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  • The Hospitals, Schools and Care Homes with the Worst Food Hygiene Ratings

    A brand-new investigation carried out by can reveal the worst rated catering facilities in our Schools, Hospitals, Care Homes, Nurseries and Universities.

    Commercial Kitchen image

    Analysing thousands of food hygiene ratings from across the UK, the ratings cover everything from the handling of food to the cleanliness of the facilities.

    The food hygiene ratings are on a scale of 0-5, with 3 considered generally acceptable. Anything below a score of 3 requires immediate improvements to ensure food safety for the general public.

    The Food Standards Agency (FSA) grade kitchens and catering facilities on the following items:

    • The handling of food.
    • How food is stored.
    • How food is prepared.
    • The cleanliness of facilities.
    • How food safety is managed.

    Low scores (0-2 stars) require the food caterer to make urgent improvements to continue serving food to the public.

    Failure to comply with the required changes under the time limits set out by the Food Standards Agency can result in the premises being closed, either temporarily or permanently.

    Hospitals, Nurseries and Care Homes

    According to the data there are 234 Hospitals, Nurseries and Care Homes scoring between 0 and 2 stars in the Food Standards Agencies’ food hygiene ratings across the UK.

    The greatest concentration of substandard food hygiene in Hospitals, Nurseries and Care Homes was found in Greater London with a total of 46 premises scoring between 0 and 2 in the ratings system. This includes the kitchens of Watford General Hospital, which scored 1 out of 5 (major improvement necessary).

    In second place was the West Midlands, with 39 instances of Hospitals, Nurseries and Care Homes scoring between 0 and 2 stars in the FSA’s hygiene ratings, followed by the North West (30) and Yorkshire and the Humber in fourth (29).

    Shockingly, broken down by their respective categories, Hospitals, Nurseries and Care Homes were rated most poorly on ‘the handling of food’. 109 out of 234 facilities were labelled with major improvement necessary.’

    The graphic below shows the Worst rated Hospitals, Nurseries and Care Homes based on FSA food hygiene ratings (0-2 stars):

    hospital hygiene map

    Schools, Colleges and Universities

    According to the data, there are 97 Schools, Colleges and Universities serving food at below hygienic standards across the UK (0-2) ratings.

    Just like Hospitals, Nurseries and Care Homes, the greatest concentration of sub-standard food hygiene was found in premises based in Greater London (37). Greater London has one primary school with a 0-star rating, 6 schools with 1 star and 13 schools with a 2-star rating.

    The second worst performing region for hygienic food handling was the North West with 12 premises scoring between 0 and 2 in the FSA’s rating system, followed by the South East in third with 9 premises.

    Overall, 30 schools were labelled as requiring major to urgent improvements necessary when it comes to food management and hygiene of food handling.

    The graphic below shows the Worst rated Schools, Colleges and Universities based on FSA food hygiene ratings (0 -2 stars):

    school hygiene map

    If you’re concerned about the food hygiene standards in your premises, we have top rated trades professionals who provide deep cleaning services, alongside pest control and cleaning advice.

    The team at are more than happy to answer any questions.

    Please get in touch for service quotes or any advice needed.

    About this Study

    Data sourced via the Food Standards Agency in June 2021. If you would like access to the entire dataset analysed, please get in touch with us.

    Last updated by MyJobQuote on 25th June 2021.

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