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    Tree Stump Removal

    Tree stump removal

    A tree stump in the middle of a lawn/yard is not only unsightly and detracts from the beauty of the surrounding space, it is also a danger. If a visitor to your home trips and falls, this can lead to legal issues for you; and, it is a danger if you have kids and pets, as the stump might not be visible at night/dark, so anyone can easily trip and fall. For tree stump removal and grinding, you can’t simply pull out the stump from the ground; it generally requires some form of excavating equipment. If you have a stump which has to be removed, there are several local companies you can hire for removal services.

    What is done with stump removal

    When removing a stump from the ground, the surrounding areas have to be cleared. In some cases, there are branches on the ground which also have to be removed. Any times, the stump is dug well-below ground level, and the sheer weight means you can’t lift and remove it, to properly dispose of it. This is where a professional stump grinding and removal company will help.

    They will initially prepare the site for removal. This includes general clean up, removing debris, branches, twigs, etc. Once cleared, the land will be excavated. This requires going below ground, to physically lift the stump and dispose of it. Cranes, or heavy-duty equipment is required, which is one of the reasons you must hire a professional, rather than do it yourself. Once removed from the ground, many companies also offer grinding and disposal services; as the name implies, they simply grind and dispose of the stump from your yard.

    The removal, with proper equipment, shouldn’t take more than 1-2 hours to complete, per stump. So, the number of stumps in the yard, and depending on how deep they are belowground, will have an impact on the duration of removal services.

    How much will removal cost

    To remove a stump, most companies will charge a fee of £50-£75 for most smaller stumps. For trees which are hundreds of years in age, where the roots are well belowground, and more digging/excavation is required, the cost might be a little higher, around £100 for removal. If you choose to have grinding and disposal services, this might run an additional £25-£35 per tree stump as well. So, the cost is obviously going to vary depending on how many stumps, their size and weight, and the amount of work that is required, to remove them from belowground, and remove the surrounding roots (debris, twigs) which are in the lawn and garden area of your home.


    Once the stump is removed, you don’t want a huge divot in your yard. So, you should choose a company which will properly level the area, and possibly place compost, mulch, or fertilse the area, in order to ensure it grows back in evenly, after the removal process. Most companies will offer some kind of cover up service, but it is important to inquire about this when choosing a local stump removal and grinding company for tree stump removal in your yard.

    Hire the best companies

    Again, you simply can’t lease excavation equipment and do this work yourself. There is equipment to rent, but if you do not know how to use it, or how to properly lift and dispose of the stump, this can result in damage to the yard, as well as surrounding trees and foliage. For such reason, it is in your best interest to hire a professional company to remove, dispose, and cover the area, which the tree stump is being removed from.

    Of course, you do not want to over pay for these services; especially in cases where you have several trees and stumps which have to be removed from a yard, or a commercial location. The only way to find the most qualified, licensed professionals, is to compare several companies prior to hiring one. The benefit of doing this is finding the best pricing as well. Before you hire, visit our site, and have the service professionals contact you directly, and provide you with a fully written and detailed quote for removal services.

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