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  • Cost of Tree Felling

    The cost of tree felling relies heavily on the size of the tree and can be between £150-£2500.

    Would you like to find out how much tree felling will cost you?

    Then look no further, this article will provide you with all the cost factors you need to take in to consideration when felling a tree.

    Take a look below for more information...

    Tree felling guide

    Average Cost of Tree Felling

    Depending on the complexity of the job, it usually takes:


    How Much Does It Cost to Fell a Tree?

    Are you looking for information on the costs involved with felling and removing a tree?

    This article will go over everything you need to know about the cost of felling a tree along with some information about the different types of trees.

    It can be difficult to estimate the exact tree felling cost as the price can range dramatically depending on the diameter, height and type of tree, as well as its position in the garden.

    Tree felling cost

    As you can imagine, the larger the tree, the more you can expect to pay for the job.

    The ease of access to the tree also plays a big part in the overall cost of the job as the more difficult it is to get to, the longer the job will take, and this will increase the cost of the job.

    You can usually expect a tree surgeon to charge around £150-£200 per day in labour costs.

    Tree surgeons will often work with one or two general labourers as some parts of the job can be difficult to tackle alone. With this in mind, you can expect to pay an average of around £300-£400 in total per day for labour.

    Tree Felling Prices

    As we've mentioned, tree felling prices can vary greatly depending mostly on the size of the tree and the ease of access to the tree.

    We have created a table below which highlights the average tree removal cost you can expect to pay for different tree sizes:

    Job Description Duration Average Cost
    Small tree felling (less than 25ft) 3-4 hours £150-£350
    Medium tree felling (25-50ft) 0.5-1 day £200-£750
    Large tree felling (50-75ft) 1-2 days £650-£1200
    Extra-large tree felling (over 75ft) 2-5 days £1000-£2500

    Additional Costs

    You may need to think about several additional costs when it comes to felling a garden tree.

    Below is a list of the additional costs that you may need to think about with this type of work:

    Garden Waste Removal

    Many tree surgeon contractors will include garden waste removal as a part of the service, however, others may not.

    If you are also having other work done in your garden simultaneously, you may have a lot of waste that needs removing.

    Tree felling labour cost

    The price you pay for garden waste removal will depend on the amount of waste that needs to be removed.

    On average, you can expect to cost anywhere between £70-£450 to get your garden waste removed by professionals.


    When getting a garden tree felled, you may also be interested in getting some other gardening work done.

    This can include lawn mowing, landscaping, hedge trimming, planting, and more. The typical hourly rate for a professional gardener is around £14-£25.

    The actual cost you pay will depend on several factors, including the type of work being completed, the amount of work that needs to be done, the ease of access, and your location in the UK.

    Those based in London can expect to pay around £3-£10 more per hour for a gardener than those based in the North or other parts of the UK.

    Labour Costs and Timescales

    The amount you pay for tree felling will depend on a number of factors, including the type of tree, the difficulty of the job, the ease of access, and your location in the UK.

    Those based in London can expect to pay around £30-£80 more per day for the costs of labour than those based in other parts of the UK.

    You can usually expect a tree surgeon to charge around £150-£200 per day in labour costs.

    Tree surgeons will often work with one or two general labourers as some parts of the job can be difficult to tackle alone. With this in mind, you can expect to pay an average of around £300-£400 in total per day for labour.

    The length of time it takes to complete tree felling will vary depending on the job at hand. Some jobs may be more difficult to complete and so, therefore, will take longer.

    Many tree felling jobs can be completed within a day. On average, you can expect a tree felling job to take around 1-2 days. Very large, stubborn trees could take up to 5 days to completely remove.

    Cost Factors of Tree Removal

    There are several factors that could affect the overall cost of removing a tree. Below is a list of the main cost affecting factors when it comes to this type of work:

    Size of the Tree

    The size of the tree can play a big part in the amount that you can expect to pay for tree felling.

    Larger trees will take much longer to work on than smaller trees, so you can expect larger trees to cost more. The longer the job takes, the more you will have to pay for labour.

    Ease of Access

    The ease of access to the tree can also play a big role in the amount that you will pay to have your tree removed.

    If the tree is difficult to access, this may require extra work, and the job will likely take much longer to complete. With this in mind, trees that are more difficult to access will end up costing more overall to remove.

    Difficulty of the Job

    Every tree felling job is different, and some jobs are more difficult than others. In some cases, you may also come across some obstacles, such as roots in difficult places or stubborn tree sections that are much harder to remove.

    The more difficult the job is to complete, the longer it will take and, therefore, the more it will cost overall.

    Location of Your Property

    Your property's location can often cause you to pay more or less for the cost of labour.

    Those based in London can expect to pay around £30-£80 more per day for the costs of labour than those based in other parts of the UK.

    What's Involved in Felling a Tree?

    Felling a tree can be extremely dangerous if you don't put in the appropriate planning work. Planning is extremely important for this type of work as you could risk having the tree fall directly onto you.

    You should start by clearing the surrounding area so that you can easily run in any direction to avoid the falling tree.

    Tree felling guide

    You don't want to leave any potential obstacles lying around near the bottom of the tree. You will also then need to identify the best way for the tree to fall.

    Once you know which direction you want your tree to fall, you need to plan your escape routes. You should have more than one option available if the tree doesn't fall in the direction you wanted it to.

    Before you begin felling the tree, you should thoroughly inspect the tree to ensure no loose branches may fall on you during the removal process.

    Can I Fell a Tree Myself?

    You should only ever attempt to fell a tree yourself as a DIY job when you feel confident enough to do so.

    You will also need to ensure that you have all of the appropriate equipment needed, and you will need to have adequate safety gear.

    If you are at all in doubt, it's best to leave it to the professionals. A tree felling professional will have all of the tools, materials, and skills needed to fell your tree safely.

    There are all kinds of things that can go wrong during a tree felling job, including falling branches and the tree falling in the wrong direction.

    With this in mind, we would always recommend hiring professionals to complete this type of work for you.

    While it may end up costing a lot more to hire professionals to remove your tree for you, you can rest assured that the job will be done as safely as possible.

    It's worth making use of your budget for this extra cost to ensure the safety of your home and your family.

    Building Regulations & Planning Permission for Tree Felling

    Many trees are protected by tree preservation orders. This means that you will need to get approval from your local council before making any alterations to the tree, such as pruning or felling.

    Tree felling

    If you are unsure about your particular tree, you should always get in touch with your local council first for advice on tree felling laws.

    When you contact a tree surgeon to complete the work for you, they will also often be able to provide you with appropriate advice on whether you will need permission to remove your tree.

    Types of Trees

    There are many different types of tree that are commonly found in UK gardens. Below is a list of the most common trees found in gardens in the UK with some information on how to identify them:

    English Oak Tree

    Oak trees are very common and can grow in a wide range of soil conditions, but they tend to prefer well-drained soils located in sunny locations. These trees tend to grow up to around 40m.

    Their leaves are large and lobed with smooth edges, and the leaves will fall during the winter time. Oak trees feature acorns that can be easily identified.

    The cost of felling an English oak tree is normally around £2500 to £4200.

    Common Beech Tree

    Beech trees can live up to 300 years and tend to be most common in southern and central parts of England.

    These trees prefer dry, chalky soils for optimum growth. Similar to an oak tree, common beech trees tend to grow up to around 40m.

    The leaves on this tree are oval in shape with wavy edges. This type of tree produces beech seeds which are encased within green, prickly cases, and the bark of this tree is thin and grey.

    The cost to remove a beech tree is around £3000.

    Ash Tree

    Ash trees are a very common type of tree in the UK. These are usually found in very deep, well-drained soils located in sunny areas.

    They usually grow up to around 35m and feature leaves that are made up of 3-6 pairs of serrated little leaves with one leaf at the end.

    Ash trees lose their leaves during winter but can be identified in these months by their large, black buds.

    To remove an ash tree, you should expect to pay around £2000.

    Horse Chestnut Tree

    Horse chestnut trees can tolerate a huge range of soils but prefer rich, moist soils located in sunny areas.

    They tend to grow up to around 40m and feature large, palmate leaves that have 5-7 serrated leaflets.

    During the warmer months, horse chestnuts trees feature clusters of white flowers, which later become conkers that are encased in green, spiky cases.

    Sycamore Tree

    Sycamore is a fast-spreading tree that can grow in most types of soil and areas. These trees tend to grow up to around 35m and feature palmate leaves on red stalks with five toothed lobes.

    The seeds on these trees can easily be identified as they are winged seeds, often known as 'helicopter' seeds. The bark on sycamore tress tends to be scaly in appearance.

    Trees in gardens can cause a range of problems, especially large trees. They can prevent sunlight from entering the garden, which can prevent your other garden plants from growing adequately.

    Trees can also become a problem when the roots get too large. Large roots can sometimes affect your home's foundations, which can end up being very dangerous.

    Sycamore trees cost around £700 to £3000 to remove.

    Hiring Contractors to Fell a Tree Checklist

    You will need to consider a few things before hiring someone to fell a tree for you. Below is a list of some of the main things that you should consider when looking for the right contractor for the job:

    • Does the contractor offer any guarantees with their work?
    • How much is the work to complete? – Ask for a breakdown of costs so you can ensure you are paying a good price for each element of the job.
    • What type of tree felling services does the contractor offer?
    • Is the contractor experienced in the type of tree felling work that you require?
    • How many years' worth of experience does the contractor have in tree felling?
    • How many contractors will carry out the job?
    • Will the contractor fix any issues that may arise?
    • Does the contractor provide any insurance if any parts of the job go wrong?
    • Will the contractor take care of any relevant waste removal?


    What is tree felling?
    Tree felling is the safe removal of a tree by cutting it at a certain angle and making it fall a particular way.
    Do you need a tree felling licence to cut down a tree?
    For most simple tree felling jobs on your property, you won't need a tree felling licence. However, you may need one in some circumstances. You can check whether or not you may need a tree felling licence here. How much does it cost to prune a tree?

    The cost to prune a tree will depend on the size of the tree and how much pruning is required. You can expect to pay around £350-£400 to prune a tree back on average.
    Do I need to replace my tree if it is protected?
    If it is specified within the conditions of the council's consent when you apply for the work, you will need to replace the tree once it's been cut down. The council will usually specify the type of tree that needs to be planted along with the size and location.
    Will the council pay for my tree felling?
    If the tree is located on your property, you will be responsible for paying the tree felling fees.


    Last updated by MyJobQuote on 28th June 2021.

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