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By Melissa
Last updated 3rd May 2024 - Reading time: 6 mins

Having CCTV installers, whether for a residential or commercial property, is important for enhancing security, both as a deterrent and a means of capturing footage just to err on the side of caution, should any issues arise.

CCTV camera being insalled

Along with looking for the right CCTV system to go with, you’ll, of course, want to hire a reliable and efficient service. This way, you’ll have peace of mind that your CCTV system is installed professionally to protect your property and loved ones.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how we can help you find and hire a local CCTV installer to ensure high-quality services and equipment.

Let’s dive in!

Understanding CCTV Installation Requirements

When looking to have CCTV installed, it’s important that you determine what your specific security needs are before looking to hire an installer, at least to the extent feasible.

Of course, if there are aspects, you’re unsure of, you can always bring up these points with the CCTV installer before they come out to perform the installation. What’s more, you may very well prefer to ask the CCTV installer to source the CCTV camera/system for you or to at least advise you as to what system is a top-notch and suitable choice for you.

Along with the type of surveillance system that best works for your home (e.g. infrared night vision CCTV can be a great match for businesses or properties in general based in poorly lit areas), you’ll want to consider how many cameras you might need, whether you’d like indoor or/and outdoor surveillance and the sort of features you’re looking for. Aside from the aforementioned night vision, features that you may want include motion detection and wireless, smart technology.

With a tailored approach to CCTV installation, the right professional can keep your property’s unique aspects in mind both ahead of the instalment and (to the extent required) on the day of installation.

All in all, communicating your needs and helping the installer to determine what option will work best for you and your home (by discussing both your expectations and any details about your property relevant to having a CCTV system installed) are important early and ongoing steps to get effective results.

Utilising MyJobQuote’s Online Directories

MyJobQuote provides a couple of ways to find CCTV installers in your area, including our online electrician directory. A CCTV system must be added by a qualified electrician for safety reasons in relation to the electric work required.

Man installing a CCTV

When using the MyJobQuote online electrician directory, you can browse through a range of local service providers and find details such as ratings, reviews and image examples of their previous work via their MyJobQuote profile.

As a result, you’ll have the opportunity to evaluate various CCTV fitters near you to find the best match based on your needs, expectations and budget. The other way of finding electricians near you through MyJobQuote is with our online quote tool (more on that later).

Verify Installer Credentials

In general, it’s important to verify the qualifications of CCTV installers (i.e., as touched on already, only a qualified electrician can perform this work) to ensure you are hiring a suitable contractor for the work. Of course, by utilising one of our tools for finding electricians in your area, you can be sure that you’ll be in contact with qualified professionals due to our rigorous verification process.

Along with considering their qualifications, you’ll want to take an electrician’s experience and certifications from recognised bodies into account too. What’s more, you may want to request to see examples of their prior work, though, you’ll generally be able to find this automatically through an electrician’s MyJobQuote profile.

Expanding on the final point brought up above, it’s best to request references or/and case studies from their prior CCTV installations. With a sense of their experience and skill set, you’ll better be able to compare and contrast different installers based on their reliability while also gauging the quality of their work. As a result, and alongside the quotes you receive, you can make an informed decision.

Engagement and Communication

It’s essential that you clearly communicate your needs and expectations with the CCTV installer you’d like to hire.

CCTV on wall

Along with discussing your security concerns, you should also take time to ask questions about the technology used (and so what sort of CCTV system would work best for your home) and any specific requirements you have.

Engaging properly from the start can ensure that the service not only meets your expectations but effectively addresses your security needs and without unexpected surprises that could create a headache later down the line. A service agreement can help with this in particular which we’ll look at later.

Utilising MyJobQuote’s Quote Form

The MyJobQuote quote form is the second tool we provide for users to secure CCTV installation quotes from local CCTV installers.

With the MyJobQuote quote form you can specify the job details before receiving tailored quotes from a range of contractors in your area. This not only allows you to compare different electricians based on their levels of experience and online reviews but gives you the chance to receive competitive quotes that you can compare that meet your specified criteria.

After receiving several quotes, comparing the pricing and other aspects of each contractor can allow you to make an informed decision when deciding who is best for you and the project in question. Another way of putting it is that by making these comparisons you can work out who offers the best value for money

Seeking Personal Recommendations

Along with using one of our online tools for finding CCTV installers near you, you may also want to seek personal recommendations from people in your life including friends, family members, neighbours or/and work colleagues who have previously had CCTV systems installed.

person installing CCTV

Personal referrals often lead to efficient and reliable installers with a prove capacity to perform high-quality CCTV installations and reliability since they are being recommended by someone in your life.

When looking for someone to install a CCTV system it’s important that you undertake plenty of research and carefully consider who to hire based on their experience, suitability and pricing. All in all, you want to find a professional who offers good value for money while also being the right match based on your needs and preferences.

You can find CCTV companies near you by using either our online electrician directory or the MyJobQuote quote form. Whatever the case, our website can help you start your journey today to find a CCTV installer in your local area to enhance the security of your home or business premise with 2020s surveillance technology.

Last updated by MyJobQuote on 3rd May 2024.
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