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  • How to Replace a uPVC Window

    If you're installing new upvc windows or replacing old upvc windows with newer ones, this guide will show you everything you need to know including the tools you'll need and step by step instructions.

    How to replace a upvc window

    What Tools Do I Need to Replace a uPVC Window?

    Below is a list of tools you will need for replacing a uPVC window:

    • Stanley scraper knife

    What Safety Equipment Do I Need to Replace a uPVC Window?

    You don't need any specific safety equipment when replacing a uPVC window. However, it is recommended that you have someone on hand who can help you remove the glass and lift the new glass into place – especially on larger windows.

    What Materials Do I Need to Remove and Replace a uPVC Window?

    The list below highlights the materials that you will need for a uPVC window installation:

    • New windows
    • Beading
    • Spacers

    How to Prepare for a uPVC Window Replacement

    To prepare for a uPVC window replacement, ensure that you have new windows ready to put in. These must be measured correctly, so ensure you assess your old windows first before ordering new ones. You should also try to ensure that you have someone on hand to help you lift the old glass out and fix the new glass in place.

    How to Replace a uPVC Window Yourself

    The step-by-step guide below will guide you through the process of a uPVC window removal and a uPVC window installation:

    Step 1

    Insert your scraper Stanley knife in the gap between the frame and the beading.

    how to replace upvc windows step 1

    Step 2

    Push the scraper and pry the beading away from the frame. Continue this all the way down the frame until you can pull the beading out by hand.

    how to replace upvc windows step 2

    Step 3

    Remember where the beading goes and put it on the floor in the direction that you took it off so that you know which way they go back in again.

    how to replace upvc windows step 3

    Step 4

    Continue this step for the other sides and then do the same at the bottom. Leave the top bead for now as this will be holding the glass in place for you.

    how to replace upvc windows step 4

    Step 5

    You should then be able to push the glass out easily at the bottom and pull it out completely.

    how to replace upvc windows step 5

    Step 6

    When you come to fit your new glass, ensure that the spacers are still in place as they were when you removed the old glass.

    how to replace upvc windows step 6

    Step 7

    To fit the new glass, slide it into position in the opposite direction you did when you removed the old glass. It should fit neatly into place as long as you have got the measurements right.

    how to replace upvc windows step 7

    Step 8

    You will then need to re-fit the beading around all of the edges carefully and push them fully into place.

    how to replace upvc windows step 8


    How do you clean uPVC windows?

    Below is a list of tips on how to best clean your uPVC windows:

    • Open up the window and remove any built-up dirt in all of the alcoves
    • Use a bucket of warm soapy water and a soft cloth to clean the dirty windows
    • Remove any excess water and dry the windows off using a clean cloth
    Can you replace the glass in a uPVC window?
    It is possible to replace the glass in a uPVC window. You can usually save money by replacing just the glass and not the whole window.
    What is a uPVC window sill?
    The uPVC window sill runs underneath the window frame and acts to deflect rainwater away from the brickwork underneath the window.
    Can you get different coloured uPVC windows?
    Yes, you can. While uPVC windows are usually white, you can get different colours to suit your taste and fit in with your home's aesthetic.
    Can you paint uPVC window frames?
    You can; however, it is not recommended. The paint will usually not look great on uPVC and will be difficult to maintain. If you are looking to change the colour of your uPVC windows, it is recommended that you replace them with new uPVC window frames in your desired colour.


    Last updated by MyJobQuote on 18th March 2021.

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