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    If you would like to dispute a job lead you can do this by going into your account, clicking on "My Jobs", and clicking "View job" on the one you wish to dispute. Your dispute needs to be submitted properly so our system gets all the correct details for us to attempt to contact the customer. We recommend you give as much information as you possibly can.

    We will then look through the details of the job and contact the customer as soon as possible to investigate and make a decision. When we have investigated we will either issue you a refund / free lead or explain why we won't be issuing a credit for the lead.

    Up to 3 tradesmen can accept details for each job lead, this means we won't accept disputes for leads where the customer is contactable and still requires the quotes for the job they intend to have completed.

    As per our terms and conditions we will accept a dispute for the following reasons which are outlined in more detail below:

    • Customer not contactable
    • Dud job lead

    The job is cancelled or given elsewhere.

    There may be cases of dud leads which cannot be prevented.

    A dud lead is when the customer creates a job with no intention of following it up. If you have purchased a job and the customer tells you they no longer want it doing this may be a dud.

    If you have contacted the customer promptly and followed the procedure and the customer has said they don’t want the job doing, then you must file a dispute within 48 hours. If you’re having problems contacting the customer see our help section here. You cannot contact the homeowner.

    We will get in contact with the customer for them to confirm that they no longer want their job to be carried out.

    Please note we are unable to offer a refund or free lead where the customer has found another tradesman to complete the work unless we are unable to contact the customer to confirm this or the customer confirms that they gave the tradesmen no chance to quote.

    You cannot contact the homeowner

    We try to eliminate non-responsive customers by asking all users to verify their phone number and email address, however, despite this some customers do become unresponsive for some reason.

    If you are having problems contacting the customer there are several factors you should consider before filing a dispute.

    • How many times have you tried? Make sure you have tried enough times before making a dispute. The customer may not be available the first time you call. Give them time and try again later but do not bombard them with calls as it may put them off answering.
    • Why may they not be answering? Make sure you are contacting the customer at a convenient time. If it's late in the evening the customer is probably asleep, is it a weekend? Bank Holiday?
    • Use all methods of contact given. The customer may prefer to be emailed or called so make sure you try both before filing a dispute.
    • Be prompt about contacting the customer. If you purchase a job but wait a week to contact the customer it is unlikely that the job still needs doing. Our company policy states that we only accept disputes within a 48-hour period from when the job lead is purchased.

    Sometimes the customer just cannot be contacted or creates a job without any intention of getting it completed. As much as we try to reduce this unfortunately this is something we cannot prevent. If you have any difficulties with any job leads please dispute the job lead to our team by following this link (by using the dispute button, clicking below) and we will try to contact the customer to resolve the situation.

    Where is my refund?

    If the charge has been taken you will see the money back in your account in the next few days, if the charge hasn’t yet been taken it will be immediately cancelled. Alternatively please check that you have not been issued with a free lead which can be found in the promotions section of your account,

    Dispute best practise

    In your dispute please include as much information as possible as to when you have tried to contact the customer or the issue you have had and a member of our team will investigate and get back to you with a response as soon as possible.

    It is important that you attempt the customer at several different times of the day but do not call repeatedly within a short space of time. We find that trades who get the best results call immediately after buying the lead and then either that evening or following morning. It is also recommended to perhaps email your customer with an introduction. Alternatively, the customer may contact you directly in which case be expecting their call after you have purchased the job.

    Reviewed by MyJobQuote on 14th September 2021.

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