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If you have a garden shed that has suffered some storm or accidental damage or is just deteriorating with age, then you may need to consider a shed repair.

This article will look at shed repair prices as well as repair timeframes depending on the type and extent of the work that needs to be done.

Wooden shed

What is a Shed Repair?

Many issues could arise with your garden shed regarding damage or natural wear and tear over time. The exact nature of the repair will depend on which part of the shed is affected and how much of the structure needs to be mended. Shed repair prices will also vary according to which part of the shed needs to be fixed.

A repair to a shed means that you can potentially remove damaged parts of the shed and replace them with a new installation. This could be as a result of storm damage, such as a tree branch falling on the roof and punching a hole through the roof material.

Garden shed

In this case, it may be possible to replace the roofing area that is damaged, whether this is felt, timber or tiles, using a shed roof repair kit. If the shed is severely damaged, the whole roof may need to be removed and replaced.

Reasons for a Repair

Often the need for a shed roof repair is a lack of regular and proper maintenance, which can cause deterioration and eventual failure of the roof. Water ingress due to poorly maintained roofing materials can cause rot in the roof substructure, and the extent of this will determine whether the shed can be repaired or replaced.

Water penetration will also affect the shed's floor, which can cause parts of it to develop holes or collapse. A repair could be just replacing a floorboard or two or may require a new floor to be installed.

Damage to shed walls can happen if shelves are attached and loaded too heavily or can be caused by impact from gardening equipment. According to the type of damage, it may be possible to do a patch repair, but this can be tricky, especially with a tongue and groove shed repair as all the boards are interlinked. For wooden sheds, a shed repair timber patch may be all you need.

If your shed is in generally good condition and has sustained some damage, it will be cheaper to do a repair than to consider a replacement. Of course, this depends on your budget, but it is generally cheaper to fix a shed than replace it.

Most garden sheds are used to store gardening equipment, outdoor furniture, tools, and bicycles. These are typically high priced items, and you will want to ensure that they are not damaged or affected by the elements.

So, if your shed needs a repair, it is not just the structure itself that you are preserving but also the items that you are storing in it.

Types of Shed Repairs

Sheds are constructed from various types of material such as timber, metal, or composite materials. Each has its own merits and weaknesses, but if you have damage or sustained wear and tear on your shed, you will need to consider a repair.

Depending on which part of the shed needs to be repaired and what material it is made from, the shed repair cost will vary.

Shed Roof Repairs

The most commonly used material for a shed roof is still felt and this can last a long time, up to 10 years, if applied properly and well maintained. However, a small issue in a felt roof can quickly become a major repair if not dealt with promptly. A shed roof leak repair can save the roof and the contents and structure of the shed.

Depending on the type of material that covers your shed roof, the issues that affect them will be different. Felt roofs often fail where the felt overlaps or along the roof's ridgeline as this is commonly where water will infiltrate.

Roofing felt can also become brittle over time and crack. This also allows water to get underneath the felt and will cause the roof panels to rot. Most felt roofs can be patch repaired. Shingles are equally easy to remove and replace if necessary as they are laid as separate panels.

Metal roofs can deteriorate, particularly around the point of fixings where they are vulnerable to water damage. However, they are quite easy to replace and only need to be unscrewed, and a new panel fitted in its place. Similarly, if your shed roof is tiled, it should be relatively straightforward to remove a damaged tile and replace it with a new one.

Shed roof repair

GRP (glass reinforced plastic) and EPDM rubber roofs should be very hardwearing, but even these roofing materials can be damaged by impact, such as falling branches. This type of shed roof repair is best carried out by a professional as it is not a straightforward job.

The advantages of repairing a shed roof include extending the shed's lifespan, keeping the items stored there safe and dry and saving money by not replacing the entire shed. However, be aware that although you have repaired the roof, there will still be a weakness around the repair, and it should be monitored regularly for effectiveness.

Also, bear in mind that the rest of the shed will be ageing at a similar rate to the roof, and while you have invested in a repair, it will not necessarily prevent the degradation of other parts of your shed.

The average cost of a shed roof repair is £2-£15 per square metre, depending on the type of material on the roof. A shed roof felt repair is the cheapest at around £2 per square metre, while EPDM rubber or GRP is much more expensive at around £15 per square metre for a DIY repair. Shed repair timber will vary in cost, but OSB sheets normally cost around £15-£20 each.

Shed Floor Repairs

Damage to a shed floor can be dangerous and should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent accident or injury.

A wooden shed floor can normally be repaired using replacement flooring and can be done as a DIY task. It will be necessary to empty the shed of its contents so that you can get unrestricted access to the floor.

The damaged parts of the floor should be removed with a nail bar and disposed of safely. The new floorboards can then be fitted as long as the shed floor joists are in good condition.

Some shed floors will be sheets of OSB (oriented strand board) which is a very strong material. If it does get wet, it will rot, and the entire sheet will need to be replaced.

Repairing your shed floor will make it safer to use and work in, while also strengthening the overall structure. It should similarly extend the life of your shed.

You will, however, need to empty the entire contents of your shed while you are repairing the floor. Also, remember that a shed is a temporary structure and has a finite life, so keep to a budget when repairing the floor and don't be tempted to lay overly expensive flooring.

The price of repairing a shed floor will depend on the size of the area to be repaired and the material you need to replace. A typical shed floor is normally made from plywood or OSB, and the price of these materials is around £15-£20 for an 8' x 4' sheet.

Shed Wall Repairs

A tongue and groove shed repair can be tricky as all the boards are locked into each other. In theory, this means that you would have to take off the roof to remove the boards above the damaged one to reach the damaged board.

It is usually possible to either cut out the affected board or remove the side trim pieces and sliding the broken board out. This last method can be difficult if the timber has expanded, and it may be necessary to use a piece of wood and a hammer to tap it out.

If the wall is not constructed from tongue and groove but overlapped timber boards, repairs are normally straightforward. The damaged board can be pried off with a nail bar, and a new board nailed or screwed into place.

Metal shed walls usually come in panels, and if one is damaged, it should be an uncomplicated task to unscrew the fixings, remove the damaged piece and replace it with a new one. Rust on a metal shed wall can be rubbed down and painted with rust-proof paint.

Repairing a shed wall is necessary to keep the shed dry and secure and protect the contents from damage, damp, or theft. It is also more comfortable working in a completely weatherproof shed - free from draughts or damp.

If you need to repair the walls of your shed, it is worth calculating the cost depending on the extent of the damage and comparing this to installing a replacement shed.

Typically, a couple of overlap or tongue and groove boards is not an expensive repair, but if the whole wall needs to be repaired, you should weigh up the benefits of a garden shed repair against a new shed.

A tongue and groove shed repair for a wall will depend on how many boards need to be replaced, but the average cost of a length will be between £5-£20.

Shed Window & Door Repairs

A broken shed window can be repaired by removing the beading of the window, taking out the broken glass pane and fitting a new one. The beading can then be replaced to hold the glass in place.

For windows held in place with putty, this will need to be removed to allow the broken glass to be taken out and the new window installed. Fresh putty should then be applied to hold the new window securely.

If the window is not glass but acrylic or plastic, then a new piece can be cut to size and fitted to replace the broken section.

A shed door repair could involve damage to the door itself or the hinges or lock. Hinges can become damaged through rust or by being too small for the door they are holding. It is an easy enough job to remove the hinges with a screwdriver and replace them.

Shed door repair

To keep your shed weathertight and secure, the windows and doors should be in good condition, so if they need to be repaired, this is a worthwhile investment, particularly if you store garden equipment or tools in your shed.

A window repair means that the shed is protected against the elements while allowing enough natural light into the shed to allow you to work safely.

Replacing glass in a shed window is a bit tricky, especially if it is fitted with putty. Glazing beads are a little easier to deal with, and the glass can be sealed with silicone to make it waterproof.

If you needed to replace a shed door, it will potentially cost between £40-£50, while a new shed window may cost £15-£25 depending on whether it is glass or Perspex.

Shed Security Repairs

If you have been unfortunate enough to have had your shed broken into and the lock is damaged, you will need to repair or replace it depending on the extent of the damage. Make sure that the area of the door that the new lock is being attached to is sufficiently strong and undamaged.

A typical error when fitting a hasp and staple to a shed door is to fit it with the fixings exposed. The plate of the hasp should always covered the screws attaching it to the door. Otherwise, it can simply be unscrewed to gain access to the shed.

The advantages of a good quality security repair are that you are keeping the contents of your shed safe, there is less chance of an opportunistic crime or damage to the shed by attempted break-ins.

The price of keeping your shed secure will depend on the type of fastener and lock that you used, but the average cost will be between £5-£25.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Repairing a Garden Shed?

If your shed has been affected by age and wear and tear over time or has been damaged by bad weather, you may have to think about repairs. This will probably be weighed against the benefit of replacing the shed with a new one.


Where possible retaining existing garden buildings is a positive contribution to reducing waste. If possible, a shed should be salvaged through repair rather than disposing of it and starting again.

While timber sheds will decompose and rot, metal and plastic sheds will not, so if these types of shed can be repaired it is better for the environment.

Often the shed repair cost is low compared to the expense of buying a new shed. Some people may not be very confident in doing even small repairs.

Timber shed

Still, it is worth giving it a go as it will offer the satisfaction of preserving something rather than simply throwing it away and buying another one. And you will save money which is always a good incentive.

A garden shed repair will not only preserve the building itself but will retain a place to store your garden equipment, outdoor furniture, bikes, or tools.

So shed repair prices should be considered in light of the value of the shed as a safe and secure place to store many of your possessions.


The type and extent of the damage will determine whether to carry out a garden shed repair. For example, if the roof of your shed is showing signs of sagging, then it is probably due to water getting into the structure.

While the rest of the shed may not be obviously affected, there may be unseen damage to the walls or floor from the water ingress. You may pay for part of the shed to be repaired only for something else to fail soon after.

Corrugated metal shed

When you begin a repair on your shed, it may become apparent that there are more issues than you first assumed. Removing roofing felt may reveal damaged, or deteriorating rafters, or lifting damaged floorboards may expose rotting floor joists that will need to be replaced.

At this point, you will need to decide whether to replace just the parts that need repair or the whole shed.

How Much Do Shed Repairs Cost?

The shed repair cost will depend on the part of the shed that needs to be fixed and the extent of the repair.

If the roof of your shed needs to be fixed, then this can cost £2-£3 per square metre for a patch repair to the felt or could cost £20-£30 to replace the felt for a whole new roof. For tiled roofs, this will be priced up to £30-£40 per square metre depending on the type of roof tile.

To lay a new floor in your shed will typically only cost the price of a sheet or two of OSB, with the average cost being £15-£25 per 8' x 4' board according to the thickness.

Two men repairing shed

A broken window repair cost will vary depending on whether you have glass or acrylic in the window. For a typical thickness of 4mm, polycarbonate costs on average £20-£25 per square metre while glass costs around £25-£30 per square metre.

New bolts for your shed door will cost between £2-£20 depending on your budget and the quality of the fitting. Hasp and staples can cost between £2-£25 according to the quality of the metal they are constructed from.

If your wooden shed has suffered damage because it has not been properly treated, a good quality wood treatment should be applied after a repair. A 5-litre container will cost on average £25-£30, but this will depend on the type and brand of the wood treatment. The average cost of staining a shed is around £70-£150.

How to Repair a Shed

There are various types of sheds available in a choice of materials, from traditional wood to metal or plastic. Wooden sheds are perhaps the most popular but also the most likely to need repair due to age or damage.

Perhaps the most common is a shed roof leak repair. This typically happens when the shed roof covering has either deteriorated over time and failed or has suffered damage from a storm or falling branches.

Shed repairs cost more according to the extent of the damage and the material that needs to be repaired or replaced. A shed roof felt repair is typical and normally can be done in a matter of hours.

  • First, the damaged felt is removed, and the timber underneath checked to make sure it is sound. The felt can normally be peeled off and nails removed with a claw hammer.
  • If the roof covering is a bitumen felt, then the removal process is more labour-intensive. Most people use a flat spade to lift bitumen felt off, but this can also be done with a scraper or similar tool.
  • You will need to measure the area that needs to be repaired and cut the new piece of felt accordingly, making sure you leave enough room for overlap to prevent water ingress. The felt can normally be cut with a sharp builder's knife.
  • The repair piece can now be nailed into place using galvanised clout nails, or if it is bitumen felt, it can be torched on.

A shed roof repair is well within the remit of most DIY enthusiasts as it is neither a difficult nor time-consuming job. If you are using a ladder, however, you should have someone with you to hold it steady.

By doing the work yourself, you will save the cost of hiring someone to do it for you. The average cost of hiring a handyman or general builder to do a shed repair will depend on the size of the repair and the type of roofing.

Damaged shed

On average, you will save £80-£150 by doing the work yourself, depending on where in the country you live.

Of course, any DIY work comes with risk, and you should always work carefully and systematically to avoid any injury. Safety clothing such as gloves, safety boots, dust mask and goggles are advisable when handling or cutting materials.

If you replace a shed roof by yourself, care should be taken with any kind of power tool and with working at height to reduce the risk of falls.

How Long Does It Take to Repair a Shed?

The length of time it takes to repair a shed will depend on which part of the shed needs repair, the type of material needed for the repair, and the shed's size. A small cosmetic repair such as peeling paint will take a couple of hours, whereas a structural repair such as a hole in the roof may take a day or two.


To repair shed roofs, you normally need to remove the old, damaged roof covering to assess the underlying structure. If the board material or roof rafters are also affected and need to be repaired or replaced, this will add to the overall timeframe for the shed repair.

A small shed roof leak repair can be done in a couple of hours with the help of a shed roof repair kit.

This normally consists of a few felt patches and a tube of felt adhesive. If you need to repair shed roof materials other than felt, this will depend on the material such as metal, clay roof tiles or shingles. On average, however, the repair should take no more than a day.

For a floor, the shed repair timber will depend on what the floor is made from. You may be able to lay a small piece of plywood, OSB or moisture resistant chipboard as a patch repair. This should take you half a day, or it may be necessary to remove the whole floor and lay a new one which will take a day or two.

A metal shed can develop rust patches if it is not well maintained, but these repairs are relatively straightforward. The affected area can be rubbed down with fine grain sandpaper, which removes the rust. It should then be cleaned and any debris removed.

Man repairing a shed

Finally, you should paint the area with an appropriate treatment and protective paint. This whole process should take no more than a couple of hours, although you may need to leave time for the treatment to dry between applications.

Repairs to shed doors and windows will typically take a couple of hours, but this will depend on the type of repair needed and the material that they are made from. As the majority of sheds are wooden a typical shed door repair will involve fixing part of the structure of the door or the fixings such as hinges or bolts.

A window shed repairs cost depends on the material they are made from, e.g., polycarbonate or glass. The same is true for the amount of time that a repair will take.

For example, replacing an acrylic window panel is much quicker than re-fitting a glazed window which is held in place with putty. An acrylic panel can be fitted in less than twenty to thirty minutes, whereas a newly fitted glass window can take a couple of hours.

Building Regulations or Planning Permission Approval for Shed Repairs

Building Regulations typically only apply when you are first building a shed or new outbuilding in your garden. The same is true for planning permission.

So as long as you are only carrying out repairs, i.e., fixing damage, replacing materials in a like for like fashion, then you don't need to follow Building Regulations or apply for Planning Permission.

Green shed

These would only apply if you were altering the shed's structure, making it larger or moving it closer to the boundary.

If you are in any doubt about the work you want to carry out on your shed, you can contact your local authority's planning department or visit the Planning Portal.

As you will not need Building Regulations or Planning Permission to repair your garden shed, there are no fees to be paid to the local council.

How to Clean and Maintain a Shed

To increase the life of your shed, it is a good idea to regularly clean and maintain it both inside and out. By carrying out routine cleaning, you should spot any potential issues that can be dealt with before they become problems.

A good maintenance schedule should similarly highlight any defects or damage so that they can be dealt with before they develop into larger repair projects.

Having a regular clear out in your shed will make it a more useful storage or work space and allow you to spot any signs of damage or damp that may be hidden by tools, garden equipment or furniture. Allowing good air circulation inside the shed is also a good way of deterring damp and its associated issues.

Painting a shed

Keeping the floor space clean and clear of any unnecessary objects will stop condensation building up underneath them and rotting wooden floors.

It is not a good idea to fit shelves to the side of sheds because it is very easy to overload them and cause damage to the shed walls. Monthly visual inspections of the roof are a good way of spotting any slight damage that may otherwise go unnoticed and spread.

Shed maintenance will vary according to the material that the shed is constructed from. A metal shed can be washed down occasionally but be cautious with power washers which can cause damage if too powerful. It is not recommended to wash a wooden shed, but a plastic shed can be hosed down intermittently.

Wooden sheds should be regularly painted or sealed with an appropriate product to protect them against the weather and insects. Metal sheds can be painted with specialised paint to preserve and protect them.

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Shed Repair Specialist

If you are not confident about carrying out your shed repair yourself or just too busy, you will need to hire someone to do the work for you. So, what should you look for in a shed repair specialist?

Try to find someone through recommendation and, if possible, ask to see some of their previous work. Most professionals are able and happy to provide references from previous clients, so don't be afraid to ask for them. If references or recommendations are not readily available, then you may want to look elsewhere.

Anyone working in and around your property should have adequate and appropriate insurance for any planned work, so make sure you ask for proof of this and do not hire anyone that is not insured.

Someone may have experience of wooden shed repairs but not of metal or plastic sheds, so make sure before you hire anyone that you check they have relevant experience of the particular job you want doing.


Can you repair shed roof felt?

It is possible to repair shed roof felt, and you can even buy shed roof felt repair kits. These typically come with a few patches of felt and a tube of felt adhesive so that the repair can be done as a DIY project. Other shed roof repair kits are available, including EPDM rubber as well as shed roof repair paint.

How much does it cost to install a shed?

The average cost of installing a shed is between £700-£1,100 depending on the size and the area of the country you live in.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a shed?

This will depend on the extent of the repair and the cost of materials and labour to carry it out. If the repair is small or the result of a fallen branch on the roof, then chances are it will be worth your while to repair your shed rather than scrap the whole building.

If the damage is extensive and the shed shows signs of deterioration due to age, it may be more cost-effective to replace the whole thing.

What materials can I put on my shed roof?

The most common shed roof material is felt, and the majority of older sheds will be covered with this material. However, there are metal sheds and plastic sheds that will have these materials on the roof.

Some wooden sheds are tiled or covered in EPDM rubber or GRP (glass reinforced plastic). So, there are lots of materials that you can put on your shed roof. The choice is just down to budget and personal taste.

Can you repair a plastic shed?

While plastic sheds are robust and hardwearing, they can be prone to becoming brittle when exposed to sunlight for a long time.

If your plastic shed does crack, it may be possible to use an epoxy glue to repair it. This will doubtless be a temporary repair, and eventually, you will probably need to replace the shed.

By not overloading the shed and carrying out regular maintenance, you will reduce the risk of a plastic shed cracking.


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