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Pond & Water Feature Specialists

Creating your own water garden can be a rewarding experience, if you think fish ponds and waterfalls were only for people with huge sprawling gardens that can afford fancy landscape designers, think again! Ponds and water features are available in sizes to suit any garden or budget, offering long term satisfaction and relaxation, accompanied by the refreshing sound of a gentle waterfall. There are too many different options for water gardens to list, but the main types of water feature include Container Water Gardens, Flexible Pond Liners, Pre-formed Pond Liners and Concrete Ponds. Container water gardens are best for small spaces, creating a water feature using ceramic pots, water barrels or even plastic containers.

Flexible Pond Liners are useful for creating a free form pond or stream bed and waterfall to your water garden. Pre-formed garden pond liners are a bit more durable that flexible pond liners offering increased durability but with a corresponding increase in price. Concrete ponds are the most expensive type of pond but create a more durable pond than either flexible or preformed liners. The downside is they are much more difficult to install, normally requiring the services of a professional contractor, plus you need more space and they are much more expensive.

Pond & Water Feature Costs

The choice of water features is huge, everything from a small pond for goldfish, up to a full on cascading waterfall masterpiece! But all such jobs have one feature in common - the area will need to be dug out or prepared for the water feature and the area around it will likely need landscaped or paved. Standard ponds are fairly cheap in terms of materials such as pumps and liners, but the digging out means the labour can be expensive. Your local landscape gardener should have suggestions on the best way to proceed and can provide guidance on pricing, but the average cost of a pond or water feature in the UK ranges from around £400 to £1,500 for labour plus materials.

Choosing a Landscape Gardener to Install your Pond or Water Feature

Landscape gardeners do a fantastic job turning overgrown urban jungles into a little plots of paradise! But when it comes to choosing tradesman to do any job in your home or garden, you can save a lot of time, money and heartache by choosing well and getting the job done right in the first place by a reputable professional.

When hiring a landscape gardener, it is always a good idea to get multiple quotes and check references, if possible review examples of previous work they've done. Use the free quote feature on this website to quickly gather quotes from landscape gardening companies near you by clicking the "post a job" button, it takes just a couple of minutes to have tradesman getting in touch with you to provide quotes and guidance on your project. Membership of a trade or professional organisation is an indicator of reliability, but there are some landscapers who choose not to be members of trade organisations such as the British Association of Landscape Industries and the Association of Professional Landscapers.

So while not being a member does not mean the landscaper cannot be trusted, membership is a step in the right direction, as each member has to undergo vetting/screening process prior to admission, agreeing to codes of conduct and dispute resolution systems. Whether a member of a trade association or not, insist on adequate insurance cover and written quotations detailing the work to be done. When it comes to landscape gardening, experience is the key, so if you're looking for a landscape gardening company that will produce the best pond or water features, then you need a company with years of experience in this specialisation.

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