Advice when purchasing a job

Some things to remember when purchasing your job:

  • Make sure you read all the job information supplied. We try our hardest to get customers to tell us as much as they can about what they need doing. The job description and budget should give you an idea of what the customer wants doing and the scale of the job.
  • Check the location. We try and be as accurate as possible with the distance from you and the job so make sure you check this before purchasing a lead. We don’t want you to be disappointed with how far you may have to travel to the job after you make the purchase.
  • Start date. Some customers like to get a job quote in advance of getting the job done. Check the start date so you know when the customer is going to want to get the work completed. This way it you can plan this job around others you may have scheduled.
  • Contacting your customer. We advise that when you purchase any job leads to ring and email the customer as soon as possible after purchase. You should continue to contact the customer at different times in the same day, if you continue to have no response from the customer after 24 hours then you may wish to file a dispute with us so we can investigate.

Following the steps above will give you the best chance of servicing a job lead and if you have luck we can attempt to follow up with the customer on your behalf to find out the customer’s intentions for the completion of the job.

Reviewed by MyJobQuote on 27th April 2017.

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