Transform Your Garage to a Kid’s Play Area

Whether you currently have children or plan to in the future, a kid’s play area can offer enormous benefits for the whole family.

Naturally, there are many ways of creating a kids’ play area, including by transforming an existing garage into a functional play area. Along with focusing on this option, we’ll also explore other approaches in this guide.

children's play area

Benefits of a Kids Play Area

Before discussing some of the best ways of creating a kid's play area, it’s worth highlighting the many upsides.

Here are the advantages of having a kid's play area added to your home:

  • A chance for your kids and their friends to learn about teamwork
  • Could be used to provide educational experiences for a child
  • Provides a dedicated space for your kids and their friends to have fun
  • Potential to improve the well-being and social experiences of your children
  • You can keep kids playing in one location, limiting the potential for messes throughout your home
  • Opportunity to create a fun space for your kids to enjoy after school
  • Positive, nostalgic memories for your kids to carry with them for the rest of their lives

Creating a Kids Play Area from a Garage

Note: As with having areas on your property converted in general, this work must be dealt with by professionals. However, certain tasks, like painting walls, could be done DIY once you ensure that it is the right time to do so (i.e. everything else is finished, and it’s safe to go ahead and paint the walls) and know exactly what is involved.

Firstly, if you have a garage that you rarely use, you might want to have this converted into a kid's play area.

empty garage

A garage conversion might cost around £7,000 to £20,000, assuming you’re looking to have a single garage converted, whereas a double garage conversion is likely to be priced at approximately £15,000 to £55,000.

With the right professionals by your side, you can have an old, largely unused garage transformed into a vibrant, functional playroom for your kids to enjoy.

However, it’s not the only way.

Converting a Loft Space into a Playroom

Another approach worth considering is having your loft space converted into a playroom. If suitable, having a loft converted can be a fantastic way of creating a new usable space, including a playroom.

A loft conversion may cost anywhere from £15,000 to £70,000 (and more or less in some cases) depending on the size and type of the loft conversion in question.

Turn a Spare Room into a Play Space

If you’re on a budget and you have a spare room, consider turning it into a play area without converting an existing space or creating an entirely new one.

play room

Depending on the current condition of the spare room and any safety concerns (e.g. electrics issues, whether to do with exposed plugs - which can be a problem in general - or the wiring itself), you may or may not be able to turn a spare room into a play space entirely DIY.

If in any doubt, consult with a professional for clarity, depending on the nature of your concerns.

Opt For a Garden Cabin Play Area

Lastly, you may want to look into the idea of a garden cabin play area. This sort of project, whether for a garden office, garden cabin play area or otherwise, will probably cost somewhere in the region of £7,000 to £20,000.

A garden cabin play area will make sense if you have minimal (or virtually no) room to work with inside your home and you have the space in your back garden that you’re willing to give up.

Hiring a Professional

When looking to hire a professional contractor or company to create a play area for your kids (whether it be through a garage conversion, loft conversion or otherwise), it’s a good idea to spend sufficient time on finding the right person/company for the job.

child playing with hardhat on

In general, it’s best to secure quotes from three or more contractors/companies to compare. Then, you can make an informed decision based on the details (e.g. their pricing and any reviews or ratings they might have online from prior customers).

If you'd like to hire a garage conversion contractor, click here.

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