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Commercial Cleaners

Commercial contract cleaning is a popular service for offices, pubs, exhibition centres, industrial units, sports centres, schools and other corporate or public buildings. The services offered can include commercial window cleaning, floor treatment, external cleaning (including graffiti removal), carpet cleaning & deep cleaning, washroom services and janitorial supplies, and the stripping and re-sealing of hard floor surfaces. A well kept office building means a healthier and more productive working environment, which has been proven to help minimise staff absence. Regular cleaning schedules have also been shown to control the spread of illnesses such as flu.

Washrooms in particular are a breeding ground for bacteria, a well-designed cleaning plan will help reduce the risk of infections and the spread of diseases, meaning less absence and better attendance, due to a cleaner working environment. A clean and hygienic office environment is also important to present a professional business image.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Costs

End of tenancy cleaning is a commercial service offered by many commercial cleaning companies. The service covers houses, apartments and offices, with prices starting from around £90 for a studio flat, up to £255 for a 5 bedrooms house. Industrial premises will normally be charged an hourly rate of around £10 per hour. These prices do not include carpet cleaning, which will add an additional £30 to £100 to the total cost.

Commercial Cleaning Costs

Cleaning companies usually offer daily, weekly, and monthly commercial cleaning services. Daily commercial cleaning services often include sweeping, mopping and polishing floors; mopping the shower/toilets area; vacuuming carpets; emptying waste bins; disinfecting urinals and cleaning sinks. Weekly services can include de-calcifying shower heads, dusting fire extinguishers and cleaning cobwebs, plus cleaning office chairs and furniture. services offered monthly typically include cleaning skirting boards and door rails, wiping mirrors and switches, plus a thorough cleaning and disinfecting all tiled surfaces.

Professional cleaning companies charge by the hour with around £10 per hour being the cheapest realistic rate - beware of companies charging less as it is simply not possible to offer a professional service for less than £10 per hour. Shady cleaning companies will often quote unrealistic cheap hourly rates to get contracts, but will reduce the number of hours actually spent over time to make a profit, often leading to complaints by staff and customers.

Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Company

Finding the right cleaning company is difficult, many businesses have problems with the quality of cleaning and getting value for money. Time is money and managers do not want to waste time dealing with cleaning problems, they just want a clean office environment, as they realise this is vital for the productivity of the staff. Hiring professional office cleaning services can save both time and money, as long as you find a reliable cleaning service.

The first step is to request quotations for the services, inviting cleaning companies to your business premises to carry out a survey to establish the cleaning needs, so they can then send a written quote. You can use the excellent and free quote service on this site to have local cleaning companies get in touch with you to arrange a site visit and provide free no obligation quotes. In addition to pricing you need to check proof of insurance to make sure your company is protected from liability in the event that one of the cleaners is injured on your premises. Many Office cleaning companies nowadays will require that you sign a contract for a set period of time. It is extremely important for you to take some time and thoroughly review the contract with your solicitor before signing.

You should also ask for references to ensure the company are as good as they claim, reputable commercial cleaning companies company will be happy to provide you with references. Remember that often commercial cleaning companies will specialise in different types of business, for example, if you have an office building try and use a company with lots of experience cleaning offices, rather than a company which specialises in cleaning swimming pools and sports centres. You may also be able to "try before you buy", some cleaning firms will carry out a one off cleaning to let you sample their services and see for yourself how efficient (or not) their service may be.

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