New Roof Grants in the UK 2024

With a rapidly changing climate, energy-efficient and durable roof solutions are critical. Luckily, several funding options can help homeowners get a brand-new roof or repair/upgrade their current roof.

This article will explore the various grants available to homeowners in the United Kingdom. We will also go over the eligibility criteria and the potential benefits these grants can provide homeowners nationwide.

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Understanding the Roofing Challenge

It's very important to have a well-maintained roof for many reasons. If you don't look after your roof, you could see some serious issues which could be costly to fix and may even affect the structural integrity of your home.

Things like cracked or missing roof tiles could lead to leaks, resulting in water damage to your property. Moss and mould may indicate that your roof is rotting and could be at risk of collapsing. Holes in the roof can affect your energy bills, make your home feel colder, and could cause water damage.

There are several minor issues that can arise with a home's roof. As long as these are dealt with quickly, this will prevent much bigger issues down the line.

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Climate change plays a big role in the reasons why you should have a well-maintained roof. We are now seeing more extreme weather conditions. Things like strong winds, heavy rain, ice, and snow can all affect your roof and may cause damage.

Unfortunately, roofing issues can be quite costly to fix. With the cost of living crisis, this can be a huge burden on the homeowner and may cause struggles. Depending on what the problem is, roof repairs can go into the thousands.

Government Initiatives

There are several grants available for roofing costs. Before funding is provided, your roof must be inspected by a roof installer. Below is an overview of the government roofing grants that may be available to you.

Grants For a New Roof

If your roof is below the living standards or if the occupants of the home are at risk, you may be eligible for a new roof grant. You can apply for a Home Repair Assistance Grant. However, this is discretionary, so you may be turned down.

If you're wondering how to apply for a roof grant, it's best to know if you're eligible first. In order to apply, you will need to fall into one of the following categories:

  • You must be 18 or over and receive at least one of the following benefits: Income Support, Income-based Based Jobseekers Allowance, Housing Benefit, Working Tax Credits, or Pension Credit.
  • You must be 18 or over and have a disability or illness that means you are in receipt of Disability Living Allowance, Long Term Incapacity Allowance, or the Attendance Allowance.
  • Or, you must be aged 60 or over.

If you meet any of these criteria, you may be eligible for a one of the government grants for roofing and the funds will be used to replace or repair your roof. If the cost of the work exceeds the grant, you can pay the difference if you are able to do so.

Roofing grant claims are limited to £5000 over three years, so it can act as a great help towards the costs.

Flat Roof Funding

When it comes to flat roof funding, you will only be given a finite amount of money as the funding is limited. If the funding you are provided with is not enough to install a new pitch roof, or if a refurbishment of the current roof is not possible, the funding could be used for the installation of a flat roof instead.

building new flat roof

Flat roofs are usually cheaper to install, maintain, and repair, and they can also be built much faster. Funding for this is managed by the National Housing Association. As soon as the work is completed to their standards, you will receive a payout for the grant.

Green Roof Funding

Eco Green Roof Funding was created due to the need to make our homes greener and more efficient. The government is committed to reducing the total amount of greenhouse gasses produced in the UK by 80% by the year 2050. So, the government needs help from the general public to achieve this.

This means that any roof that is not energy-efficient or is leaking heat into the atmosphere may be eligible for funding to help make it greener.

This is where the Green Roof Funding scheme, also known as The Green Deal, comes in. This will allow you to apply for a grant from the government to make energy-saving improvements to your home, such as upgrading an old or leaky roof.

Another green option is also available, which involves covering your roof with vegetation over a waterproof membrane. This helps to keep the property insulated in the winter and cooler in the summer and also traps harmful gasses from being leaked into the atmosphere.

Funding for a green roof is not currently available from the government. However, you could apply to have funds for financing a habitat introduction or an urban agriculture grant, and this can be used to build a green roof.

Eligibility and Application Process

Claiming government funding for roof repairs or a new roof is possible. However, it's not always given. In many cases, you can get funding for repairs, but it is much rarer to receive funding for an entire roof replacement.

Before a grant is given, a local roofing contractor will usually inspect the roof and provide a quote highlighting how much the work is likely to cost.

new roof construction

Most of the time, you will need to fit into a specific category to be eligible for the grants. You will need to be aged over 18 to receive a grant. Those over 60 may be eligible. Plus, anyone who receives certain benefits or disability allowances as outlined in the grant terms may be eligible.

The first point of call would be to get in touch with your local council to discuss the options. From there, a local roofer will come to inspect the problems and provide a quote for the work.

Private Programs and Non-Profit Organisations

Home improvement agencies are non-profit organisations run by local housing associations, charities, and local authorities. These can help people who live in privately rented accommodation, own their home, or who are disabled, elderly, or low on income to carry out repairs.

Home improvement agencies could do any of the following:

  • Help you get funding for repairs and replacements on your home.
  • Arrange for repairs to be carried out on your home.
  • Provide advice on issues which may affect your living conditions.
  • Install security measures on your home.
  • Organise small aids and adaptations to help you live independently in your home.

You can find out more about organisations near you here.

Benefits of New Roof Grants

Roof grants are brilliant to look into. If you meet the criteria and you are eligible, you could save yourself a lot of money on roof repairs or replacements. Local roofing companies should be able to give you a quote on your roofing costs and will likely be able to work within your budget.

The more energy-efficient you can make your roof, the better it will be in the long term. So, a roofing grant can be very beneficial to you. With a new roof or a greener roof, you will see a fall in your energy bills, and your house will feel much warmer.

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A decent roof can also help to improve the health of the people living within the property. A new roof is also much better for the environment.

Additionally, roofing grants can help the homeowner to increase the value of their home quite significantly and can also play a part in reducing future roof maintenance costs.

Future Trends in Roofing

Future roofing is all about going green. Green roofs can help the homeowner and the environment. We are likely to see a big shift towards more green roofs in the UK as the government is cracking down on greenhouse gas emissions.

Metal roofs are also making a comeback. The global metal roof market is expected to grow by 3.5% by 2030. This renewed interest in metal roofs is mostly due to the improvements and innovations in the metal roofing industry. Metal roofs can be long-lasting, weather-resistant, stylish, and can reduce noise pollution.

Flat roofs are also set to be big in the future. Flat roofs tend to be durable, easier to construct, and cheaper to build. Plus, they're great for placing a rooftop garden or mounting solar panels. Solar panels are also set to play a big part in the roofing industry over the coming years.

How Much is a New Roof?

This depends on the type of roof you need and whether you need a completely new roof or a partly new roof.

For more information on new roof costs, check out the cost guides below:

There are several grants and funding options available to people who are in need of a new roof or roof repairs. If you believe you may be eligible or if you simply want to find out more about the grants that are in place, get in touch with your local council.


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