Autumn Decoration Trends

Now we're in Autumn, it's a great time to consider changing your interior to match the season!

So, what decorations are trending for autumn 2023?

Let’s take a look!

autumnal living room
  • Warm Metallics

  • Warm metallics are expected to become more popular this autumn and winter. One way of approaching this is to ensure your autumn interior design includes metallic tone hardware (e.g., warm golds and brass).

    Warm metallics can cover a wide range of potential fixtures and fittings including copper faucets, brass lamps, bronze accent pieces, rose gold vases and iron light fixtures with a warm-toned iron appearance.

    Warm metallics can act not only as a stunning contrast to minimalism but a very eloquent touch to your home. The options are also pretty much endless.

  • Steering Away from Themes

  • Another trend we may expect to do well in autumn 2023 is that of avoiding themes. Instead of opting for a theme, try mix up your interior with a look and feel that screams “autumn” without being following a specific autumnal theme.

    You may want to use earthy, warm tones throughout but don’t be afraid to mix things up and create plenty of contrast. As with any interior design, you may or may not want to hire a professional to help or complete the design.

    An interior designer can narrow things down further with your input to ensure that the design achieved works well all-round.

  • Eco-friendly and Sustainable

  • We expect sustainable and eco-friendly interior designs to remain popular through the latter half of 2023 and beyond.

    eco interior

    This can include opting for eco-friendly installations (e.g., wood or stone furniture). Along with finding environmentally friendly materials, it’s best to source locally if you can. Beyond that, if painting a room or several rooms, look for low VOC paints.

    Not only are these paint products smarter choices for the environment but also better for the health of you and everyone in your property (e.g., VOCs are toxins that can worsen or cause allergies).

    While sustainable and eco-friendly designs are a growing trend, it's also part of a larger movement in the construction and interior design industries towards sustainability. Our regularly updated Construction Statistics guide offers insights into how the construction industry is evolving in this direction.

  • Opt for Moody Neutrals

  • Another well-suited decoration trend worth considering is to include ‘moody neutrals’. This may include deep blue, olive green, warm beige, espresso brown, burgundy, charcoal and dark blueish grey.

    Of course, where you’ll want to use these tones will depend on the location in question. For example, it may not make a tonne of sense to add mood neutral tones to a living room, but you may find it works well in an office space or even a bedroom.

    While, unlike some of the other measures discussed here, this autumnal decorative touch could last throughout the year (if we’re talking about painting walls), if you’re especially fond of autumn, it’s certainly worth looking into.

    Of course, you can add moody neutrals with a range of fittings and features rather than simply painting the walls.

  • Earthy Tones

  • Earthy tones, in general, can make a big difference to a space. Again, you can add these in the form of painting walls or installing new features or fittings.

    earthy interior design

    Popular earthy tone combinations include:

    - Clay and sage

    - Cognac, white and crimson

    - Forest brown with olive and black

    - Dusty mauve with soft neutrals

    - White, rust and lime

    - Chocolate and charcoal

    - Marigold and lemon with neutrals

    There are, of course, many more earthy tones and earthy tone combinations to consider. Earthy tones can be introduced in the form of sofas, rugs, pillows, curtains, earthy interior accessories (e.g., terracotta) and wood furniture including coffee tables and bookshelves.

  • Use Silver and Iron Accents

  • Silver and iron accents can be a great way of bringing that autumn feel to your home but with a less conventional approach.

    You could add iron accents in the form of fittings/fixtures like coffee tables, benches or side tables. Silver accents can offer a touch of elegance to your interior without coming across as too flashy.

  • 1980s Memphis Design

  • Another interesting decor approach likely to trend in autumn 2023 is the 1980s Memphis design. While unlikely to become a predominant force in autumn ‘23 interior designs, touches of the Memphis design are likely to make a mark.

    Memphis desin candles

    The 1980s Memphis design features a mix of scattered bright lines and shapes. Interior designs that use this approach tend to come with triangles and circles. They may also come with black-and-white graphic patterns (e.g., squiggly lines or polka dots).

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