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Tree Surgeons - Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is the name for a process involving the removal of the top canopy of the tree. Crown reduction is usually carried out to gain more light to a property or to reduce the size of a tree that is becoming a concern due to proximity to overhead cables. Crown reduction is a better option than taking the tree down, but reducing the canopy stresses the tree due to the cuts required which means that decay can spread quickly, so it is best not to perform crown reduction if at all possible. Crown reduction can be thought of as a more extensive and severe form of pruning and reduces the weight of potentially dangerous limbs, balance misshapen trees following storm damage, and preventing trees obstructing or damaging buildings and overhead cables. When a customer wishes to reduce the height of a tree, crown reducing is still much preferred to topping. Crown reduction is achieved by making cuts so that the foliage is left intact on the outer edge of the new canopy. The longest portion of the main branches will be cut back to an existing, smaller lateral branch. Crown reduction is a time consuming technique and is more akin to an art than a science, requiring substantial talent to perform correctly. It is also simply a temporary measure because the tree will quickly revert to its natural size.

Hiring a Tree Surgeon

Pruning trees can be a dangerous and time-consuming task, best left to professional tree surgeons for safety and best results. There are many potential dangers involved with large scale pruning to both people and properties. Hiring a tree surgeon will ensure that work is carried out safely and efficiently. A qualified tree surgeon has the expertise to decide if the tree needs felling or can be saved by crown reduction. Tree surgery may look easy, but there is a great deal of expertise required when pruning trees to the desired shape. Many people claiming to be tree surgeons, so you need to carry out proper research to ensure you hire a genuine professional. When looking for a tree surgeon you should ask for references or recommendations from friends, family or colleagues. Make sure that the tree surgeon has adequate liability insurance and certificates to prove their qualifications. You can also check to see if they belong to a trade association such as The International Society of Arboriculture or the Arboriculture Association for extra peace of mind. Always get a detailed written quote and check to see if the tree(s) are protected by a Tree Preservation Order, you should always check with your local planning office or local authorities, but a professional tree surgeon will be able to give you advice on this matter.

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