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By Melissa
Last updated 13th February 2024 - Reading time: 6 mins

Professional renderers play a crucial role in improving and maintaining the exterior aesthetics of buildings, including households and commercial properties across the UK.

It’s vital to find the right renderer for the job to ensure that your property, whether it be residential or commercial, can be transformed with a total new lease of life, that not only revitalises the building’s exterior visually but can also better protect it against the elements and increase its kerb appeal.

In this guide, we’ll discuss what research and other steps you can take to find renderer contractors near you and the sort of criteria you might want to consider when weighing up your options as to who you should hire.

Let’s dive in!

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Defining Rendering Needs

To start with, you’ll want to have a clear idea of what you need from rendering work. This will, of course, include the type of rendering you need, such as cement, lime or acrylic.

You’ll want to weigh up the pros and cons of different options while also considering which options best suit your property in particular. If you’re not sure of these details (or any other aspects of the work requirements), you can always discuss this with the local renderer company or contractor you intend on hiring.

Other core details to figure out before you look to hire a renderer or/and that you should discuss with the renderer early on include the size of the area to be rendered and any specific aesthetic preferences or requirements that might apply.

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Utilising MyJobQuote’s Online Directories

One effective way of finding local professional renderers is through the MyJobQuote external renderer directory. Our online directory can simplify the process of finding qualified and reliable renderers with easy access to the profiles of professional renderers as well as a means to contact them.

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When exploring this directory, you’ll want to pay close attention to details available on the profiles of external renderers near you, such as their ratings, reviews or/and images showcasing prior work. Ultimately, you’ll want to use these sorts of details to make an informed choice.

Verifying Service Provider Qualifications

Next, it’s important to verify any qualifications. It’s important to note that professional renderers do not need qualifications to undertake this work (with it being an added bonus rather than a requirement). Ultimately, details such as their skill, experience and reliability are better markers of a renderers’ quality.

You might want to check their prior experience, past projects and any certifications (if applicable) in the field of rendering. When it comes to reviewing their past projects, you may want to ask for references as well as images of their prior work or other records of said projects.

Engagement and Communication

It’s important to remain engaged with open communication through the entire process with the renderer you decide to hire.

Firstly, you’ll want to bring up what exactly you’re looking for in a rendering project (or/and chat about your options if unsure) while also asking about the project’s timeline, specific rendering techniques and any unique requirements that are key to getting the right end result.

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With regards to the project’s timeline, it’s important that the renderer you wish to hire can offer a suitable schedule/timeline while also being available on a day that works for you. If they don’t, you’ll want to reach out to your second or/and third preferences to check their proposed timeline and availability. That said, this shouldn’t be needed in general.

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Utilising MyJobQuote’s Quote Form

While you can use the MyJobQuote online external renderer directory to find local professionals, you may instead want to use our online quote form.

Through the MyJobQuote quote form, you can specify the details of the rendering work needed and subsequently receive quotes from a range of rendering professionals near you.

Our quote form, therefore, acts as a convenient way of efficiently securing and comparing quotes and finding skilled renderers in one place. When comparing quotes, along with, of course, considering the pricing, you’ll want to consider other aspects such as how suitable each renderer is and their levels of experience and their prior work (upon requesting examples).

To use the MyJobQuote quote form to secure quotes from local rendering services, take the following steps:

  • Go to our online quote form homepage
  • Click on ‘I need a job doing’
  • Select ‘Plastering & Rendering’
  • When asked what type of plastering work you need, choose ‘External rendering’
  • Choose ‘Rendering’ when then asked what type of job you want (or another answer if applicable, such as ‘Rendering or cladding removal’ and select continue
  • You’ll next be asked what area you want to have rendered and need to select the applicable answer (e.g. external house walls or garden walls)
  • Then, when asked, select the size of the area you need rendered (e.g. 20-50 square metre space or 50-100 square metre space)
  • Choose the type of render you need (e.g. lime render or acrylic render)
  • Answer whether the render will need painting or select ‘not sure’ if you don’t know
  • Fill out the ‘tell us about your job section’ and hit continue
  • Complete the remaining steps and submit your application
  • Wait to receive quotes from professional renderers before comparing them so you can make an informed choice

Seeking Recommendations

Along with using one of our online tools to find professional renderers in your area, you might also want to seek personal referrals from people in your life who have previously hired a professional renderer. This could mean asking friends, family members, neighbours or work colleagues for any recommendations they might have.

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Personal experiences from those who you trust can lead to reliable and skilled renderers. After all, someone isn’t going to recommend a renderer if they didn’t have a positive experience with at least a satisfactory outcome, if not a fantastic end result.

Service Terms and Agreements

Lastly, it’s important to secure a written service agreement with the renderer you choose to work with. This agreement should clearly outline key details such as the pricing, scope of work, payment terms and any warranties or guarantees that may apply.

A guarantee or warranty can help protect you and the renderer should anything go wrong (e.g. your property incurs damage). Thankfully such events are very rare, but a guarantee or warranty can add peace of mind.

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Thorough research and making informed decisions based on key criteria (incl. pricing, their levels of experience and how suitable they are to the work at hand) are key to ensuring you find and hire the right person for the job.

Begin your search today for a local professional renderer who can revitalise your property’s exterior with high-quality rendering work. Use our external renderer directory or the MyJobQuote online quote form to find professionals and receive quotes for your proposed rendering project!

Last updated by MyJobQuote on 13th February 2024.
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