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By Melissa
Last updated 13th February 2024 - Reading time: 7 mins

There is currently a growing interest in resin driveways, and it’s no wonder, considering how durable and permeable they are, along with their ease of maintenance, aesthetic value, and capacity to resist weeds and limit the risk of slips/falls. Resin drives are known for being eco-friendly and relatively simple for driveway services to install, too!

All that said, it’s important that you find the right local tradesperson or resin driveway company for the task to ensure the best possible outcome. In this guide, we’ll explain how to undertake the right research and criteria to consider when weighing up several options.

Let’s dive in!

resin driveway

Understanding Resin Driveway Requirements

To start with, you’ll want to ensure you have a clear grasp of your resin drive requirements. This may include the size of the driveway and what type and colour of resin you’d like to have added. Beyond that, you may have additional design preferences (e.g. an inlaid house number).

Whatever the case, knowing as much as you can about your needs and preferences in advance can help speed up the process of having a resin drive installed. Of course, if there are any aspects you’re unsure of, you can always consult with the resin driveway installers you choose to work with.

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Utilising MyJobQuote’s Online Directories

There are a couple of ways you can use MyJobQuote to find resin drive installers in your area, including our online resin driveway directory.

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This directory can help you find skilled tradespeople who specialise in resin driveways near you. It’s a good idea to check out the profiles of resin installers near you when accessing the directory and details such as ratings, reviews and profiles of their prior projects to get a sense of the quality of their work.

Considering information such as that mentioned above can help you make an informed choice when weighing up your options.

Verifying Tradesperson Qualifications

It’s also important to verify the experience and any qualifications of the tradespeople you have in mind.

That said, you should note that driveway fitters do not need qualifications to complete this work, although qualifications are still an added bonus. All in all, experience, reliability, skill and prior work are some of the best ways to gauge how effective a given resin drive installation service is.

You may, of course, want to request examples of their previous work if it is not already available online, along with reading reviews from their former clients to help determine the reliability and craftsmanship of the resin driveway contractors/companies in question.

Engagement and Communication

Being engaged from the get-go and ensuring clear communication with the tradespeople and companies you’re looking into are key to having the best possible outcome.

You’ll want to discuss any specific requirements you have or potential challenges that might apply (e.g. a sloped surface). Beyond that, ensure that the services you’re considering understand your vision for the project.

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Open dialogue is important throughout the process (i.e. raising any concerns or discussing any changes to the initial plan) to help enable a sufficiently smooth outcome. You’ll also want to raise any important questions or concerns you have during the resin drive installation process, although it’s best to do so at suitable times so you don’t distract the installers during the work unless, of course, it is urgent.

Finally, after you’ve eventually chosen who to hire, you’ll also want to have a chat about the potential timeline and schedule. If they do not offer the right timing for you, you’ll want to return to your second and third preferences and see what timing they can offer, although generally, this shouldn’t be necessary.

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Utilising MyJobQuote’s Quote Form

While you may wish to use our online resin driveway directory to find local resin driveway installers, it’s also possible to utilise our online quote form to find the right person for the job.

By specifying the details of the work needed, you can receive tailored quotes from a range of skilled professionals in your area. As a result, the MyJobQuote quote form offers you the simplicity of comparing quotes and finding the right tradesperson to install a resin drive in one convenient place.

In order to use the MyJobQuote quote form to receive resin drive quotes, take the following steps:

  • Select ‘I need a job doing’
  • Click on ‘None of the above’
  • Opt for ‘Driveway Specialists’
  • Then choose the ‘Resin’ option
  • Choose what type of job you need to do (i.e., new/replacement driveway, repair work or other work)
  • If looking for a new or replacement driveway, you’ll then need to choose one of three options for the size of the resin drive needed, namely 15-25 square metres, 25-50 square metres and 50+ square metres
  • Again, if seeking a new or replacement drive, you’ll then need to answer whether you need an old drive removed first (if you don’t know, select ‘not sure’)
  • Fill out a description of the job required in the ‘Tell us about your job’ section
  • Once you’ve completed step 8, simply hit ‘continue’
  • Complete the remaining steps and submit your application

Soon enough, you’ll receive quotes from various resin drive contractors/companies near you. When comparing quotes, along with considering the pricing, you’ll want to think about who might be most suited to the job.

You could also ask for examples of their prior work to gauge their experience levels and quality of work. All in all, making an informed decision can help lead to the best possible end results.

Seeking Personal Recommendations

Along with using MyJobQuote’s tools to find resin driveway installers, you might want to ask people in your life for their own recommendations if they’ve had a resin drive installed by professionals in the past (e.g. friends, family members, neighbours or/and work colleagues).

resin driveway

One of the big upsides of this is that personal experiences can often result in finding reliable and proficient tradespeople.

Service Terms and Agreements

Lastly, before officially hiring your preferred resin driveway service, it’s important to secure a written service agreement. This agreement should outline key aspects, including pricing, payment terms, the scope of the work and any applicable guarantees or warranties.

Guarantees or warranties can be very helpful as they can protect both you and the tradesperson should anything go wrong during the installation (e.g. damage to your property), although thankfully, such incidents are indeed rare.

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All in all, undertaking sufficient research and carefully considering who to hire for a resin driveway project can result in a gorgeous and functional new resin drive being added to your property.

With an informed mindset and by taking the general steps discussed in this article, you can give the front of your property a totally new lease on life. So, why not get started today? Use our online resin driveway directory or online quote form to find resin drive installers near you!

Last updated by MyJobQuote on 13th February 2024.
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