Kitchen Ideas

By Kim
Last updated 27th March 2023 - Reading time: 14 mins

Are you planning on upgrading your kitchen but need help figuring out where to start?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

In this guide, you’ll find a range of kitchen ideas to help give you some inspiration for your kitchen renovations.

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Whether you’re looking for small kitchen ideas, kitchen lighting ideas, or kitchen flooring ideas, we’ve got everything you need!

With this in mind, if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration for your kitchen upgrade plans, read on…

Small Kitchen Ideas

If you have a relatively small kitchen, you may be wondering what you can do to improve the appearance of the space and how to make the most of the space you have.

In this section, we’ll take a look at a range of different small kitchen ideas to give you some inspiration on how to really make your small kitchen pop.

Modern Small Kitchen Ideas

Bright White Kitchen

Small kitchens often look dull and lifeless, particularly without adequate lighting. To help brighten up the space and make your small kitchen appear much larger, consider incorporating bright whites with light furnishings and plenty of lighting.

White is reflective and will create a much brighter, open appearance. If you can incorporate glass into your cupboard doors, this will help to make your kitchen look even bigger. LED spotlights work great in modern kitchens and will work extremely well in a bright white kitchen as the light is disseminated further.

Multi-Functional Worktops

Your kitchen should be a functional area. You’ll need enough space to prepare your food and store your utensils, but a small kitchen can often become cluttered.

If you have enough room to incorporate a small dining area in your kitchen, consider incorporating a small kitchen island or tall table that can double up as an additional food preparation area when needed.

Make sure to choose stools or chairs that can easily tuck underneath the table or breakfast bar so that they are out of the way when you’re cooking but can easily be pulled out when it’s time for dining.

Streamline The Cabinets

When a kitchen is too crowded, this can make the room feel very claustrophobic. If you have a narrow kitchen, try to keep your cabinets in just one or two neat lines. This will help draw the eye forward and emphasise the room’s length.

When it comes to raised storage in the kitchen, leaving a gap between the ceiling and the top of the cupboards will also help to give the illusion of a much bigger space.

Small Kitchen Island Ideas

Slimline Kitchen Island

Slimline kitchen islands are great for helping to make a smaller kitchen appear much bigger. When you choose a long, narrow kitchen island, this is usually used for cooking, food preparation, and storage rather than a place for sitting and eating meals.

If you have a small kitchen and want to incorporate a slimline kitchen island, ensure you have enough room to move around the kitchen and that the island doesn’t restrict your ability to open cupboards and drawers.

Small Breakfast Bar

When thinking up your small kitchen island ideas, a good suggestion is to think about your priorities.

Do you need more storage space, or would a dining area be more useful?

If you prefer a dining space in your kitchen, a slim counter with a good amount of overhang could make a great breakfast bar. This can also serve as an impressive room divider if you have an open-plan living space.

Freestanding Kitchen Island

A freestanding kitchen island may be one of the most cost-effective options. Although this won't have the bespoke elements of a built-in kitchen island from a design studio, you can find many great models available online and on the high street.

You'll find a variety of different models, including those that feature drawers, cupboards, shelves, bottle racks and more, meaning you can easily find one to suit your needs. They also come in various sizes and colours, so there's something to suit almost every kitchen.

Small Kitchen Diner Ideas

Wall Folding Table

If you have a small amount of space in your kitchen/dining area, you may not have enough room to fit a table that suits your needs. In this case, consider incorporating a banquette seating area into the kitchen island.

This will help you save quite a lot of space in the room and allow you to add a generous amount of seating and an adequately sized table. This type of seating area looks very stylish and is a great way to make the most of your space.

Add Banquet Seating to The Kitchen Island

When thinking up your small kitchen island ideas, a good suggestion is to think about your priorities.

Do you need more storage space, or would a dining area be more useful?

If you prefer a dining space in your kitchen, a slim counter with a good amount of overhang could make a great breakfast bar. This can also serve as an impressive room divider if you have an open-plan living space.

Incorporate a Multi-Use Island

When working with a small kitchen area, it's important to ensure that all of the elements are as hardworking as possible. If something in your kitchen can serve multiple purposes, that's perfect for smaller kitchens.

If you want to incorporate a dining area in your kitchen, consider adding dining space to your kitchen island. This handy piece of central furniture can work for multiple purposes, including meal preparation, cooking, and dining.

Small Gallery Kitchen Ideas

Neutral Modern Galley Kitchen

Create a perfectly streamlined galley kitchen by adding white counters that go all the way up to the ceiling, ensuring that the walls and countertops coordinate with the cabinet design. The white elements will help brighten up the small space and make it appear much bigger.

If you can incorporate some elements of sheen within the kitchen, this will help to add dimension and depth to your small galley kitchen. Choose built-in appliances that are streamlined with the rest of the kitchen to keep everything sleek and modern.

Think About Storage

When thinking up your small kitchen island ideas, a good suggestion is to think about your priorities. Open shelving in a galley kitchen is a great way to ensure that all your essential items are within arm's reach.

The key here is to ensure you keep those open shelves as uncluttered as possible. Use the base cabinets for any bulky items, such as pans, pots, and any small appliances. Consider rails where you can hand items such as utensils and mugs.

Add Skylights

A galley kitchen can often lack adequate lighting, particularly when you're working in a small space. If you want to ensure your small galley kitchen is bathing in natural sunlight, consider installing skylights in the centre of the ceiling.

No matter how small or narrow your galley kitchen is, natural light can help to make the space feel much larger and more open. Skylights will not only help to make that happen, but they can also add significant value to your home.

Kitchen Island Ideas

Kitchen islands are becoming increasingly popular due to their practicality and multiple uses. A kitchen island is basically a freestanding cabinet or surface that either matches or compliments your kitchen design. Sometimes, a kitchen island may have stools around it so it can work as a dining or seating area.

In other cases, it’s used for storage purposes, meal preparations and cooking. They come in a range of different styles and designs. If you’re considering installing a kitchen island, take a look at our kitchen island ideas below. We’ve got ideas to suit everyone.

Kitchen Island Ideas on a Budget

Kitchen Island with Open Shelves

Having a large kitchen island with drawers and doors for storing all of your pots and pans is ideal. However, those types of kitchen islands are likely to cost a lot. If you choose a kitchen island with open shelves, this is a great alternative as it provides adequate storage and won’t end up costing an arm and a leg.

There are many beautiful options available in a range of sizes, colours, and styles. You’ll just have to put your less aesthetically pleasing and bulkier items away in your cabinets in order to keep a clean look.

DIY Kitchen Island

If you feel confident in your DIY skills, you may want to consider building your own kitchen island. This will help you save a lot of money as you'll only need to pay for the materials that you need, and these don't necessarily need to cost a lot. You may even be able to reuse or repurpose some items that you already own.

If you envision an expensive-looking kitchen island but don't have the budget for it, consider using faux marble for the countertop. You can also make a DIY kitchen island look much more expensive by adding a decent coat of paint in a colour that matches your kitchen’s décor.

Tall Table Kitchen Island

There are many items of furniture that can be used as a kitchen islands. A tall table is a great example. All you’ll need to do is purchase a table with tall legs and add some stools or chairs underneath. This is the perfect alternative to a traditional kitchen island.

Not only will it give you a space for cooking and preparing meals, but it’ll also serve as a place where you can sit and eat your meals. The only disadvantage of this option is that you won’t have any storage within the kitchen island. However, this is a small price to pay when you consider how much money you’ll save with this option.

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Hanging Pendants

A row of hanging pendants above the kitchen island is a great way to provide adequate lighting for this central fixture. There are many different options available, and there's something to suit every kitchen. Whether you're looking for metal shades, glass pendants, or even something simple like bare bulbs, the possibilities are endless.

Dimmer switches are a very handy feature for hanging pendant lights as this will allow you to turn up the lighting when preparing food and then turn down the lighting for a dimmer dining atmosphere.

Keep It Simple

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to kitchen lighting ideas. Sometimes simple pendants are a much better choice if you don’t want to completely overwhelm your design. Consider installing some simple, subtle pendant lights that are not too overpowering.

Simple lighting will prevent you from switching the focus from your gorgeous kitchen island and will, instead, allow you to showcase your central furnishing with adequate lighting.

Built-In Lighting

If you have a small kitchen or a kitchen with low ceilings, recessed lighting above the kitchen island is a perfect option. Built-in spotlights are unobtrusive and sleek and can provide the perfect lighting solution for your kitchen island – particularly if you include a dimmer switch.

The recessed lighting can be lined up so that they direct light towards the centre of the kitchen island, creating a focal point.

Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating

Rounded Seats

Curved edges provide a more homely feel as they appear much more comfortable than sharp edges. Rounded seats can make your kitchen seem much more welcoming and inviting. Plus, if you choose rounded stools, they’re extremely convenient and won’t take up a lot of space.

If you choose a kitchen island with an overhang or a hollow bottom, you can tuck the stools away for easy storage.

Luxury Velvet Stools

Stools don't typically have a reputation for being the most comfortable seats for your bottom. However, that doesn't mean you need to settle for seats that make your back ache or make your backside go numb. Consider opting for some comfortable velvet bar stools.

Not only will there be much more comfortable for dining, but they'll also give your kitchen an element of luxury.

Glam Faux Fur Stools

If you want to create a glam chic look in your kitchen, faux fur stools might be the way to go. Affordable kitchen seating can be quite uncomfortable. However, you can soften your seats with a cushion or pillow for relatively cheap.

Adding a faux fur cushion to your kitchen stools is a great way to make your kitchen seem more glam.

Unique Kitchen Island Ideas

Try Different Shapes

When it comes to your kitchen island, you don't have to stick to the traditional rectangular or square shape. If you have enough room in your kitchen, why not get creative with the shape of your kitchen island?

Work with straight and curved lines to create something completely unique.

A bespoke kitchen island is one of the best ways in which you can truly show off your personality with your furnishings.

Built-In Bench Seating

If you want to create something completely unique and homely, consider adding a built-in bench to your kitchen island. This will allow you to have adequate seating in your kitchen while also having a fully functional kitchen cabinet.

This type of design works best in larger kitchens or spaces with an open-plan kitchen-diner area. If you add stools to the other side of the table, you can create a very large dining area for entertaining family and friends.

Built-In Appliances

A kitchen island works best when it's a fully functional area that can assist you when preparing food and cooking. If you want to go the extra mile to make your kitchen island a completely functional cooking area, consider installing appliances built into your kitchen island.

For example, you could install a stovetop, oven, or wine fridge on your kitchen island. This will allow you to free up other areas of your kitchen for storage.

Modern Kitchen Island Ideas

Kitchen Peninsula

If you have limited space in your kitchen, consider adding a peninsula to your kitchen instead of a standalone kitchen island. This is a great way to add some additional worktop space for preparing food while also doubling up as a savvy bar area for entertaining guests or dining.

If you have an open-plan kitchen and dining room area, this is also a very effective way for you to divide these two spaces visually.

Rounded Breakfast Bar

Adding a rounded breakfast bar to your kitchen island is a brilliant way for you to break up a linear kitchen. Choosing a rounded design creates a sociable seating area that is connected to your kitchen. It also helps to provide optimum surface space.

If you choose a contrasting material such as wood, this will allow you to bring in some additional warmth and texture to your kitchen design.

Kitchen Island With Curved Edges

As mentioned earlier, not all kitchen islands need to be the typical rectangular shape. Consider embracing curved edges in your kitchen island design to create a much softer look. Soft, rounded edges are much more homely and comforting than sharp, straight edges.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchen lighting is an important aspect of a successful kitchen design. It's important to consider lighting that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing to go in this space that is commonly used for cooking, entertaining, and dining.

Take a look at our various kitchen lighting ideas below for some inspiration when trying to find the right type of kitchen lighting for you.

Pendant Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Vintage Pendants

Hanging delicate vintage pendants is a great way to illuminate your kitchen island or breakfast bar. If you want to create a beautiful focal point in your kitchen, vintage pendants are great for creating this effect and illuminating an area that guests are likely to naturally gravitate towards.

Vintage pendants are great for creating contrast in a more modern-style kitchen.

Rustic Pendant Lighting

If you want to create a beautiful farmhouse look, consider opting for some rustic pendant lights in your kitchen. Rustic lighting is great for creating contrast in a modern kitchen design. Try working with various colours for an interesting look.

Different materials will create varying aesthetic appeals, so consider what would work well in your kitchen. For example, wicker rustic pendants would bring a warming feel to the room, whereas rustic metal lampshades appear much cooler.

Add an Eye Catching Feature Light

Once you’ve sorted out the rest of your kitchen lighting, why not consider adding a striking feature light? Something that catches the eye is great for creating a unique aesthetic appeal. You may want to place your feature light in the centre of the room, above your dining table, or above your kitchen island.

Place your feature light somewhere notable so that you can create a focal point in the room. One singular feature light also works great for casting a warm glow in the room when all of the other lights are switched off.

Small Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Centrepiece Light

Just because your kitchen is small doesn't mean that you should opt for barely-there lights. Lighting is one of the most important features of a kitchen, and good lighting can have a huge effect on the overall ambience and experience of the room.

Light naturally draws the eyes in, so your lighting should be beautiful, interesting, and well-crafted. A good geometric pendant light or a line of beautiful track lights are great options for providing adequate lighting in your small kitchen space.

Vintage Kitchen Lights

Smaller kitchen lighting ideas were once limited to subtle downlights. However, the newer kitchen trends allow you to be a bit more adventurous with your lighting choices. A vintage-style design is great for adding some personality to your kitchen. If you have a traditional or transitional kitchen space, a vintage light can complement the room perfectly.

If you have a modern kitchen, a vintage light can add a great twist to the room. You may not have enough space for a kitchen island in your small kitchen. However, a beautiful vintage light would look great above a dining table to help define the dining zone in the room.

Make Use of Spotlights

Although contrary to kitchen interior design ideas, plain spotlights can sometimes be one of the sleekest lighting options for a smaller kitchen. When installing spotlights, it’s best to locate them above key areas so that you can ensure the light isn’t blocked when you stand at the counter, hob, or sink.

When choosing spotlights, consider how much lighting your kitchen requires. This will help to make sure you don’t overdo or underdo the lighting. A qualified electrician will be able to help you determine how many lights you’ll need for your particular kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Ideas

Mood Lighting

Your kitchen cabinets are perfect for setting a mood. Consider opting for kitchen cabinet lighting ideas that have adjustments. This may be adjustments in brightness or adjustments in colour. An LED lighting system is perfect for providing you with this option.

Changing the brightness or the colour of your LEDs is a great way to completely transform the atmosphere of your kitchen. Changing the lighting is perfect for when you're entertaining, as you can switch between different lighting modes depending on the vibe that you're trying to create.

Light Up The Cabinet Interiors

If you want to create an eye-catching feature in your kitchen, consider adding some lighting to your kitchen cabinet interiors. This will create a soft glow, showcasing the items inside the cabinets.

Adding this kind of lighting will allow you to easily see what's in your cupboards, as well as ensuring your kitchen design looks as beautiful at night as it does during the day.

Add Illuminated Niches

In modern kitchens, the lighting ideas allow you to invoke an element of surprise. Consider adding cabinets with illuminated areas as part of your kitchen design. You can use lighting to create decorative displays in your kitchen. If you have open shelving in your cabinets, use lighting to help illuminate particular areas.

Consider which areas of the kitchen would look good illuminated and incorporate lighting into these areas. Consider adding LED lights in various parts of the room to cast an even glow across everything that is being displayed. Gentle lighting in certain areas of the room looks great when the main lights are switched off.

Kitchen Strip Lighting Ideas

Light Above The Cabinets

Strip lighting works very well when installed above the cabinets as it creates a soft glow on the ceiling. This type of lighting works great in smaller kitchens as the added light above the cabinets can help to make the kitchen appear much larger than it is.

It gives the illusion of extra space above the cabinets, making the ceiling appear higher and, therefore, giving the illusion of more space.

Illuminate The Floors

Strip lighting is perfect for adding some light to the floor area of your kitchen. Floor lighting looks great when all the other lights in the room are turned off, as it creates a soft glow in the room and also provides adequate lighting so that you can safely walk around your kitchen.

Floor-level lighting works very well in modern kitchens.

Play Around With Colours

If you want to create something completely unique, why not think about playing around with colours?

LED strip lights come in a range of different colours, and some have the option to change between different colours. This allows you to add a completely unique twist to your kitchen lighting. Consider if there is a particular lighting colour that would tie in well with your kitchen's décor.

Kitchen Wall Lighting Ideas

Illuminate a Display

Many modern kitchens now include a multifunctional kitchen island, complete with built-in appliances, sinks, and a seating area. With a limited amount of wall cupboards to make use of, wall-mounted lights are the perfect solution.

These lights look great when placed above open shelving to help illuminate your display. However, exposed lights tend to collect a lot of dust and grime from cooking, so try to opt for recessed or semi-recessed lights whenever possible.

Follow The Rule of Three

When installing wall lights in your kitchen, try to boost the impact of your statement wall lights by choosing to arrange them in a row along the wall above your work area or table.

Odd numbers always work best when installing wall lights. Consider adding three or five lights depending on the size of your kitchen.

Finish With Accent Lighting

It's a good idea to use accent lighting as a final layer to your kitchen design. Accent lighting can help to guide the eye and creates some great points of interest around the kitchen space.

Accent lighting also helps to add to the overall light levels when combined with other lighting, such as a focal light feature above the kitchen table. In most cases, accent lighting is found above shelving, in cupboards, around niche areas, or around your other kitchen storage solutions.

Kitchen Splashback Ideas

A good kitchen splashback (or backsplash) can help tie your entire kitchen design together and create a high-end finish. A splashback is also useful as it reduces the need for any regular repainting or redecorating.

If you’re considering installing a new splashback in your kitchen, take a look at our ideas below for some inspiration on various different splashback designs.

Popular Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Tiled Kitchen Splashback

Tiles are a great way to add some texture and colour to your kitchen. Porcelain splashback tiles are very durable, easy to clean, and water-resistant. Ceramic tiles are much cheaper than porcelain tiles. However, these are less durable. Ceramics are great for a splashback, though.

They are easy to cut and shape and come in some great intricate designs. When creating a tiled splashback, consider the colour of your grout. You may choose to match the grout colour with your tiles for a seamless look, or you can grout the tiles with a different colour to create a contrasting look.

Mirrored Splashback

One major benefit of a mirrored splashback is that it is extremely reflective, and this gives an illusion of depth and also helps to reflect light around the room, effectively brightening the space. In some cases, a mirrored splashback can even make a smaller kitchen look twice as large with the illusion of additional space.

The only issue with mirrored splashbacks is that splashes and smears tend to show up easily, so don't opt for a mirrored splashback if you're not willing to keep on top of cleaning it. Antiqued glass is a great option in the kitchen. Not only does this add charm, but it's also good for disguising smears and splashes.

Composite Stone

Natural stone can help to offer a beautiful earthy look to your kitchen. However, real stone can be very expensive and will need to be treated regularly to boost its durability and water resistance. A composite splashback can often outperform a natural stone splashback in the kitchen.

Composite splashbacks are water-resistant, heat-resistant, stain-resistant, chemical-resistant, and scratch-resistant. There are many designs and colours to choose from, with something to suit almost every kitchen design.

Grey Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Grey Tiles

Grey tiles can look great in a modern kitchen. These tiles go very well with a white kitchen.

If you choose gloss tiles, this can provide some light reflection, making the room look much bigger and increasing the amount of light that bounces around the room.

Matt grey tiles work very well in modern kitchens.

However, you must ensure that matte tiles are treated to prevent them from becoming stained or scratched. Light grey tiles work well in a smaller kitchen.

Grey Silestone Splashback

One major benefit of a mirrored splashback is that it is extremely reflective, and this gives an illusion of depth and also helps to reflect light around the room, effectively brightening the space.

In some cases, a mirrored splashback can even make a smaller kitchen look twice as large with the illusion of additional space.

The only issue with mirrored splashbacks is that splashes and smears tend to show up easily, so don't opt for a mirrored splashback if you're not willing to keep on top of cleaning it. Antiqued glass is a great option in the kitchen. Not only does this add charm, but it's also good for disguising smears and splashes.

Dark Grey Splashback

If you pair dark grey with dark wood, you can create a unique, modern appearance that looks very stylish.

When paired with lighter colours, such as white, you can create a beautiful contrasting appearance.

Both varieties work great in modern kitchens.

A glossy dark grey splashback will help to reflect light around the room, taking away some of the darkness that these darker tones can bring.

White Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Gloss White Splashback

Aside from a mirrored splashback, a white glossy splashback is one of the most effective ways to bounce light around a room. When paired with white cupboards, you can create a bright space that appears very open and welcoming.

Although white will show stains and splashes much more than other colours, it's important to note that glossy white materials tend to wipe clean very easily, so they offer a lot of conveniences.

Marble Slab

If you want to create a timeless look, marble is a great option. The beautiful patterns in marble can help to add character to the kitchen and can work well in preventing the space from becoming too uniform.

If you want to fully appreciate the natural beauty of marble, don’t confine your splashback to just the sink or stove area. Consider adding marble to the entire wall behind the stove. In order to ensure the effect isn’t too overwhelming, leave the other walls bare without any splashback at all.

Kitchen Splashback Tiles Ideas

Vertical Metro Tiles

Metro tiles are traditionally placed horizontally in a brick pond layout. However, in more recent years, homeowners have been getting a bit more creative with their use of metro tiles.

This is particularly true when it comes to using the tiles for a kitchen splashback.

When you place these tiles vertically, this is a simple and effective way of adding a little bit more interest to your overall kitchen design.

Large Tile Splashback

In some cases, bigger is better. This is especially true if you're trying to aim for a sleek, minimalist aesthetic. Large tiles offer a feeling of more space. When they're used for a kitchen splashback, they can also add the illusion of vertical height as well.

Large tiles have several benefits. One of the main benefits is that you'll have fewer grout lines, so this means they're pretty easy to install. For a contemporary finish, choose the same tiles on your floor and splashback. This will create a sleek, seamless appearance across your entire kitchen.

Textured Splashback

In recent years, textured features have become a staple element of home décor. The desire for homes to have a connection with nature has led to the increased popularity of organic, textured surfaces.

A textured splashback is a great way to bring a splash of biophilic design to your kitchen. The uneven surface ties in perfectly with other natural elements in your kitchen. This results in a kitchen design that is very calming and stylish.

Printed Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Printed Brick Effect

If you are looking for the convenience of a printed glass splashback, but you want to invoke a natural element to your kitchen, why not consider opting for a brick-effect printed splashback?

Printed glass splashbacks have the convenience of being very easy to clean.

Plus, the shine that they give off allows light to reflect around the room, helping to brighten up the space.

If you choose a brick-effect printed splashback, you'll get the best of both worlds.

Marble Effect

If you want to achieve something unique and striking with your kitchen splashback, why not opt for a marble-effect printed splashback? These come in a huge range of different colours and patterns to suit every kitchen design.

With an element of nature with a variety of colours, you have the opportunity to give your kitchen something completely unique. A marble-effect splashback can act as a great statement piece for a modern kitchen.

Unique Patterns

With printed splashbacks coming in a range of different patterns and styles, it's easy to find something to suit your personality and the design of your kitchen.

Why not choose something completely unique and striking for your kitchen splashback?

Tile-effect printed splashbacks work great as they provide a striking, aesthetically appealing effect to your kitchen. Choose something that ties in well with the colour of your cabinets. If you choose a striking, unique splashback design, it's best to opt for plain designs on the rest of the walls to prevent them from becoming too over-stimulating.

Glass Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Warm Brown Glass Splashback

Warm brown glass splashbacks are perfect for kitchens that are decorated with neutral colours. This type of splashback works great when paired with white or cream cabinets.

The colour of the glass is perfect for adding warmth and comfort to your kitchen, and the glass element reflects light, so it's great for brightening up the space. If you're looking to achieve an earthy aesthetic in your kitchen, warm brown glass is the perfect option.

Bronze Mirrored Glass Splashback

Bronze is a very warm colour, so it can create a comfortable and cosy feeling in your kitchen. If you choose a mirrored bronze splashback, you'll have the benefit of the reflectiveness of the mirrored effect along with the warmth of the bronze tone.

A mirrored splashback works great in smaller kitchens as the reflected light can help to brighten up the space. Plus, the reflectiveness of the mirror also makes the room seem much larger.

Liquid Gold Glass Splashback

If you want to create a unique feature in your kitchen, why not opt for a liquid gold glass splashback? This type of splashback acts as a real statement piece, and it's something that you can really show off to your guests.

Perfect for modern kitchens, this striking splashback design is enough to grab anyone's attention and will act as a real talking point between family members and guests. Plus, since glass is so easy to wipe clean, maintaining this type of splashback is a breeze.

Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Your kitchen floor is likely to be one of the largest open surface areas in your home, so it’s important to take some time to really consider your options. When planning out your new kitchen design, your flooring needs to adhere to a number of rules – it must be safe, durable, and easy to clean.

Plus, it needs to look good and fit in with your design. Take a look at our list of kitchen flooring ideas below if you need some kitchen inspiration.

Wooden Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Real Oak Kitchen Floor

There is nothing quite like a real oak wood floor. Wood has natural antibacterial properties, so it's perfect for placing in a kitchen.

Oak can add a great deal of warmth and cosiness to any room in the home.

If you choose a brushed and oiled finish, this will allow the floor to breathe, resulting in a durable and robust floor that is easy to maintain.

A real oak floor can be cleaned easily with a gentle mop and mild detergent, so this makes it perfect for a room that's prone to spillages.

Wood-Effect Tiles

If you are looking to achieve the natural wood effect but want something a bit more slick and a bit safer in a moist environment, wood-effect tiles may be the solution.

You can get wood-effect tiles in a range of different styles and varieties, helping you to achieve almost any desired look.

These tiles can help to bring warmth and colour to your kitchen space while being very durable and easy to maintain. Opt for light wood tiles if you want to brighten up the space, or go for darker wood tiles if you're looking to create a warm, rustic look.

Create Zones With Wood

Flooring is a great way for you to visually zone different areas of the kitchen. With many people now living in open-plan spaces, it's useful to create markers on the floor to separate the different functions.

If you want to achieve some good zoning, choose a simple surface such as a wood floor for your overall flooring and then use a different, more unique flooring to delineate a zone, such as a pattered or coloured tile.

Some areas that could benefit from being zoned off are the cooking area, the flooring around your kitchen island, or the space underneath your dining table.

Kitchen Vinyl Flooring Ideas

Patterned Vinyl Flooring

If you want to make a feature of your flooring, you can do so by choosing beautifully patterned vinyl flooring.

Why not go bold and make your flooring a standout aspect of your kitchen?

When choosing the pattern, it's important to consider your colour scheme carefully.

Choose a hero colour that matches your cabinetry when picking out a vinyl flooring design with a bold pattern to ensure it ties in well with your overall kitchen design.

Go Light and Bright

If you want to brighten up your kitchen space, there is no better way to do so than by choosing light-coloured flooring. There are many different styles and varieties of vinyl flooring.

From faux white tiles effect to faux light wood effect, you can easily achieve something that suits your kitchen design. Light flooring works very well in smaller kitchens as it helps to brighten up the space and makes the room feel more open and airy.

Ceramic Stone Effect

If you want to create a rustic farmhouse feel to your kitchen but don't fancy forking out on real stone or ceramic tiles, why not opt for ceramic or stone-effect vinyl flooring? With so many options available, it's easy to find vinyl flooring that will suit your kitchen.

Whether you want a light or dark effect, you'll never be short of options if you choose to go for vinyl flooring.

Ceramic and stone-effect vinyl flooring works well in a range of kitchens, from traditional to contemporary, and it has the added benefit of being very easy to maintain.

Laminate Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Classic Oak Laminate Flooring

A traditional wooden finish provides natural and neutral tones, making this a very versatile choice to suit every kitchen design scheme. There are wide varieties of natural wood-style laminate flooring, so selecting the right one to suit your kitchen can be tough.

When choosing your kitchen floor, consider asking for a few samples to take home and try out in the natural light in your kitchen and against your cabinets.

This will allow you to select the one that suits your kitchen the best. If you want to create the perfect traditional kitchen, pair your oak laminate flooring with a slate grey shaker kitchen, solid oak countertops, and brass kitchen hardware.

Choose a Rustic Grain

Rustic wood flooring is currently soaring in popularity, and there's nothing better than a rustic grain laminate floor. It's easy to install and easy to maintain.

Plus, it provides a warming and homely feel to your kitchen. This type of flooring finish has a lot of natural features like grain and knots in the pattern, so it adds texture and interest.

Some varieties are even textured instead of smooth, providing the perfect rustic vibe. This type of flooring works perfectly in a traditional country kitchen or looks great if you're going for a more eccentric type of kitchen design.

Create a Parquet Look

Parquet flooring has been increasing in popularity over the past few years, and it shows no signs of going out of style any time soon. Wood parquet flooring comes at a rather hefty price tag and requires a lot of ongoing maintenance.

However, you can now achieve the same parquet effect with laminate flooring, and it comes at a fraction of the cost. The parquet style of flooring suits both traditional and modern-themed kitchens, so it really does work for all.

Plus, you don't have to be restricted to a wood parquet design. You could also choose other options, such as slate grey, if you want to achieve a chic industrial vibe.

Kitchen Flooring Tile Ideas

Brick Kitchen Floor Tiles

If you want to achieve a lived-in rustic-style appearance in your kitchen, consider opting for brick tiles. These tiles provide a unique and characterful aesthetic. The appearance of bricks brings in warmth and looks very traditional.

Although they are typically suited to more traditionally-themed kitchens, brick tiles also work well in creating contrast in a modern-style kitchen. Play around with different hues to see what ties in best with the colour scheme of your kitchen.

Natural Stone Floor Tiles

If you want to create a kitchen that is light and bright all the way through, consider choosing a bright natural stone tile. This is a great way to introduce a modern, minimalistic look to your kitchen. Modern kitchens are all about natural, neutral, and light tones.

However, it can also work well in brightening up a more traditional style of kitchen. To make the most of the light-bouncing qualities of your kitchen flooring, go for a polished kitchen floor tile with a moderate shine to it.

Diagonal Floor Tiles

With their sleek lines and exacting corners, modern kitchens tend to run the risk of looking a little bit too square. If you want to inject a bit more personality into your modern kitchen design, consider steering away from the perpendicular approach when laying your floor tiles.

Instead, take the diagonal route. This will offer a pleasant visual surprise and will help to open up the space and prevent your kitchen from looking too square.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

If you choose some clever kitchen storage ideas together with some planning and organising, you can quickly transform a chaotic space into a neat and tidy area for preparing meals, cooking, and entertaining.

Kitchen units aren't the only storage ideas.

Efficient storage should be a big priority when planning your kitchen design. After all, nobody wants to prepare and eat meals in a hectic environment. Take a look at our kitchen storage ideas below for some great solutions.

Kitchen Shelving Ideas

Create Interest

Your kitchen shelves don’t always need to be practical. They can also be used for housing curious, quirky, and artsy objects.

Consider mixing large statement art pieces with some smaller pieces grouped together.

When grouping, think about the shape that the objects create as a whole and play around with colours to keep things looking interesting.

Glass, lidded jars and pots look very enticing when filled with colourful objects. Whether these are functional or decorative is up to you.

Keep Things Coherent

When you display items on open shelves, you want to ensure that everything remains organised. Placing items in groups or in lines of threes, fours, or fives will help to ensure your shelves remain looking tidy and prevent them from looking too chaotic.

When choosing the overall appearance of your shelves, you'll want to decide if you want the shelves to be made from a type of material that is a statement in itself or whether you want your shelves to have a less prominent role. If you choose the latter, ensure your display does all the talking.

Add Shelving in an Alcove

Adding open shelving in your kitchen is a great way to make a real statement. Plus, open shelves are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. If your kitchen is quite small or if you’re limited on wall space, it’s a very good idea to take advantage of any small recesses or alcoves that you have in the kitchen.

This is a great way to visually correct any uneven proportions in the room and also works as a practical way to fill up a space that would ordinarily go to waste.

Kitchen Cupboard Storage Ideas

Glass Fronted Kitchen Cupboards

Glass is a great finish for in the kitchen as it allows you to maximise the flow of light and break up the monotony of repetitive, solid doors. If you opt for glass cabinets and open shelving, this will also force you to keep everything tidy and organised since you won't be able to hide clutter away behind the doors.

It's easy for kitchen cupboards to get messy when everything inside is hidden away from the world. However, you won't be able to hide anything away if you have glass-fronted kitchen cabinets, so you’ll be forced to keep your kitchen organised.

Elevate Your Kitchen Corner Cupboard

Corner cupboards are one of the most awkward places for storage as they tend to be very difficult to access and have a very awkward layout.

However, you can make use of all of the abundant space in your corner cupboards by investing in carousel devices that can be fitted to the inside of the cupboard, allowing you to bring items from the back outwards with a quick pull or swing. This makes your corner cupboards much more practical and offers the perfect storage solution for bulkier items like pots and pans.

Make Use of The Doors

Nobody wants to have to reach right into the back of a cupboard to retrieve a tiny pot of ground garlic. Consider reconfiguring the size of your shelves so that they can accommodate a rack on the inside of the cupboard door.

This will mean that your shelves won’t extend right out to the front of the cupboard, but you'll have a shallow rack on the door for storing all of your smaller items, such as spices or even drinking glasses.

Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas

Add Freestanding Shelves

Bookshelves don’t just have to be limited to storing your reading materials. Place a freestanding bookshelf in your kitchen to store all of your loose cooking items.

Stack your freestanding storage unit with spices, dishware, cookbooks and anything else that is deemed useful for this space. This will allow you to free up your valuable cupboard space.

Use Clear Containers

Keep an organised and uniform look on your kitchen worktops with clear glass storage containers. You can purchase these in bulk for relatively cheap, and they provide a great storage solution for your kitchen.

They're perfect for storing pasta, cereals, rice, snacks, pet food – basically anything you can think of. Keeping things in glass jars is a great way to free up space in your cupboards and prevents you from having to keep ugly packaged items out on your kitchen countertops.

Hang a Pegboard

If you have some spare wall space in your kitchen, a pegboard can come in very handy as a great storage solution. It’s a great customisable option for storing things like pans, pots, utensils, and anything else that can hang in place.

Combine various sections to create a unique wall of stored kitchen items. Plus, this is very beneficial as it means that everything you need can be accessed super easily.

Under Sink Storage Ideas Kitchen

Tiered Sliding Shelves

Adding a sliding two-tiered shelf to your under-sink cupboard will allow you to easily slide everything out of the cabinet so you can see exactly what you've got in storage.

Keep lighter items that you tend to use quite often at the top and heavier items that you use less often at the bottom. Try to keep things grouped together so that you know exactly where to look when you need a particular item.

Under Sink Roll Storage

Are you tired of rummaging through your cupboards or drawers to get to your bin bags?

Well, we've got the perfect solution for you. As part of your under-the-sink storage, consider creating some DIY bin bag rolls with curtain rods or something similar.

Install these under the sink so that you can easily get to your bin bags as and when you need them.

Plastic Containers Under the Sink

Plastic containers work well under the sink if you have a lot of space under there. The cupboard under the sink will need to be tall and wide enough to house the plastic containers. To make even better use of the available space, opt for stackable plastic containers.

It’s also a good idea to consider adding labels to your containers so that you know exactly what’s inside each of them, making it much easier to quickly access the items you need.

Kitchen Corner Storage Ideas

Diagonal Corner Larder Unit

If you want to achieve a large amount of storage in the corner of your kitchen, consider installing a diagonal corner larder unit. Adding a unit like this will allow you to store many items all in one place.

When you open the doors of a corner larder unit, you’ll see there is a lot of depth to the cupboard and plenty of space for storing items of all sizes. This is one of the best ways to make use of the corner of your kitchen.

In some cases, you may even be able to create a walk-in kitchen larder.

Sliding Shelves

If you want to make the most of the corner cupboards in your kitchen, consider installing some sliding shelves within the cupboard.

This will allow you to pull out the kitchen shelves, revealing everything that is stored within the cupboard and putting it within arm’s reach.

No longer will you need to get on your hands and knees to try to retrieve that pot from the back of the cupboard. Sliding shelves will allow you to make full use of the available space within the kitchen.

Install Corner Drawers

If you want to make full use of the corner part of your kitchen cabinets, consider installing some corner drawers. Corner drawers are a great solution for your corner kitchen storage because they allow you to store a lot of items in one place.

These drawers tend to be very long and can be deep or shallow, depending on your needs. Plus, they match up with the design of the rest of your kitchen, so they blend in perfectly.

Kitchen Colour Ideas

Finding the right colour for your kitchen can be overwhelming since there are so many to choose from, and you need to choose a colour that you will love for many years. In modern times, the kitchen is as much a room for living and entertaining as it is for cooking, so it's important that you get the colour scheme right.

Below, we have come up with a list of some of the best kitchen colours and provided a range of ideas for each. Take a look below if you're looking for some inspiration on a colour scheme for your kitchen renovation.

Grey Kitchen Ideas

Soft Grey

Renovating a kitchen is a big investment, so it's important that you choose a colour that has staying power.

Grey is a great choice as it's a very neutral colour, so it will continue to look timeless, go well with many other colours, and complement many different surfaces and materials.

Grey is a calming colour that softens a room, particularly when you choose a soft grey colour. Soft greys can create a warming atmosphere that's grey for dinner parties. When it comes to soft greys, you won't have to worry about them going out of style because this is a timeless colour scheme for a kitchen.

Dark Grey

If you want to add some drama to your kitchen, opt for a dark grey hue. Dark grey is bold and dramatic, and it works perfectly in modern kitchens. You can double up a dark grey kitchen with black granite worktops for even more intensity and to give that added element of luxury.

Avoid choosing a very dark grey colour scheme for a smaller kitchen, as this can be quite overpowering and may make the room seem much smaller and duller than it actually is. Dark grey works well in large kitchens or open-plan kitchen areas.

Partner your dark grey kitchen with some metallics or rich jewel tones that will really pop with it.

Pair With Exposed Brick

Grey kitchens can look quite clinical. However, when paired with some exposed brickwork, the kitchen can have a lot of texture, character, and warmth. This type of design works well in both traditional and contemporary settings. Finish off this type of kitchen with a mix of metallics to add some contrast.

For example, you can opt for brushed steel appliances, antique brass handles and taps, or shiny, beaten copper pendants. Consider the overall look that you're going for when considering the finishes for your kitchen.

White Kitchen Ideas

Mix With Other Materials

If you want to enjoy all of the benefits of a white kitchen and add some warmth, consider pairing your white kitchen with other materials.

White kitchens have been popular for many years and continue to be one of the most common kitchen colours.

Despite their popularity, some white kitchens can look a bit too clinical.

White is great for reflecting light and making small areas seem larger. There are many ways to warm up a white kitchen design and make it look less clinical.

Do this by adding different materials to the design. Natural materials work well, such as wood or stone. Metallics also look great with a white kitchen, such as copper and brass.

Contrasting Floor

If you want to add some drama to a white kitchen, consider installing a contrasting floor. A gorgeous dark wooden flooring would work great at achieving this. Darker floors are very eye-catching, particularly when paired with a white kitchen.

If you want to make your kitchen design stand out even further, consider adding some other elements in the kitchen that match up with the colour of the floor.

This will help to create a lot of interest and really help to tie the whole scheme together. Dark wood looks beautiful with a white kitchen and works great in both contemporary and traditional kitchen designs.

Modern White Kitchen

When you choose white for your kitchen design scheme, make it modern by choosing similar tones for the cabinetry and worktops for a seamless contemporary design. White is perfect for helping your kitchen look bright and light.

Plus, whites tend to make your kitchen look much bigger. No matter how large or small your kitchen is, white is a timeless choice that works very well.

Opt for straight cabinets all lined up in a sleek design if you want to make your kitchen appear contemporary. Modern kitchens tend to have very slick lines with straight edges.

This is a design element to keep in mind if you’re creating a plan for a modern kitchen design.

Cream Kitchen Ideas

Combine With White

One of the main benefits of a cream kitchen is that it will work with pretty much any other colour. When you combine cream with white, it creates a subtle layered look. If you want to create more contrast, choose a deeper shade of cream.

That way, the white will stand out more and create a fresh-looking aesthetic, while the creams work well to warm up the space.

Wooden elements look great in a cream and white kitchen. Consider choosing a dark tone of wood to pair with this type of kitchen if there is adequate natural light. If your kitchen doesn't get much natural light, go for a mid-toned wood.

Go For Traditional Styling

Painted kitchens work very well in traditional homes. There are many different shades of cream for you to choose from for your kitchen space. The right colour for you will depend on what you’re trying to achieve.

Are you looking to create a warm and welcoming ambience or a cool and elegant appeal?

It’s also important to think about how much natural light your kitchen receives when choosing the right shade for you. If you don’t have a lot of light in the kitchen, choose a cream with hints of pink or yellow in them. If your kitchen gets decent sunlight, choose a cream shade with hints of grey.

Pair With Navy Blue

When natural light is low in the kitchen, choose a light shade of cream to help brighten up the space. Light cream hues work very well when teamed with a deep navy blue.

Pick out just one element in your kitchen design for this colour, whether it's the kitchen island, a fire surround, or a backsplash. Putting these two colours together produces a beautiful overall kitchen aesthetic.

Navy Kitchen Ideas

Add Gold Fixtures

If you want to create a very stylish navy kitchen, choose gold fixtures and handles to really give your kitchen that ‘wow’ factor. Add some smart gold light fixtures to help highlight your bold kitchen colour.

Large lights and lights with exposed bulbs will help to ensure there is maximum light flow throughout the room and will prevent any chances of shadows darkening the space.

With the dark colour of the cabinets, you won’t want to welcome any more darkness in the room due to inadequate lighting.

Choose a Light Coloured Floor

In order to keep your navy kitchen looking balanced, the general rule is to add some lighter shades in the room wherever you can. The floor is a great place to start if you want to get your kitchen looking grounded.

Choosing a light colour for the flooring will help to make your navy kitchen look brighter and feel much more lively. Choosing a dark colour for the flooring could result in your kitchen looking overwhelming and may make the space look a little bit gloomy.

Add Some Warming Wood

If you want to make your navy kitchen appear much warmer, consider adding some wood elements to your kitchen design. From shelving to flooring to worktops, there are many ways in which you can incorporate wood into your kitchen design.

Add a few smaller wood elements, such as chairs and accessories, to help bring even more warmth into the space. Choose warm wood finishes such as oak, maple, or reclaimed teak for the best results.

Green Kitchen Ideas

Brighten With Marble

If you choose a darker shade of green for your kitchen, play around with contrasts. Light marble elements are great for adding contrast to a dark green kitchen. The deeper the green, the more dramatic your marble will look against it.

If you choose marble with a high level of veining, then it will add a gorgeous decorative element to your kitchen space. Try to incorporate some other aspects of marble too. For example, a marble shelf would work great in adding something a little extra to the room.

Pair With Blush Pink

If you like the idea of the colour green but don’t want to commit to a fully green kitchen, consider pairing green with blush pink. The green will still take pride of place in the space, but it will appear in a much more subtle way.

All shades of green work well with pink hues. If you want to create a soft look, opt for blush pink rather than a dramatic pink tone. You can easily break up your kitchen design by incorporating these two colours together.

Green Gothic Kitchen Themes

The colour green can be very gentle and soothing. However, it can also bring in some elements of the rich and regal. If you’re looking to add a splash of bold green colour to your white or pale grey kitchen, consider opting for a deep green kitchen island.

This would work very well in a gothic-style kitchen. A deep emerald green shade is rich and powerful and works very well as a statement centrepiece colour on a kitchen island. To finish the gothic look, opt for some ornate lantern-style lighting and interesting antique-looking stools.

Kitchen Cupboards Colour Ideas

Delicate Pink

If you have a large or open-plan kitchen, colour is a great way for you to make a potentially cavernous space feel more welcoming. Pastels and muted shades are great for achieving this.

Experiment with some barely-there shades, such as pale pink, to add a bit more warmth to your kitchen space. A combination of rosy colours and natural materials in a large space can help to bring in that all-important warmth and cosiness to the room.

Dual Colours

If you use two colours to complement each other for your upper and lower cabinets, this is a great way to bring contrast and drama to your kitchen space. Two colours can create a striking visual appeal and draw attention.

This has been a trend for a long time, and it shows no sign of going out of style any time soon. A black and white colour combination for kitchen cabinets is perfect and works well in any kitchen design, whether traditional in style or contemporary.

Matt Black

If you want to achieve something a bit different than the typical all-white kitchen design, why not go the complete polar opposite and go for matt black cabinets? Painting your cabinets in a matt black shade will make your kitchen really stand out.

If you are adding a white backsplash to your kitchen, black cabinets will provide the perfect contrast, immediately drawing attention to them and creating interest. Adding perfect contrasts in your kitchen is a great way to make any kitchen look amazing. Matt black provides something unique and can really give your kitchen that added ‘wow’ factor.

Kitchen Diner Ideas

A kitchen diner is a beautiful open-plan space that's ideal for socialising and entertaining while you prepare meals and eat. Kitchen diners must be practical above everything else. You want it to be a stylish space, but it must also be functional for you and your family.

With this in mind, when designing your kitchen diner, consider your lifestyle, the number of people that will use the space, and how often you will use the space. To help you with your kitchen diner design, we've come up with some ideas below.

Open Plan Kitchen Diner Ideas

Add Zones

If you have an open-plan kitchen, diner, and living area, it's important to have defined areas for seating, dining, and cooking. Your kitchen is best placed by an external wall for convenience, with wastewater and ducting for an extractor fan.

An external wall is also great for placing your cupboards and appliances. Consider where your dining table will go. Keep in mind that you don't want to have to walk far from the kitchen, so the dining zone and kitchen zone should be close to one another.

Make It Modern

Muted surfaces are a great smart solution for an open-plan kitchen diner. The sheen-free finish on this type of kitchen helps to reduce any possible visual distractions, such as the glare from a television.

Choosing non-reflective doors in your open-plan kitchen diner will also help to disguise fingerprints, so your kitchen space will be left looking cleaner for longer. This is a great option for busy families who are looking to reduce their kitchen maintenance.

Go Grey

Opting for a grey palette in your open-plan kitchen diner is a perfect choice. Grey provides a great companion to this kind of layout as it sits very comfortable in the background of your interior. Grey is great for complementing both contemporary and traditional kitchen decorations.

If you have a small open-plan kitchen diner, consider positioning your cabinetry against one single wall so that you can create a discreet cooking and preparation area that doesn't interrupt the rest of the room.

Modern Kitchen Diner Ideas

Pair Pastels With Marble

If you really want to make a statement with your kitchen diner, consider opting for muted pastel tones combined with marble. Make use of large lights so that you can brighten the space as much as possible.

Pair your pastel and marble kitchen with brass, gold, or copper fixtures and handles to help increase the contemporary appeal.

Create a Breakfast Bar

If you're limited on space, but want to create a kitchen that can be used for preparing meals, cooking meals, and dining, then why not consider adding a breakfast bar to your kitchen?

This will allow you to have optimum countertop space while also giving you the space to sit and enjoy your meals. Install a row of lights above the breakfast bar area to highlight the dining area, making it a very inviting space for sitting and enjoying a meal.

Tie in the Colours

When creating your kitchen diner design, consider how you can use colours to help bring the whole design together. For example, if you have a unique colour for your kitchen cabinets, consider choosing chairs for your dining table in the same colour as the cabinets.

If you can incorporate matching colours in any other areas of your kitchen and dining area, this will also help to bring the whole design together. For example, if you have a sofa in your kitchen diner space, consider choosing cushion covers that match your kitchen cabinets.

Narrow Kitchen Diner Ideas

Add Seating to The Kitchen Island

If your kitchen is quite narrow, but you're able to fit an island into the space, consider making the most of the available space by adding seating to your kitchen island.

Choose an island with a gap underneath where you can locate seats. This will allow you to create a great space for both preparing and cooking meals as well as dining.

Add Built-In Diner Seats

If you have a long, narrow galley kitchen, consider saving some space at the end of the room to create a built-in dining area. This will allow you to make the most of the narrow space available.

Consider creating a traditional diner-style seating area with two built-in seats on either side of a large table. Add comfort to the area by adding some comfortable cushions on your dining seats in a colour that complements the rest of your kitchen design.

Install a Retractable Table

If you are limited on space in your kitchen, why not consider opting for a retractable dining table?

This will allow you to have full use of the kitchen whenever needed, and you can simply put out your table when you're ready to dine. The table can then be pushed away when it's not in use, making your kitchen look very tidy and preventing you from using valuable space to house a permanent table.

Kitchen Tiles Ideas

Choosing the right tiles for your kitchen design is one of the most exciting parts of designing a kitchen. The tiles give you a chance to get creative and show off your personality.

With so many choices available, it can be difficult to come to a decision. Whether you’re looking for new kitchen wall tiles or new kitchen floor tiles, we’ve got you covered with some great ideas to help get you started.

Kitchen Wall Tiles Ideas

Shiny Copper Tiles

If you want to give your kitchen a unique metallic sheen, why not consider installing some copper-effect wall tiles? Copper wall tiles are very aesthetically pleasing and offer a very striking visual effect.

They look very sleek and have the benefit of being reflective, so they're great at helping more light bounce around the room. This makes them perfect for kitchens that have limited natural light or smaller kitchens.

Georgian Borders

If you want to create something striking and unique in your kitchen, Georgian-inspired border patterns provide a very elegant aesthetic.

Choose muted colours, such as dark grey with pre-scored lines, as this will make the tiles much easier to install while giving off the impression of much smaller tiles. This type of tile design works great in traditional-themed kitchen designs.

Textured Teal

Adding a unique, deep colour, such as teal, in the kitchen is a great way to add some interest.

When combined with some added texture, you can achieve a striking appearance that works well in a range of settings. A striking colour like this in the kitchen can help to add some character to the room. When paired with white cabinets, a striking tile colour like this can really stand out.

Kitchen Floor Tiles Ideas

Stone Effect Porcelain

When you combine the beautiful appearance of natural stone with the practical benefits of being easy to lay, durable, and easy to clean, stone-effect porcelain is an excellent choice for a kitchen floor.

You can get these in a wide variety of stone finishes, and porcelain tiles have the benefit of being non-porous, so they don't require sealing. Porcelain tiles also tend to be much more affordable than real stone tiles.

Vintage Diamonds

Whether you are looking for kitchen floor tiles for your period home or you’re just a big fan of the vintage aesthetic, traditional black and white diamond tiles are a great striking feature in a kitchen. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for matt tiles or gloss tiles.

Gloss tiles work very well in smaller kitchens as they can help to bounce light around the room. If you have a large kitchen, matt tiles work well in creating a statement floor.

Hexagon Floor Tiles

If you want to create a fashionable kitchen space, consider thinking outside the box and opting for hexagonal-shaped floor tiles. These tiles work well on kitchen floors of all sizes.

You can choose from all different kinds of hexagonal tiles, from large stone slabs to mosaic-style ceramics. You can also play around with various colours to get a funky, contrasting look if you want to create something with a bit more personality.

Modern Kitchen Tiles Ideas

Tonal Shades

Neutrals, creamy whites, and greys are very popular in modern kitchen tiles. Lighter tones look very clean and fresh.

Instead of choosing just one of these neutral tones, why not consider combining several tonal shades together?

If you limit yourself to a very strict colour palette, the overall finish can feel very cohesive and natural.

Choose tiles with a natural appearance if you want to create a truly relaxing and warm effect.

Go Bold With Colour

Modern kitchens are all about making a statement with colour. If you want to truly make a statement with your kitchen, consider incorporating a brightly-coloured kitchen splashback. Bright colours are very eye-catching and the perfect way to add your personality to your kitchen space.

There is no limit on the colours that you can choose from. However, it's recommended that you choose something striking, such as vibrant red, blue, or green, as this can add some contrast to your interiors. Choose a contrasting shade for your kitchen cupboards if you want to create some striking colour blocking.

Play With Colours, Shapes, and Patterns

Sometimes more really can be more. Instead of opting for colour, shape, or pattern, why not play around with all three? Choosing an interesting-shaped tile in a bright colour with a unique pattern can sometimes do wonders for your kitchen space.

To make the overall look appear more cohesive, choose a pattern that links the tiles together instead of creating a patchwork effect.

Kitchen Metro Tiles Ideas

Deep Metro Tiles

If you want a unique take on a luxurious kitchen, consider choosing deeper-toned metro tiles. Dark blues and greens are great options. To define each individual tile, consider adding white grout.

This also prevents a smaller kitchen from feeling too overwhelmed by the dark shade. Style your kitchen with brass or copper fittings.

If you place your tiles vertically instead of horizontally, this can give the illusion of extra height in the room, which is very helpful if you have a small kitchen.

Marble Herringbone

Marble metro tiles make a great addition to a stylish, contemporary kitchen. This is particularly true when they are laid in a herringbone pattern. This look is great for creating texture and interest in the room.

With varying tones, you can create something really unique with a lot of personality. Play around with light marble tones and dark marble tones to find an effect that really works for you.

Make a Statement Splashback

You can create a great focal point in your kitchen if you choose metro tiles for your splashback. Metro tiles can create a beautiful design, and they're perfect for when you want to inject a little bit of colour into your kitchen without it feeling too overwhelming.

Consider opting for a unique colour if you really want to make your splashback stand out. The limit is endless when it comes to choosing a colour for your kitchen metro tiles.

Modern Kitchen Ideas

Modern kitchens focus on creating a mood in the room. Since we now spend a lot more time in the kitchen than we used to, it’s more important than ever to ensure that the kitchen is a versatile space that is comfortable has adequate lighting, and can be used for entertaining.

Modern kitchen concepts are very sleek and minimalistic. Take a look at our modern kitchen design ideas below.

Deep Countertops

If you want to give your kitchen some edge, try adding a statement stone-topped island for your centrepiece. Create a plush appearance with a bespoke island countertop that offers a very deep overhang instead of the standard thickness.

This is a great way to show off a statement stone. Plus, you don't need to worry about limited storage space as you can still fit your full-length cupboards underneath for convenient island storage.

Monochrome Kitchen

If you can’t decide on one colour to go for in your kitchen design, why not choose two colours combined? Using two colours in the kitchen is a growing trend that gives you the opportunity to mix things up a bit.

This is a great way for you to work in a bolder colour without allowing that bold colour to dominate the space. Black and white kitchens are great for achieving this look. Consider opting for a single run of units in dramatic black colour with a contrasting white island, or vice versa. Monochrome is a timeless look that makes a real statement and adds drama.

Modern Metallics

From countertops to tiles to appliances, your kitchen is full of hard surfaces that can sometimes feel a bit harsh and unforgiving. If you introduce a contrasting element to your kitchen design, such as a luxe metallic, this is a great way of adding a visual and tactile element to your kitchen to help soften the overall look.

Add warmth to your kitchen with a metallic splashback or involve some metallic elements on fixtures such as door handles or taps. Introducing metallics to your modern kitchen design is a great way to add warmth and interest.

Country Kitchen Ideas

Country kitchens are very comfortable and cosy. Making use of softer styling and simple detailing, the country kitchen aesthetic is a sure-fire way to get your kitchen space feeling warm and homely.

If you’re interested in country kitchen design but not sure where to start, take a look at our list of country kitchen design ideas below for some inspiration for your own design.

Focus on The Details

Details are very important in a country-style kitchen if you want to create the right look. A curtain below the sink or built into the island is a great touch for making your kitchen look more country. Open shelving with vintage-style pots, plates, and pans is also a great way to invoke that country aesthetic into your kitchen.

Think about the overall aesthetic that you're going for, and then consider what small details you can include in your kitchen to help you better achieve the country kitchen of your dreams.

Add Some History

When you're designing a country kitchen, it's not just about the kitchen style you decide to choose. It's just as important to ensure that the space feels lived in. If you want to make a new-build kitchen look and feel more country, consider adding some antique elements to the room or incorporate some pre-loved ornaments to help give the room some personality.

One of the best ways to invoke that country charm is to bring something into the room that has a backstory. Add some unique, vintage items that will be the talking point of your kitchen design.

Expose Structural Elements

If there are any attractive structural materials in your kitchen that you can show off, don’t miss this opportunity. Whether it’s brickwork, exposed beams, or original floor tiles, consider all the ways you can show off the authenticity of your kitchen. Natural elements such as these can make your kitchen space feel much warmer and cosier. Plus, making use of these naturally decorative elements will save you from having to spend more money covering them up.

We hope that this article has given you all the inspiration you need to get started with your kitchen design plans. Whether you're creating a modern, chic kitchen or a traditional country-style kitchen, we've covered everything.

Your kitchen is a statement room in the home, so it's important to make the right choices to ensure you're happy with the design for many years to come.


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