Reasons to Start Building an Extension This Summer

An extension build can be a lengthy project, from the planning to construction to decorating the completed extension. If you’d like to have your extension ready for the winter party season, you should ensure construction begins this summer if possible!

house extension with scaffolding

In this guide, we’ll explore this reason and why now is a great time to get an extension build underway.

Let’s dive in!

1. Get Your Extension Ready for the Holidays

As touched on, it’s important to consider an extension well ahead of time if you’d like to make the most of it this holiday season.

The average house extension build takes around two to four months, and when you factor in additional time (e.g., hiring a designer/architect, hiring the construction team, and decorating the completed extension), starting now will likely lead you to run close to the holiday season.

The project may take longer with construction time along with other time frames depending on various factors. These factors might include the size/type of extension and the number of construction workers involved.

While getting your extension ready for the holidays is one good reason to start this summer, it certainly isn’t the only one. After all, many holiday seasons will be ahead even if you don’t have it ready for Christmas/new year’s 2023. So, why else should you start an extension build this season?

If you'd like to find out how much an extension will cost, check out our price guide here.

2. Ideal Weather Conditions

While the UK is notorious for rainy days at all times of the year, the summertime is perfect for construction work.

After all, according to the Met Office, March, April, May, and June are among the driest months of the year. Not to mention other weather contrasts between summer and winter, including a lack of ice, fewer storms, and less windy weather.

house extension being built

Ultimately, summer is ideal for an extension build. The calmer the weather, the easier the project will be and the sooner it can be completed with minimal disruption/delays.

3. Relax in Your Garden While the Team Builds

With generally good weather, the summer is the best time for you and your family to chill in the garden while your extension is under construction. This will especially make sense if you’re having your kitchen converted. After all, you may want to use your garden to BBQ when your kitchen is unusable.

We wouldn’t recommend doing this all summer, though, as you don’t want only to eat barbecued food! But it could be a good idea to try out some afternoons while the team is working and use the kitchen on other days when the team is finished.

If you can’t cook in your kitchen during construction, you’ll need an alternative for daily meals (e.g., an air fryer safely placed and used in your living room). Talk with a kitchen expert if in doubt.

Hiring a Professional Team

Whether hiring an architect/designer or a construction company, we recommend obtaining quotes from at least three options in each case. This will allow you the chance to run through each contractor/company before deciding on who offers the most value for money.

laying bricks

When comparing options, consider the following:

  • The price they quote you
  • Take a look at their online reviews/online ratings (if applicable)
  • Level of experience

With some luck, you’ll find a construction team available to start building toward the end of this summer. However, the summertime is the busiest time of year for extension builds.

Therefore, while it’s certainly worth looking for a construction team this summer (once you have your design and overall plan in place), it may be autumn before construction can begin in some cases. So just be aware of this.

Autumn is still better than a winter build, with November and December being among the worst times for an extension build.

If you're looking for extension builders, we can help you out here.

Last updated by MyJobQuote on 29th June 2023.
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