5 DIY Tips From a Qualified Plumber

With the rising cost of living, many people are now choosing to complete DIY repairs and odd jobs rather than hiring a professional to complete the work for them. This can lead to several issues if the work isn’t completed correctly.

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If you are considering doing some DIY jobs around the home, there are a number of things that you should keep in mind. Below, our qualified plumber shares some tips to keep in mind if you’re thinking about doing some DIY work around your home.

Always Read The Safety Labels

Have you ever wondered why something looks dodgy or starts to fall apart after a few uses?

It may be down to the products that you used. For example, , there are many different types of sealants to choose from. All sealants look very similar, so it can be difficult to determine which one would be best for the job at hand and which one may not work.

plumber using sealant

A good choice of sealant for applying to wall tiles, for example, should have proper adhesive so that it can be applied effectively and give you a completely sealed finish.

Plus, it should have all the ingredients needed to prevent black fungus from creeping into it. It’s also important to ensure that the products you’re using are in date so that the consistency is correct and so that you know that it’s going to perform effectively.

Invest In a Universal Tool Key

If you are just planning on completing the odd DIY job around the home, you may not be able to justify buying an entire plumber’s tool kit. This is where a universal tool key comes in very handy.

This handy little device will open up your meter box, double up as various sizes of quick spanner, and it will have an internal key that you can use on many different taps.

These keys usually have a flat head on them, so you can put a spanner across in order to give you some extra leverage on occasions when things are a bit tight.

Buy a New Shower Head

Many people struggle with their showers and find that they need to complete DIY jobs often in order to keep the shower running properly.

  • Have you ever struggled with your shower running hot and cold?
  • Have you ever noticed that you're not quite getting enough water pressure?

Most people assume that this is a plumbing problem. However, this is often due to your shower head. Over time, your shower head can fill up with limescale.

plumber replacing shower head

Alternatively, it may have a poorly designed spray plate, and this can prevent it from allowing water to flow through effectively. An electric shower can often struggle with a small flow of water, and this can result in the system overheating and switching off, causing the water to go hot and cold.

If you invest in a new, decent showerhead, you’ll often find that these issues simply disappear without any need for repairs.

Invest In The Latest Pipe Technology

You can make your life a lot easier if you purchase a flexible tap connector whenever you install things like taps, basins, or a toilet cistern. In recent years, most professional plumbers have been opting to switch from old copper pipes to these more modern, flexible connectors.

These connectors fix directly to the pipe from the taps and include an isolation valve which will allow you to change a cartridge or washer on the tap without having to shut off your main water supply. These newer pipes can also bend and flex so they can fit into any shape or space without the need for cutting or joining.

Don’t Skimp on The Materials

If you choose to complete some plumbing DIY work yourself, it's important to choose the materials you use wisely. You could assume that something is quite a generic piece of material.

For example, you may think one waste pipe is just as good as another. However, many professional plumbers can even come into problems with some of the waste pipes that you can purchase on the high street.

plumber fixing waste pipe

When it comes to selecting the right plumbing materials and tools, choosing high-quality items is essential. If you do the opposite, you'll be putting yourself at a disadvantage, and you may find that you'll have to spend even more money getting a professional to come in and rectify your mistakes.

If DIY is beginning to feel a bit daunting, take look at our range of local plumbers we have here.

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