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Bathroom Repair Specialists

Repairing existing sinks, baths/showers and toilets, makes sound financial sense, when you consider the cost of replacing bathroom fittings and fixtures. There are many companies around the UK who will repair or resurface baths, sinks and shower trays, leaving a finish that is as good as new for a fraction of the price of a replacement, with much less disruption too. Bathroom repair companies have major clients which include hotels, local authorities, housing associations and hospitals - as well as domestic customers looking for repairs to single baths in the home. If your bath, sink or shower tray always looks dirty or worn, feels rough, is scratched or badly chipped, or perhaps the colour has faded, then a bathroom repair specialist can do a cosmetic makeover, leaving your bathroom suite gleaming and modern.

Bath Repairs - Enamel, Plastic and Acryllic Baths

Bath repairs can be carried out on both enamel and plastic baths, if your bath is chipped or damaged, then bath repair specialists can get your bath looking as good as new, without having to purchase a replacement bath or pay for re-tiling and plumbing. over time it is easy to damage the surface of your bath, just by dropping an object causing a chip, scratch or hole on the surface. Bathroom repair firms have fully trained technicians that can repair damage in considerably less time plus save you money on unnecessary tradesman and the costs occurred when replacing a bath tub. Removing and replacing a bath is a time consuming and messy process that can sometimes mean having to replace tiles, flooring and skirting board too.

By choosing repair over replacement, you eliminate much of the disruption, expertly trained technicians can fix most bath problems in just a few hours. The damage to your bath will be repaired to a very high standard, the repair will be invisible, leaving your bath looking like new. In addition, specialist repair companies can fix or repair a bathtub in any different colour, repairs are not limited to just white baths! There are a number of products on the market in the UK that cater for DIY bath repairs, but you cannot beat the results from using a trained professional, they will give you a far superior finish. In addition to bath, shower tray and sink repairs, bathroom repair companies provide associated services such as Mastic Renewal, Anti-slip coatings and Re-tiling.

Bath Resurfacing

Bath Resurfacing is a specialist procedure carried out when the enamel on your bath has become worn, chipped, scratched, is looking faded, rusted, stained or difficult to clean. Baths can be resurfaced in-situ without removing any taps, fittings or tiling. Resurfacing is a very successful and lasts for many years, much preferable to ripping out your bath and potentially having to re-tile and redecorate. Bath resurfacing can be applied in a variety of different colours an the process is available on your whole bathroom suite, including the w/c. You can even have your suite resurfaced in a different colour as part of a bathroom makeover.

Bath Repair Companies

There are numerous bathroom enamelling, resurfacing, refinishing and repair company’s throughout the UK. Most of these company’s will do a good job and the choice often comes down to the cost. Although it is worth noting that the cheapest is not always best when it comes to bath repair, nor is the most expensive quote a guarantee of the best work! Try and choose a local repair company with genuine references if you can, use the free service on this site to have local bathroom repair specialists get in touch with you to provide estimates and advice on the best method to repair your bathroom furniture. If a company have been around a long time and can provide previous customers as references, this should offer good peace of mind, but don't disregard newer companies that are keen to impress!

Bath Resurfacing Costs

The cost of restoring or resurfacing a bath can vary on a number of factors even though all baths are quite similar to one another. The price can vary depending on the colour, white is the least expensive while making other specific colours on site so that they blend in invisibly takes skill and the materials cost more. In addition, if a bath has been re-enamelled before it will likely need to be completely stripped back which is time consuming. But all good bathroom repair companies will always agree on the cost before they commence work. In general white baths that are to be resurfaced for the first time will cost between £200 and £500, whereas chip repairs to new fixtures costs between £75 and £150 depending on size, colour and other factors.

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