Cost of Garden Water Features

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Last updated 15th May 2024 - Reading time: 8 mins
At a glance
  • The average cost of installing a garden water feature is around £500
  • The job will take approximately 1 - 2 days to complete
In this article, you'll discover the following:
  • A complete pricing breakdown which includes things you need to consider, along with what such a task usually involves
  • How long the job should approximately take and a general overview of what types of services can be performed
  • How to find and hire a pond specialist

Want to find out how much a water feature costs?

Depending on various factors, which will be covered below, you can expect to pay around £500 on average.

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Average Cost of Supplying and Fitting Garden Water Features:

This type of job normally takes around 1-2 days to complete


How Much Are Garden Water Features?

Building a well thought out water feature in your garden can add significant value to your house as well as making your garden look much more attractive.

Ponds, fountains and other features can add character and breathe new life into tired gardens while making your home more attractive to potential buyers, as well as make the garden a much nicer place to enjoy the occasional sunny days we have in the UK!

Ponds are not necessarily high maintenance, though there is some maintenance involved it's not too difficult or time-consuming.

However, a neglected pond will quickly become an eyesore so proper pond maintenance is important. There are many different types and sizes of garden ponds, some can also incorporate a small waterfall or fountain and they can be located in the patio or on the lawn.

You can even have several ponds at different levels flowing into each other for maximum visual impact!

Any landscape gardener will be happy to install a pond for you, but this will obviously come at a cost.

It's always best to find a firm that you already know and trust, or one recommended by a friend, but failing that you can find a reputable local company online using the free service on this site.

Just enter brief details of the job along with contact information, then sit back and wait for up to three quotes for the work. You can also easily check out any companies providing quotes by looking at the feedback left by previous customers - all free of charge!

What are some zero risk water features worth considering to have added to my garden? By risk, I mean that they aren't dangerous for children or pets.

"I work with schools and know this to be challenging. If you want to install a pond then cover the area in mesh or a grid to stop anyone falling into the water. Maybe consider a water fall feature over slate..."

Garden Water Feature Prices

Job Description Duration Material Cost Labour Cost
Build a garden pond includes digging out, lining and filling a 1.5m diameter pond 1-2 days £300 £300
Supply and install a pre-fabricated 600 litre fibreglass pond with filter and RCD labour 2-3 days £450 £475
Medium partially raised pond 3.5m x 2m above ground level dwarf brick walls liner, filter and small rockery 6-8 days £2500 £2000
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Things to Consider with Garden Water Features

When creating a garden pond, remember that the work is not finished once the pond is completed, you still need to stock it with plants and fish, and for these to thrive and survive, you’ll need to look after the pond an make some purchases from your local DIY centre or aquatic store.

Water needs to be aerated, you may need herbicides or pesticides to keep your pond clean. Always keep an eye on the condition of the water and do not let it become too dirty as fish can’t breathe and plants won’t thrive in dirty water.

A great cost-effective way to keep your pond fresh is to get an ultraviolet light bacteria killer. This uses a simple pump to pass water under a strong ultraviolet light killing harmful bacteria as it circulates.

In any case, your pond will almost certainly need a circulation system using a pump to keep the water fresh which usually needs to be connected to the mains electrical supply so be very careful when installing!

Fountains and other water features will also require a pump, so it may be worth hiring an electrician to establish a safe mains power supply to your garden for all your features.

Try to always maintain the water level in garden water features with a pump, as low water levels can cause the pump motor to burn out and will also make more noise.

There are three main types of water fountain to choose from: Floor or free-standing, Tabletop and Wall mounted units.

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Doing it Yourself

If you are considering a garden pound you can always go for the old-fashioned method and dig out the pond yourself! This is by far the cheapest method but the amount of work required, even for a small pond, is not to be underestimated!

Even digging out a small pond is seriously hard work and not for the faint of heart, but it does not require much in the way of skills so it certainly can be done as a DIY project, especially if you want to get fit!

All you need to do is buy a liner from the local DIY superstore to line the base of your pond, or alternatively, you can buy pre-made moulds.

Then it's time to start digging, with a liner you can dig until you feel the pond is deep and wide enough then simply insert the liner, but with a mould, you will have to dig out an area to fit the mould perfectly so when inserted it is flush with the ground.

Building your own pond is definitely the cheapest option, but it’s up to you whether you can face all the hard work! Either way, you will need to invest in a good pump and filtration unit to keep the pond clean and then add plants and wildlife to suit.

Larger ponds especially with running water features may still require a gardener or landscaper as they will have all the necessary skills.

Garden Water Feature Checklist

  • A well-planned garden pond is much more than just a nice feature.
  • Water features increase the enjoyment of gardens.
  • Simple is usually better, a basic informal wildlife pool can be stunning.
  • Water features can lose water through evaporation faster than you thin.
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What about pond maintenance?

Most water features require very little maintenance and will look after themselves, at least to a certain extent, but they will need some maintenance from time to time, but just basic stuff like cleaning of the fountain spout and making sure the drainage is clear.

You may also need to clean out a pond every so often, especially if you want to have fish in it. Many gardeners offer services for your water feature, but you can easily do it yourself if you have the time and energy.

How much does it cost to run a fountain or water feature?

This really depends on the power consumption of your pump, how long you have it running per day, and your electricity tariff. But it's really not expensive, pennies per day normally.

Do I need lighting for my pond, waterfall or fountain?

It’s always best to consider lighting for all water features even if just for safety reason to avoid anyone tripping over it or even falling into the water!

Lighting will also pick the feature out nicely and you can often do this cheaply and easily using solar-powered lamps from any garden centre.

Do water features come complete with the pump?

Most do, but you should always double check, especially if buying online!

How do I stop algae growth in the pond?

If your pond is located in a sunny spot this may cause algae growth which will turn the water an unsightly green. There are a number of brands of effective algae treatments which are sold in DIY stores which are suitable for ponds.
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