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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating Installation

Underfloor heating is a great option to consider for heating. This form of thermal heating is not only more efficient than traditional floor board or wall units, it is also easier to maintain. As it is going to operate through water heating, below your flooring, the heat is going to rise from floor up. This is not only going to help heat your home up faster, but it is also going to result in lower heating bills each month. And, it is far more efficient, and easier to maintain, so you will not incur as many costs to do general routine maintenance work, when it is needed on the heating system.

What is underfloor heating

As the name implies, this type of heating is going to radiate from below the flooring in your home. It is connected with your water heater system, and relies on the insulation below the flooring in your home, to radiate and maintain warmer temperatures. You can install connected, or disconnected heating elements (costs will vary); and, in some homes, additional insulation work might have to be completed, prior to installing the heating elements and system, so this is something homeowners have to be aware of prior to hiring an installer, to understand the final costs of installation.

Why is this form of heating superior

Simply coming from below your feet, rather than above head, is going to eliminate the wind, and transfer rates of heating. So, there is no lost heat; all heat is retained in the flooring, and as it is not going to go through the air to infiltrate the home, it is going to operate more efficiently. This is in turn going to mean your home will feel warmer when it is cold out, and it is also going to mean that you will begin seeing lower energy bills each month, especially if you do use the heating system regularly in the home.

Why upgrade?

If you are still using floorboard heating or a furnace which is older than you are, then it is well worth investing in a more energy efficient system. It is going to save you monthly on your energy bills. It is also going to mean more efficient airflow and heating. And, if you plan on selling your home in the near future, this is a great way to increase the resale value of the home a great deal, as buyers today are looking for these types of upgrades in properties they are considering purchasing.

Electric system costs

You can expect to pay £75 per sq. metre for pre-fitted mats which will be installed below your flooring. For loose fitting mats, you can pay anywhere between £100-£125 per sq. metre. Depending on the size of the home, the prices are obviously going to differ from home to home. In some older homes, the insulation might not be intact, or it may be dated; if this is the case, then installing new insulation is also required prior to installing your new heating elements. This can increase costs by £200-£500 easily; again, depending on the contractor or electrician hired, the costs they are going to charge for labour, and for materials is going to vary.

This is why homeowners who are considering this upgrade, will be best served by comparing several companies prior to hiring one. In addition to hiring the most qualified teams to install their new underfloor heating, they will also find more affordable pricing when the time comes to hire a local company for these services.

There are several contractors and electricians which provide installation of underfloor heating; some specialize in pre-fitted and some with loose fit mats. Some have several years of experience while other companies are new to this type of service. As a homeowner, you want to hire the most qualified, but you also want to find affordable pricing when installing new underfloor heating. With you can accomplish just that. On the site, you will find licensed specialists, and they will contact you directly. You will receive a fully written quote bid, and you can choose the companies you feel are best qualified, to install the new heating system in your home.

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