Benefits of Upgrading Your Conservatory Roof

There are many potential advantages to replacing your conservatory roof with a better, newer alternative. In this guide, we’ll look at the various benefits of upgrading your conservatory roof.

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Types of Alternative Conservatory Roofs

Before we get into the advantages of upgrading your conservatory roof, it’s worth mentioning the different types you may want to consider. After all, the exact benefits of upgrading your conservatory roof will depend on what type you opt for as the replacement.

New conservatory roof options include:

  • Tiled conservatory roofs
  • Glazed conservatory roofs

There are other ways of categorising conservatory roofs, such as design. While the design is less relevant to the benefits, it’s worth mentioning the options here, which include Victorian style, Lean-to, Gable, Lettered, and Edwardian.

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Benefits of Tiled Conservatory Roofs

Let’s now break down the advantages of tiled conservatory roofs.

Reduced Solar Glare

A common benefit of upgrading a conservatory roof comes with opting for one that can lower solar glare.

Tiled conservatory roofs are best suited to limiting solar glare since they offer greater shade and insulation. As a result, you may want to swap out a glazed solar roof (which lets in plenty of sunlight) for a tiled conservatory roof.

Better Thermal Insulation

As touched on, tiled conservatory roofs can result in improved thermal insulation. On the one hand, this can help prevent a conservatory from overheating on hot summer days but also enhance a conservatory’s ability to keep the heat in during the winter.

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Lowers Noise Levels

Tiled conservatory roofs can also reduce noise levels. This can come in handy if you want to lower noise from rainfall or wind.

Benefits of Glazed Conservatory Roofs

We’ll now explore the upsides of opting for a glazed conservatory roof.

Plenty of Natural Light

One obvious advantage of having a glazed conservatory roof installed is its ability to let in a lot of natural light. This can open up a space and create a roomier, brighter look and atmosphere.

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Solar Gain in the Winter

While tiled conservatory roofs can be advantageous for temperature regulation, glazed conservatory roofs can do a better job at trapping heat further during the winter in particular.

As a result, if you live in a particularly cold part of the country or simply because your conservatory struggles to stay warm in the winter, you may want to consider a glazed roof.


While tiled conservatory roofs can come in many designs and may appeal to some households, glazed conservatory roofs are arguably more aesthetically pleasing on the whole.

Ultimately, more properties are likely to find glazed conservatory roofs the better of the two options with regard to their appearance.

Benefits of a Higher Quality Conservatory Roof

Whether you opt for a tiled conservatory roof or glazed conservatory roof, the following advantages apply once you seek a higher quality conservatory roof than you currently have.

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Increased Property Value

Lastly, replacing your conservatory roof with a higher-quality alternative can also result in an increased property value. This is because having a conservatory roof with an array of advantages over most can increase your property’s kerb appeal and, thus, its value.

Upgrading your conservatory roof not only adds value to your property but also aligns well with current construction trends. For more insights into how the construction industry is evolving and how it could impact your home improvement decisions, you might want to check out our Construction Industry Statistics page.

Last updated by MyJobQuote on 23rd August 2023.
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