5 Tips from a Kitchen Fitter

Thinking of having your kitchen remodelled?

This blog will discuss the top five tips for kitchen fitting to help ensure a smooth process with minimal headaches when having your kitchen renovated.

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1. Carefully Consider the Right Type of Remodelling for You

First and foremost, you’ll want to spend plenty of time thinking about what type of kitchen renovation is right for you and your home.

On the one hand, you may want to go for a less disruptive remodelling where only a few appliances and fittings/fixtures are replaced, and maybe some are enhanced (e.g. hiring a professional painter to repaint cabinets).

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However, more extension options include having professionals knock down a wall to expand your kitchen (by combining two spaces) or extending your kitchen into the back garden.

All in all, be sure to consider key factors such as the extent of the changes needed, your general preferences, budget and how a given new kitchen approach might work and affect the rest of your home.

When it comes to the latter, an example of this would be whether you want to sacrifice space from your back garden to have your kitchen extended outwards.

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2. Look At What Can Be Done DIY

Next, keep in mind what you can do DIY. As discussed, this is not a project that can be dealt with DIY in its entirety. After all, key aspects will require qualified professionals, including the design, electric works and any plumbing/heating work needed.

person painting cabinets

That said, here are some aspects that may be DIY-friendly depending on your experience and the exact nature of the project at hand:

  • Repaint your cabinets
  • Replacing your kitchen’s flooring
  • Install new cabinets
  • Repaint your kitchen walls
  • Fit a new kitchen island

As touched on, whether certain work be undertaken DIY will depend on the nature of the project. So, for instance, replacing or repainting kitchen cabinets may or may not be possible DIY, though this will vary based on.

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3. Secure Quotes from Three Or More Professionals

Whether you’re looking for an architect to design your new kitchen, professionals to perform the bulk of the work, an electrician to undertake any electric work needed or/and other professionals, it’s best to secure quotes from 3+ options in each case.

person installing kitchen

So, that is to say, it’s a good idea to get quotes from three or more architects before deciding who to hire and looking for 3+ professionals or companies in each other case where a professional or company is needed.

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4. Consider How the New Look Will Work

You’ll want to work closely with the architect or professional designer you hire to draw up your new kitchen. After all, this design must meet your needs and preferences while looking the part too.

How your new kitchen is arranged will shape whether or not it works as well as the colours and styles used and how they compare and contrast each other within the space.

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5. Look at a New Focal Point

Whether or not your kitchen currently has a focal point, you may want to add one with the renovation.

kitchen island

Adding an aesthetically pleasing and functional focal point revitalises your kitchen space with a new look and feel. While a focal point will usually be in the centre, this doesn’t have to be the case.

For instance, custom-made cabinets could prove a focal point while an unassuming dining table is positioned toward the centre of the space.

Some ideas worth considering include:

  • Kitchen island
  • New dining table *
  • Standout flooring
  • Breakfast bar
  • Custom-made cabinets

*You may want to opt for a fancy design, whether it be rustic, marble or otherwise. Just ensure the dining table you go with is right for you and works well in your new kitchen!

Ultimately, what will work for your kitchen in general will depend on a host of factors. Undertaking certain tasks DIY can save you time and money but be sure to at least consult with a professional if unsure of any aspect and always verify whether or not a given job is DIY-friendly through reliable sources.

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