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Fire sprinklers are fire prevention systems that can automatically protect your home or business when they are activated. Other fire measures like smoke alarms only alert you to the presence of fire and still need human intervention, much like fire extinguishers which are only effective if there is someone there who is able to use one during a fire. Fire sprinklers are pretty unique in that they can detect and extinguish fires automatically.

There are a number of different types of sprinkler systems that you can have installed, including wet pipe and dry pipe systems, concealed sprinklers, control mode sprinklers and extended coverage sprinklers. Wet pipes are the most common systems as they release water instantly in the event of a fire. Dry pipe systems require their valves to be triggered before water floods the pipes. Concealed sprinkler systems blend in with your ceiling by using a recessed head in different colours to match your decor.

Control Mode Sprinklers are the commonest type of wet pipe systems that protect you in the event of a fire by dousing it with a deluge of water. Early Suppression Fast Response Sprinklers are most often used in offices and storage spaces as they will suppress flames extremely quickly. Extended Coverage Sprinklers cover a large area of space and also dampen their surroundings to reduce the risk of fires spreading. The sprinkler options available are extensive and need to be considered carefully.

Installing a Fire Sprinkler System

There are so many options available and safety aspects to consider, it is essential you discuss your needs with a professional. Contact contractors in your area with experience in the industry and ask them for advice on the best system and ask them to provide a detailed quote. Fire sprinkler systems can increase fire prevention in the home by up to 90% if they are designed properly and installed correctly. Many local authorities and fire services are promoting a better understanding of the benefits of sprinklers as there is clear evidence that sprinklers can be effective in stopping fires spreading, significantly enhancing fire safety and drastically reducing death and serious injury.

Sprinklers have been successfully used for the protection of commercial property for well over 130 years and there is now a growing appreciation of their potential in domestic properties. Smoke detectors alert you that there is a fire, but a sprinkler system will extinguish the fire, protecting the occupants and preventing further fire damage. It is worth contacting your local authority and Fire Service to find out more about the benefits of home sprinkler systems and also ask if they have a list of approved or recommended installers. You can also use the "post your job" button on this page to have local companies get in touch with prices and advice completely free.

Sprinkler System Installation Cost

The cost of a fire sprinkler system depends on the size of your home or business premises and the type of sprinkler design. However, generally speaking, the average price for a partial system is around £1500, whereas a full sprinkler system typically costs around £2300. You cannot save money by installing a fire sprinkler system yourself as all sprinklers need to be professionally designed and fitted by certified fire sprinkler installers to British Standards BS5306: part 2 for commercial systems and BS9251:2005 for residential sprinkler systems.
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