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Paint Effects & Mural Specialists

Paint can be used not only decorate surfaces, but to protect them. Today you have a wide range of interior and exterior paints and finishes to let your imagination to run riot. Whatever colours and effects you choose, the basic rule rule of thumb is that light colours make a room feel larger and dark colours will make a room feel smaller. Most people when choosing a colour scheme will use either monochromatic (different shades of the same colour), contrasting schemes using two or more very different colours, or harmonious colour schemes where similar colours and contrasting colours are balanced together creating a unique style.

There are many different types of paint available to suit the area to be painted and the kind of conditions to be expected. Obviously outdoor areas will need to be painted with a paint that can handle the harsh weather conditions. Interior paints need to be suitable for their purpose, using paint that can stand up to moisture in areas like bathrooms and other wet areas. In areas with heavy pet or child traffic, a wash and wear paint may be a good option. Typical paint effects today include metallic, ragging, sponging, pastel, suede, marbling, rag rolling, dragging, crackling, stencilling, stainless steel, lime washes, pearl, colour washing, and rusted iron.

But there are many others, in fact there are so many that you may need a professional decorator to help you choose the right look for your home. Many painting and decorating companies will offer a consultancy service, or you may choose the services of a professional interior designer. Murals are becoming poplar again as home projects for both indoor and outdoor areas, however, unless you have some serious artistic talent, this is a job best left to professionals!

Choosing a Painter and Decorator

A good painter and decorator can make your house fantastic, but if you are looking for a painter and decorator for the first time then you have to choose carefully. A bad decorator can bodge the job and you then have to get the work re-done professionally, which is costly, time consuming and stressful. When choosing your painter and decorator try asking your friends and family if they have used someone before, look at their previous work and see if the quality is what you would expect.

Remember that painters and decorators tend to specialise in particular areas, if you are looking at getting some special paint effects or maybe a stunning original mural design, there is no point hiring a painter that does mostly exterior whitewashing! Although you should always get several quotes for your painting work, don't base your decision purely on price. More often than not the cheaper you pay then the cheaper quality job you will get. Preparation is the key to all good painting work and this is time consuming and costly, cheaper prices could mean less preparation and a sub standard job that won't last.

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