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Security Fencing Specialists

Security fencing is the first line of defence around a property and can in itself act as an effective deterrent. Perimeter security fencing is quite complex today with many legal requirements to be met and a variety of special applications to meet different needs. Complete security will normally require a combination of measures, one of which is secure fencing, with others often being electronic surveillance and CCTV systems. good perimeter security deters some would-be intruders, prevents some intruders from gaining access, delays determined intruders when they attempt to access and aids the apprehending of would-be intruders. Of course it would be unrealistic to expect that fencing alone will prevent the most determined intruders from gaining access.

Security Specialist

If you contact a security specialist, the first thing they will carry out is a risk assessment to establish the treats and the consequences of any breaches in perimeter security. This assessment will vary depending on the type of property and the level of protection required, considering whether it is personnel or property that requires protection, the likelihood of an attempt to breach the security, and the potential consequences of a security breach. Although making premises 100% secure against any type of breach is not possible, security risks can be reduced to a level that is as low as reasonably practical. Risk assessments also need to be reviewed periodically to make sure there have to been no significant changes to the initial assessment.

Choosing the Right Type of High-Security Fencing

If you need high-security perimeter protection, then types of fencing such as timber fencing and most railings can be ruled out due to their insufficient levels of security. Standard palisade and welded mesh fencing provide a reasonable level of security, but for high-security perimeter protection the only viable options are chain link and strained wire systems which comply with BS 1722-10. The main disadvantage of high-security palisade fencing however is that visibility is restricted, whereas high-security welded mesh panel fencing is easier to see through but uses a mesh with small apertures that make it very difficult for intruders to gain a finger or toe hold for climbing and prevent the use of common types of cutting tools.

legal Issues for Security Fencing

Great care must be taken when specifying any fencing that could potentially cause injury. There is a legal requirement for any security toppings to be visible so that they can be seen when approaching the fence, and certain toppings also require warning signs at regular intervals which need to be visible and lit at night. Local planning restrictions may also not permit the use of certain types of security topping, such as razor wire.

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