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Stair Lift Installation

Stair Lift Installers

Getting a stair lift installed in your home is the type of work which is best left to a contractor or trades-professional. Due to the nature of these items, and the fact that they require electric, wiring, and other specialised aspects during installation, it is not a simple DIY project you can tackle over the weekend. A stair lift chair is basically affixed to the stair lift, which will glide up and down the railing of your staircase in the home, which aids those who are limited in mobility.

Whether it is a two-storey or three-storey home, you want the lift to function seamlessly, and glide along the staircase without a hitch. Proper equipment, specialisation, and understanding of how these lifts work, is the starting point to installing one in a home. With many reputable companies offering these services, it is a good idea to compare several quotes prior to hiring one, to find the most qualified, and affordable pricing.

Stair Lift Installation

On average, a stair lift can run between £500- £900 for a premier quality chair. This is of course apart from the cost of installation which should also be calculated when having the lift installed in your home. Many companies will offer free installation if you order a stair lift chair directly through them. However, they do not afford you the peace of mind in guarantees or quality services. Therefore, hiring a licensed trade-specialist, is of high importance.

Basic installation of the lift equipment, will run between £100-£200 in most homes. Of course, this is a single-storey home, with only one staircase in it. If there is more than one staircase, costs will increase accordingly. In the event work has to be done to the staircase prior to installation, such as gap covering, or adding protective guards on walls/rails, this will increase pricing for the installation of your new stair lift. Basic services which are included in the rate of installation usually include: installation of the stair lift, rail glider, and affixing the chair onto the stair lift. Most specialists will also test all mechanisms, wiring, and electric work they perform, prior to leaving the home. And, service guarantees, and satisfaction guarantees are also provided to most customers who hire licensed trades-professionals for installation services.

Additional services

In many cases, installing guards, or other mobility devices throughout a home, are often services a homeowner might want to consider at the time of the stair lift installation. Especially in a home with elderly parents/grandparents, you want to ensure it is easy for them to get around, but also safe for them to move around, without running the risk of falling. When comparing quotes, many service providers will offer multi-project quotes, allowing you to save on the overall cost of installation, and save on the price per project being completed in the home, when done as a bulk-installation with that company.

The importance of a stair lift simply can’t be overlooked in a home. It is a device which will not only give you peace of mind in knowing your loved ones are safe if they have a hard time walking around, but also that they are safe in the event you are not around to help them when needed. The stair lift eliminates the need for them to constantly go up and down the staircase, and also eliminates the possibility of falls, slipping, and other accidents occurring in the home, while you are at work during the day, and your elderly loved ones are on their own throughout the day.

There are standards, and regulations in place when it comes to installing safety and mobility devices, this is not the type of project you can complete on your own. Rather, you have to hire a trained and licensed professional to do the work for you. If you have purchased a mobility chair, and need it installed, you have to find the right company to install and ensure proper operation in the home. Compare quotes online today to find the top specialists in your area, for the most affordable pricing possible to have your new stair lift and mobility chair installed.

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