Pantone Colour of 2024

The wait is finally over; the Pantone colour of the year is here, and it is: Peach Fuzz!

pantone colour of 2024

Why ‘Peach Fuzz’ Is Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2024

US LLC Pantone is well-known for being an established authority on paint colours, and this includes their ‘Pantone Colour of the Year’. As we reach 2024, their latest annual top-of-the-lot paint colour has been announced as the warm, ‘spirit-enriching’ Peach Fuzz.

So, why have they gone with Peach Fuzz, and how could you incorporate this colour in your home? In this guide, we’ll answer these key questions and look at some other colours of the year according to other top sources. Let’s begin!

Why Pantone Loves Peach Fuzz

So why has Pantone chosen Peach Fuzz as its new colour of the year? Let’s look at some of the best potential reasons.

Firstly, Pantone has described this tone with great admiration, referring to it as ‘gentle’, ‘(cosy)’, ‘heartfelt’, and ‘warm’. The hue appears to combine orange and pink and with the above visual you can see those tones striking through.

pantone colour of 2024

Beyond that, in general Pantone focuses on choosing a colour of the year based on emerging trends covering a whole host of sectors and areas of life (e.g. social media, latest tech, the film industry, the fashion world etc.).

Pantone is also a big fan of Peach Fuzz due to its capacity to capture both the current era and the past.

How to Incorporate Peach Fuzz in Your Home

There are many steps you can take to make the most of Peach Fuzz in your home. Let’s take a look at some ideas!

Here are some standout ideas to consider:*

  • Paint walls in a space completely in Peach Fuzz to introduce warmth
  • Use white as a base colour but Peach Fuzz as a cosy addition
  • Opt for Peach Fuzz wall art/decor
  • Peach Fuzz furnishings (e.g. blankets, rugs, throw pillows etc.)
  • Use Peach Fuzz as an accent paint colour
  • Peach Fuzz coloured bedding
  • Peach Fuzz coloured tableware for your home

*While Peach Fuzz can be implemented as a paint colour, you could also look into finding Peach Fuzz elements to introduce the room. That’s why we’ve discussed incorporating Peach Fuzz as a paint colour and otherwise in the above list.

2024’s Colour of the Year According to Other Top Sources

Along with Pantone’s Colour of the Year, here are other colours of the year from some of the best sources on Earth.

Dulux: Sweet Embrace

For iconic UK paint brand Dulux, their 2024 colour of the year is Sweet Embrace, described by Dulux as “a gentle blossom pink”. As with Peach Fuzz, this colour gives off soft, warm vibes with a delicate nature.

dulux colour of 2024

Sweet Embrace can be incorporated into a space in similar ways as Peach Fuzz to bring a soft, vibrant atmosphere to one or more spaces in your home.

Benjamin Moore: Blue Nova 825

Known for its high-quality paint products, Benjamin Moore has gone with a striking blue-violet blend that contrasts well with colours including orangey-tones.

Benjamin moore colour of 2024

Blue Nova 825 is a standout mid-tone that you could add to a room by painting all walls in a given space, simply painting the ceiling or introducing features/fittings with a tone similar to Blue Nova 825.

Dutch Boy Paints: Ironside

For something different, Dutch Boy Paints’ 2024 colour of the year is a dark deep olive tone that can introduce a striking, elegant and yet welcoming atmosphere to one or more spaces in your home. You may want to add Ironside to the trim in a room or paint the room entirely.

dutch boy paints colour of 2024

Behr: Cracked Pepper

This deep blue-black blend is the eloquent, inviting and confident colour of the year from Behr for 2024. This anchor colour can work wonders in an indoor space and can be contrasted beautifully by gold accents within the same space.

cracked paints colour of 2024
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