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A garden shed can be used for various purposes, whether it be storage, hobbies or as an office space or workshop. Of course, the sort of garden shed you’ll need and what must be included can vary depending on what you intend to use it for.

All in all, it’s important that you find a reliable and skilled shed builder if you want to ensure quality construction and a garden shed that is durable and made to last. In this guide, we’ll look at how you can find shed builders near you and what to consider when hiring.

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back garden wooden shed

Understanding Your Shed Requirements

First and foremost, it’s important to consider what your shed requirements are. Along with having an idea of the size of a garden shed you’d like, it’s important to also consider what material you’d prefer, what you intend to use it for and any specific design features.

When it comes to the material used, the most popular choices on the market include wood, metal and plastic. Wooden sheds offer a more rustic and traditional look, although they pose a greater fire risk while also lacking the security of a metallic shed.

Plastic sheds may not be as secure, but they last a long time and are relatively affordable. Along with being secure, metallic sheds generally don’t need a foundation, although they are vulnerable to corrosion and won’t always be everyone’s cup of tea.

All in all, having an idea of what you want from a garden shed construction can help you communicate your needs more effectively when working with a shed builder. That said, if unsure of one or more key aspects of the proposed build, you can always consult with the builder to help figure out these details.

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Utilise MyJobQuote’s Online Directories

You’ll be pleased to know that there are a couple of ways you can use MyJobQuote to find local shed builders, including through our online shed builder directory.

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You can find profiles of various shed builders in your area by exploring this platform. While browning through these profiles, you’ll want to pay attention to key details like custom reviews and the images showcasing these builders’ prior projects. These details can give you a sense of their skill and reliability as well as the quality or style of different shed building contractors near you.

Ultimately, you’ll want to weigh up a range of details so that you can make an informed decision when seeking to hire a local shed builder.

Verifying Qualifications and Experience

It’s important to verify the experience and any potential qualifications when looking to hire a shed builder for a job.

You should note that shed builders do not require qualifications (with experience, skill and online reviews/ratings being a better measure of their quality and craftsmanship), although they can certainly act as added bonuses.

Nonetheless, it’s good to look at details such as their training (if applicable), how long they’ve been in business and any areas they might specialise in, particularly if this is relevant to the garden shed project you have in mind.

Beyond that, you might also want to ask to see a portfolio of prior projects as a means to assess their expertise and skills in shed building. Looking at the portfolios of a range of garden shed builders can help you figure out who might be best suited for the job.

Engagement and Communication

Once you’ve decided which shed builder you’d like to work with, it’s important to maintain clear communication from start to finish to help make the process run as smoothly as possible.

Early on, you’ll want to discuss what exactly you want from a garden shed build, such as the material, size and design. Take this time to figure out any aspects you’re unsure of. Beyond that, talk about cost estimates and a potential project timeline.

timber shed

If the shed builder does not offer a potential schedule that works for you, in terms of how long it might take and when they’ll be available, you can always go back to your second and third preference shed builders to see what sort of timing they can offer. That said, this generally won’t be required.

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Use MyJobQuote's Quote Form

The MyJobQuote quote form is another very useful way of finding shed builders as an alternative to our online shed builder directory.

If you’d prefer, you can use our quote form to provide detailed information for the shed project you have in mind before receiving tailored quotes from a range of local professionals. Our quote form offers a straightforward way of comparing quotes and finding the best match for your specific shed-building project, all from one convenient place.

The steps needed to utilise the MyJobQuote quote form to receive quotes from local shed builders will depend on what type of shed you’d like.

If you want a wooden garden shed built, take the following steps:

  • Click on ‘I need a job doing’
  • Choose ‘Carpentry/Joinery’
  • Select ‘Sheds, Decking & Fencing’
  • Opt for ‘Sheds’
  • Choose ‘Shed Assembly’ (or another option if applicable)
  • Answer whether you’d need a concrete/hard base installed (there is a ‘not sure’ option if you don’t know)
  • Complete the ‘Additional work’ section by selecting any added you work you might need or click on ‘none of the above’ if not applicable
  • Answer what size shed you’d like (i.e. small, medium, large or extra large)
  • Fill out the ‘Tell us about your job section’ and click continue
  • Complete the remaining steps and submit your application

If you’d prefer a plastic or metal garden shed, the following steps apply:

  • Select ‘I need a job doing’
  • Choose ‘Builders’
  • Click on ‘Outbuilding’ or ‘Other’
  • Answer whether you have plans drawn up
  • Complete the ‘Planning permission’ step
  • Answer what size your new building (i.e. shed) will be, such as 10 to 20 square metres *
  • Fill out the ‘Tell us about your job section’ and select continue
  • Complete the final steps before submitting your application

*If you’re not sure, you can always select this option and leave a note in the ‘Tell us about your job’ section that you’re actually unsure as to what size it should be.

Once complete (whether you’re opting for a wooden, plastic or metal garden shed), you’ll soon receive quotes from a range of shed-building services in your area. You’ll want to compare these quotes based on aspects such as pricing, their levels of experience and how suitable they seem for the job.

Seeking Personal Recommendations

Along with using one of the MyJobQuote online tools to find professionals near you, you may want to ask for personal referrals from people in your life, such as friends, family members, neighbours and work colleagues.

building wooden shed

Personal referrals can often lead to trustworthy and competent shed builders. After all, the personal experiences of people you trust can provide insights along with the confidence that you’re getting good recommendations.

Service Terms and Agreements

When looking to hire a garden shed builder, it’s important that you secure a written agreement. This should include details like pricing, payment terms and the scope of the work. These details can set clear expectations for the shed building project.

Beyond that, you’ll want this agreement to include any applicable warranties or guarantees. A warranty or guarantee can safeguard you and the shed builder in case anything goes wrong (e.g. if damage occurs to your property). Thankfully, it’s very unlikely for anything along those lines to occur, but it’s always beneficial to have the peace of mind offered by a warranty/guarantee.

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By undertaking plenty of research and carefully considering who is best suited to the job, you can find a local garden shed builder to introduce a striking and functional shed to your property.

A new garden shed can act as a means of introducing new storage space, creating a garden office or one of many more potential uses. So, begin your search today for a nearby garden shed installer using our online shed builder directory or the MyJobQuote quote form. Each of these platforms offered a convenient way of making an informed choice for a satisfactory shed-building experience.

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