How to Fix: Toilet Flush

There is no worse and inconveniencing problem than having a toilet at home that refuses to flush at all. Luckily, fixing a toilet flush does not have to be a job that takes you forever to sort out. Often there is a quick and easy solution. If you have no clue how this is done, here is a simple procedure you can follow.

The first step is to always check the cistern and determine if it contains any water or not. If it is not full of water, you will need to check the float otherwise called the ballcock too many people. The role of this ball is to control the amount of water in the cistern and is usually made of plastic. The ballcock should not at any time touch the sides of the tank, as this will prevent the water from rising. If you check it and find that it is touching the sides of the cistern, lift it to give water room to flow into the tank. You will need to ensure that the ballcock rod and the ballcock itself are not leaking. If any of them are leaking, you should replace them with new ones.

The second step concerns the flapper valve. You need to locate where it is in your toilet. Its location differs from toilet depending on the type of the toilet. If your toilet has a siphon, then this is where you are likely to find the flapper valve. On the other hand, flapper toilets have the flapper valve located at the bottom of the cistern. If the valve needs to be replaced, then you need to remove the siphon. When lifted, the valve allows water to get into the toilet bowl. If when lifted the water does not flow out there is every need to get rid of it and replace it with a new one.

The third and final step of repairing a toilet that refuses to flush is checking and repairing the handle if need be. You need to check if the handle is too tight or too loose. You will also need to check if it is stiff or broken. After identifying the problems, you of course have to fix them. If very tight or loose, adjust the mounting nut as need demands. A stiff handle will need to be cleaned as this is caused by the accumulation of dirt on the handle. A broken handle will need to be replaced.

You can now test if the toilet is flushing well and if not, go over the procedure and see what you have not done right. Spare toilet parts for replacing your old ones can be found in stores near you.

Last updated by MyJobQuote on 29th October 2013.
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