can refer you to a qualified electrician who installed underfloor heating in their home, this can help lead to a reliable professional that offers a high quality of service. Naturally, if people you trust can vouch for an underfloor heating professional, this can lead to someone you can certainly rely on.

Service Terms and Agreements

When hiring a qualified electrician to perform underfloor heating work, it’s important to obtain a written service agreement to provide clarity and to help avoid any unnecessary challenges arise.

A written service agreement should include details like pricing, the scope of the project, payment terms and any warranties or guarantees that may apply. Having this sort of signed agreement can safeguard you and the electrician should anything go awry. It also gives you a clear idea of what to expect.

It’s important to perform thorough research and carefully consider who you should hire when looking to work with an underfloor heating specialist. Approaching the process diligently can ensure you get the right person on board and that the work is performed to the degree expected.

Start your search for a local underfloor heating professional today by using our online electrician directory or the MyJobQuote quote form, whether you want to have an underfloor heating system installed, repaired or maintained!

Last updated by MyJobQuote on 3rd May 2024.
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