Create a Summer-Inspired Living Room

Want to prepare your living room for the summer?

In this guide, we’ll explore how you can enhance your living room with a summer-inspired theme to enhance its character, add colour, and bring the space to life with a summertime vibrancy.

Let’s dive in!

summer inspired lounge

Layer Colours

One way of creating a summer-inspired living room is to layer colours. In general, layering colours involves picking a main colour/theme and layering other colours on top of it. Light and warm colours work best for layering colours in a summer-inspired living room.

In practice, layering colours may involve using the walls or/and flooring (e.g., carpets or rugs) to create the primary colour.

Then, you can add other colours to the mix in the form of a sofa, pillows, coffee table, and more. Naturally, you’ll want not only to consider summery colours for summer-styled patterns (e.g., pillows with a beautiful floral appearance).

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Use of Lighter Colours

Similarly, the simple addition of light, warm colours (e.g., painting your call a more summer-like colour) can help add a seasonal character to your living room all the same.

yellow and green lounge

Colours worth considering include:

  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Yellow-toned greens
  • Zesty citron
  • Soft peach
  • Wild Wonder (Dulux’ 2023 Colour of the Year)

Chinoiserie Decorations

Chinoiserie is a decorative style dating back to the mid-1700s. Chinoiserie prints can eloquently capture the scenic views of nature from Asian countries such as China and Japan with a clear and unique summer-fitting character.

Chinoiserie prints feature various leaf forms, birds native to Asia, and sinuous flowers.

Floral Motif

You may want to emphasise floral imagery as much as possible. Some ideas worth considering include wallpaper, artwork or/and pillows with floral motifs. However, you may also want to add a more authentic touch by placing flowery decorations on a coffee table.

floral wallpaper

You may want to include fake flowers for a lasting and maintenance-free decorative addition to your summery living room. Just be cautious of allergies for you and other household members and the risk of some plants/flowers being poisonous to pets.

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Flowers and Plants Throughout

Placing flowers and plant pots throughout your living room to maximise their aesthetic value can pay dividends for your efforts to bring a summer-themed living space to life.

The scent and visuals provided by beautiful summeresque flowers/plants can greatly enhance your living room. Again, just be cautious of allergies for human occupants and poisonous plants/flowers for pets!

Home Bar for Summer Nights

A home bar is An eloquent and fitting installation to consider for creating a summer-inspired living room. It’s usually best to keep things simple, such as adding a living room console with a passageway.

home bar

The glasses and drinks can be housed inside the console. The top surface is the perfect spot to pour a glass of brandy or prosecco or even create an idyllic and appetising Espresso martini to enjoy summer evenings.

Other Ideas

Along with the ideas discussed above, you may want to consider:

  • Fruit prints for a zesty summer appearance.
  • Add bold florals (e.g., white, blue, and green shades in wallpapers/prints of bold floral aesthetics).
  • Using a white or light stone base colour to make the most of natural light entering the room. Consider these tones for walls, furniture and other elements in the space (e.g., chairs, cushions, and coffee table).
  • Wood and woven wicker chairs for a summer vibe. *

*It’s worth noting that wood and woven wicker chairs may not always suit. It will depend on the style of your living room and how this style of chair would look in contrast to other fittings and furniture in the space.

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