Add a Sauna or Hot Tub to Your Garden

Considering adding a hot tub or sauna to your garden?

In this guide, we’ll discuss what adding a sauna or hot tub entails, the costs involved and the pros and cons.

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Adding a Sauna to Your Garden

Having a sauna installed in your garden can offer you a holiday-like and luxurious experience from your own home. But what is involved, and what about the costs and pros and cons?


The cost of an outdoor sauna may range from £1,000 to £9,000. Prices can vary greatly depending on the type, size and quality of sauna you opt for. Where you live can also, to a lesser extent, impact the total installation cost due to labour prices varying from region to region.

What’s Involved?

Adding a sauna (as with having a hot tub fitted) should be done by a professional due to the complexity of the work required. A sauna can be constructed in your garden.

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Many aspects must be considered, which is why it’s important to hire a suitable professional with the right experience level. Requirements can include ensuring the foundations are suitable.

Pros and Cons

What are the benefits and disadvantages of adding a sauna to your back garden?


  • ✔ Offers a luxurious oasis from the comfort of your own home
  • ✔ Saves indoor space over having one installed outside
  • ✔ Can add value to your property
  • ✔ Health benefits including a system detox and incredible relaxation


  • ✖ Will cost thousands of pounds
  • ✖ Uses up outdoor space, thus limiting how you can use your garden
  • ✖ Plenty of installation work involved

Adding a Hot Tub to Your Garden

Let’s move on to hot tubs. We’ll now explore the costs, installation and pros and cons of fitting a hot tub in your garden.


As with adding a sauna, the cost of installing a hot tub can vary significantly depending on factors like the type and quality used. Hot tubs may cost £3,000 to install (at the lower end) but can cost as much as £18,000 or so for an expensive high-quality edition.

Again, the cost can be influenced by factors including the price of labour in your region.

What’s Involved?

Again, you’ll need to hire a professional for a hot tub fitting. After all, as with a sauna instalment, a hot tub installation is not straightforward, and there are many considerations to take on board.

hot tub

Drainage, power supply, and the solidity of the ground must be factored in for professionals to ensure a successful and safe installation.

Pros and Cons

There are also a range of advantages and disadvantages to fitting a hot tub.


  • ✔ Accessible but does the job
  • ✔ Can enjoy it throughout the year once the weather is okay and safe to use a hot tub during
  • ✔ Brings a facility of serenity to your garden


  • ✖ Expensive and complex installation
  • ✖ Can attract insects, which won’t be as big an issue with an indoor hot tub
  • ✖ Not all gardens will be suited to a hot tub instalment

Do I Need Planning Permission?

In general, adding a sauna or hot tub to your garden will be considered permitted development, meaning that planning permission isn’t required. However, there are exceptions.

For instance, those living in a listed building or conservation area will generally need planning approval. Also, certain local regulations may still apply.

All in all, you should contact your local council to be on the safe side. They can inform you as to any planning permission rules or local regulations that may apply.

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