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  • Winter BBQ Ideas

    Winter is here and in full swing. You want to host a party, but want to do something a little different? We have the perfect idea for you… hosting a winter BBQ party. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy catching up with friends and do something a little different.

    We know you might think, but the rain and the cold, but a BBQ isn’t just for sunny summer days. If you have prepared your garden for winter, you will be all set to host the perfect winter BBQ with these irresistible ideas for your BBQ.

    Winter garden with seating and fairy lights around and in the tree

    Why a winter BBQ is a great idea

    Doing something different is good for us. Create lasting memories with friends and family. Also, summer weather in the UK isn’t the most reliable, so why not have a winter BBQ? Other reasons… fewer insects are around in the winter, so there’s a bonus. Your food keeps nice and cool outside, so you will not be faced with a limp warm salad. It’s also good to be outside away from technology.

    It’s your BBQ, so it can be whatever you want it to be. It’s just a little colder outside. This doesn’t mean you have to be colder though.

    Getting ready for a winter BBQ

    Here is a checklist we have put together to help with everything you’ll need:

    • A working BBQ
    • Patio heaters
    • Dry charcoal or a full gas bottle for the above
    • Fire Pit to sit round
    • Hats, scarfs and warm blankets
    • Hot Food
    • Warm drinks (and some cold ones)
    • A food thermometer
    • A dry day (this last one is always a risk any time of the year) but be spontaneous.
    Colourful warm looking tartan blankets

    Keeping Warm

    It’s winter, so yes, it is going to be cooler outside. But that just means you have to find ways to keep warm. Warm food, warm drinks, fire pit and patio heaters are all ways you can keep warm. Offer guests blankets, woolly hats and spare warm clothing. What are you waiting for?

    There are plenty of other ways to feel warm and cosy while you toast marshmallows over the firepit.

    Warm drinks for your BBQ

    Keep your guest warm outside and have plenty of warm drink options. Mulled wine, Mulled cider are great options but there are so many more. How about a spiced hot chocolate to enjoy while toasting your marshmallows?

    For children, you could warm up blackcurrant juice or apple juice (but adults also enjoy this)  

    Winter BBQ food ideas

    marshmallow toasting over a flame

    A winter BBQ can include all the summer BBQ classics if you choose to. But you can be different for a winter BBQ. Some great ideas include:

    • Jacket potatoes
    • Baked apples or bananas with melted chocolate
    • Think food in foil to slow cook

    You could also look for recipes that can be cooked in a Dutch Oven. which are then ready to serve to your guests.

    *Tip – Part cook your food before taking it out to the BBQ, this way you don’t have to spend as long cooking over the BBQ (also helps make sure it’s fully cooked)

    Garden BBQ Winter Lighting

    Having a BBQ in the winter is truly magical. When you get the mood right, it just might become your preferred time to host a BBQ for friends and family.

    One last tip we have for a winter BBQ is to make your garden feel extra warm and inviting. Sitting under a security light works but isn’t quite the feeling you’ll want to create.

    Using warming lights will give your winter BBQ event that special feeling. Here are some ideas of how you can do this:

    • String lights down the inside of your garden fence. This helps open up the garden and creates a nice warming glow
    • Add lighting into your decking
    • Wrap lights around any trees in your garden

    Need help adding lighting to your garden get free quotes from a qualified electrician

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