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  • Why do my jobs keep getting closed?

    We close jobs for a range of reasons but the most common reason is if the job does not contain enough information or is a duplicate of another job. If you see that your job has been closed, check to see if you have another open jobs that are similar. If so please wait for tradespeople to get in touch. This can take upto 24 hours after posting your job.

    If you have not posted a job before and we have closed it, please check that you have included enough information for us to categorise the job correctly. If you feel you could add more information, add more details by clicking the button on the job. You can see a list of your open jobs by visiting:

    If you are still having troubles please don't post further jobs, instead contact our support team.

    Duplicate Jobs

    If you have not received a response to your job it might be tempting to repost the job within a few hours of the original post. Please refrain from posting very similar quotes in a short space of time as we will automatically close duplicates. If you haven't got the job completed within a few days, you can then repost or update your job which will alert local trades that you are still looking.

    Please look out for our emails and text messages to tell us if you still want your job completing and to help us save our tradespeople time and money, please promptly close your job when you have had it completed.

    Reviewed by MyJobQuote on 27th April 2017.

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