What is the Best Type of Fire Pit to Get?

Considering getting a fire pit?

In this guide, we’ll discuss the best type of fire pit, along with other popular options.

We’ll also look at how you can make the most of a fire pit on a mild autumn night in your garden.

Let’s dive in!

wood burning fire pit

Best Type of Fire Pit: Gas Fire Pit

Arguably, the best type of fire pit on the market is that of a gas fire pit. The key advantages of gas fire pits include their ease-of-use and appearance. Gas is used to power the fire pits flame and can be turned on and off with ease.

Permanent gas fire pits are the norm, although portable ones also exist. Gas fire pits can go with a patio if you opt for a gas fire pit table with design aspects included to ensure the heat source is elevated sufficiently above the ground. There are also many design styles to choose from.

gas fire pit

Other upsides of gas fire pits include the fact that you don’t need to remove any ash. However, downsides include reduced authenticity and the cost.

Other Top Fire Pit Options

While many buyers opt for gas fire pits, there are several other standout options worth considering. Let’s explore them briefly.

Type Based on Fuel

First, to break down the options based on the fuel used, aside from gas fire pits, households may want to consider opting for a wood fire pit or brick fire pit.

Starting with wood-burning fire pits, these fire pits offer a warm atmosphere and authenticity. With that being said, they are challenging to maintain.

logs burning on fire pit

Brick fire pits, on the other hand, are known for being durable and the ability to match a garden’s décor. Brick fire pits, however, do emit smoke and can take longer to install.

Type Based on Design

Other popular types, but based on the overall design, include fire pit tables, silhouette fire pits, portable fire pits, and tabletop fire pits.

The benefits of fire pit tables are their functionality and decorative style along with their space-saving ability. However, they are costly and generally not suited for cooking.

As for silhouette fire pits, their pros are portability, customisation, and ability to give off plenty of heat. Their downsides include the fact that they emit smoke and the lack of ledge/table that some may prefer to put drinks on or sit nearby.

round stone fire pit

Portable fire pits are relatively cheap, great for moving and storing with ease, and the perfect choice for campaign trips. With that said, they tend not to be as appealing from a visual point of view.

Lastly, tabletop fire pits are smokeless and easily moved/stored fire pits. There is no ash to clear either. However, they do need to be refilled and don’t give off the same level of heat as many other fire pits.

How to Enjoy a Fire Pit

Should you have a fire pit installed in your garden there are many ways you could make the best of it, such as to enjoy a mild autumns night with friends or family.

To optimise the experience, you could add the following touches:

  • Blankets
  • Garden lighting
  • Carefully toast marshmallows
  • Enjoy some hot drinks (e.g., chocolate, cocoa, chicory, or decaf coffee*)
  • Tell stories around the fire
  • Reminisce nostalgically with friends
  • Play some relaxing music at a reasonable volume per the time of day/evening^

*Caffeine could keep you buzzing all night!

^Depending on soundproofing of nearby homes and other factors, you may want to pass on this. It’s best to use common sense.

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